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Lord Murugan Names for Baby Boys: Trendy and Powerful

The son of Lord Shiva and Parvati, Lord Kartikeya is most popular as Lord Murugan in Tamil Nadu. He is known as the war and victory God. There are multiple names of Lord Kartikeya including Muruga, Skanda, Subramanya, Subramani, Shanmuga, Kumaraswamy and to name a few. In the hilly regions of Tamil Nadu, Lord Murugan is worshipped as the primary or guardian deity. It is believed that Lord Murugan bestows the worshippers with courage, intelligence and the power to overcome all the barriers in life.
Here are some new generation baby names inspired by Lord Kartikeya/Murugan

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Uncommon & Powerful Lord Kartik Names for Baby Boys

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1. Pravar

Pravar means the superior or the most. The name refers to the supreme god Kartikeya and in sahasranam mentioned as Om Paravaraya Namah.

2. Arindam

It is a popular Hindu boy name which signifies triumph. Arindam means victorious or the enemy’s destroyer.

3. Prabhav

Prabhav generally means impact or effect of some action or phenomenon. The sahasrnam Om Prabhave Namah means praising the supreme lord

4. Maham

Maham refers to the full moon. It’s an epithet for Lord Shiva and Lord Kartikeya. In Sanskrit, the name means a great personality. Om Mahamayine Namah


The name Param means the unique, best or supreme in a group. The name has found inspiration from the sahasranam as Om ParamadambhayaNamah which means someone who loves the supreme joy.

6. Amey

The name refers to someone much loved or something which can’t be measured. Amey signifies the supreme splendour of Lord Kartikeya and the name is inspired by one of this lord’s 1000 names Om AmeyatmaneNamah

7. Anish

A sleepless creature is called Anish. The impactful meaning of the name can be found in Om Anishvaraya Namah which signifies the eternal peerless plenitude.

8. Siddhan

Siddhan means something completed with perfection or a task accomplished. It’s an epithet for Lord Murugan.

9. Aniv

Aniv is another name of the powerful Hindu Lord Kartik.

10. Praanay

The name found its origin from the Sanskrit word Praan which means life. Om Pranaya Namah.


The name literally refers to Shyam or Lord Krishna. Lord kartikeya is also called Shyamak. The name means a peacemaker in Sanskrit. The name is inspired by the mantra i.e. one of 1000 names of lord Murugan ॐश्यामकन्धरायनमः। Om ShyamakandharayaNamah, which means consuming the glory.

12. Mahat

The name has been derived from the word Mahatma which means a great person or a great soul. It signifies a divine radiance or something magnificent and it is inspired by ॐमहतेनमः।:Om MahateNamah

13. Guhay

It’s a divine name which refers to Lord Kartikeya and it is inspired by Om Guhapriyaya Namah, which is dedicated to a divine personality who dwells in the core of the hearts of the devotees.

14. Vedav

In Sanskrit, the name refers to someone who knows the Veda or a wise person. The inspiration of this powerful name is from – :ॐवेदवेद्यायनमः। Om VedavedyayaNamah।

Lord Kartik was born when the Panch Mahaboota, the divine five elements, with the blessings of Lord Shiva combined with Shakti. Lord Kartikeya is an ideal example of a brave, powerful, wise and victorious masculinity. The above names inspired by Lord Kartikeya are suitable for the modern Indian baby boys and the impactful meaning behind these names are effective in adding grace to their behaviour and personalities.


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