Modern Names of Lord Ganesh for Baby Boys


Modern Names of Lord Ganesh for Baby Boys

Unique and Rare Names of Lord Ganesha

Ganesha is known as Vighnaharta or the solution to all problems in life. Selecting a modern Ganesh name for your baby boy will help your baby stay blessed and remain victorious at all the times. Here is the list of the most unique and suitable modern ganesha names for baby boy that you can consider for your baby’s naming ceremony.

Uncommon Baby Names inspired by Lord Ganesh/Ganapati

Aharnish अहर्निश

ॐ अहर्निशं नमः।
Om Aharnisham Namah. One of the thousand auspicious names of Lord Ganesha. It intends the two periods of a day i.e. day and night.

Audar / Audarya औदार / औदार्य

ॐ औदार्यनिधये नमः।
Om Audarya Namah. The name is inspired from the word Udaar which means generous or benevolent. The name refers to some positive human traits like magnanimity and generosity.

Amod आमोद

ॐ आमोदाय नमः।
Om Amodaynamah. Amod is one of the thousand names (Sahasranam) of Lord Ganesha. The name means delight or pleasure. Amod also signify serenity or a pleasant aroma.

Aneek अनीक

Aneek is easy to pronounce name of Lord Ganesha. It also means soldier or army. It is a name mostly used in Hindi and Bengali languages. Aneek also signifies splendor or something multiple in numbers. It’s a very modern 5 character Hindu baby boy name associated with Lord Ganesha.

Anav अनव

ॐ अणवे नमः।
Om Aneynamah. One filled with humanistic characteristics or a kind behavior is called Anav. The name is the popular Lord Ganesha Sahasranam and it showers blessings of the elephant god for a prosperous life. Anav is also one of the popular names of Lord Hanuman.

Atharv अथर्व

Atharv word has Sanskrit origin and it is a unique Hindu boy name. Atharv means one of the four Hindu Vedas. It is also a name of Lord Ganesha. It is a very holy word and can be used as a name for a Hindu baby boy and bless him with prosperity and the spirit to fight with the obstacles.

Avnesh अवनेश

It’s a 6 character Hindu baby boy name which is one of the popular names of Lord Ganesha. The Avnesh name comes under Mesha Rashi and it also signifies the Lord of the whole world. It is a made up name. If the name is broken into parts, it becomes Avni+Ish. ‘Avni’ means the whole world and ‘Ish’ means the God.

Ayan अयन

ॐ अयनाय नमः।
Om Ayanay Namah!
Ayan literally means Solstice. It also signifies a way or approach. It is one of the auspicious 1000 names of Lord Ganesha.

Ayog आयोग

ॐ अयोगाय नमः।
Om Ayogay Namah. Ayog is a beautiful Lord Ganesha name which means a bond or connection between two or more things. It also symbolizes decoration.

Dharmik धार्मिक

ॐ धार्मिकाय नमः।
Dharmik usually means religious in Hindi language. The name goes well with a person who believes in doing charity. It is also a name of Lord Ganesha.

Gajdant गजदंत

It is a Makar Rashi Hindu boy name. It is one of the most special ganpati names for baby boy. The literal meaning of the word is Elephant’s teeth but it also signifies Lord Ganesha.

Gaurik गौरिक

The name refers to Lord Ganesha who is born to Gauri i.e. Goddess Parvati. It is a Kumbha rashi name and also signifies someone whose birth is related to the mountains.

Ibhan इभान

Ibh means Elephant and the literal meaning of Ibhan is Face like an Elephant. It is a unique Hindu baby boy name coming under Mesh Rashi. It is also a name of Lord Ganesha and it is associated with the Krithika Nakshatra.


Kabilan is one of the names of Lord Ganesha. It is a rare and modern Hindu baby boy name. It is a Mithun rashi name. It is believed that Kabilan was a great saint in Hindu faith. On the whole, it is a great name which can be used for newborn Hindu babies to shower them with blessings. Origin of this name is not known.

Merav मेरव

ॐ मेरवे नमः।
The name has a godly significance as in Hinduism, mountain Meru is worshipped and considered as a holy mountain as it is believed to be the residence of all the gods.

Mekhal मेखल

ॐ मेखलावते नमः।
It is an epithet used for Lord Ganesha. The name refers to something that connects or holds like a cord or sacred cord. It can be a belt as well or a girdle.

Naday नदाय

ॐ नादाय नमः।
The name refers to a state which is not still. A god who causes resonance and resound. Naday is a name used for Lord Ganesha.

Pradynesh प्रज्ञेश

Pradynesh is a Kanya Rashi name which means Lord Ganesha. The word Pradyna means wisdom or knowledge and Ish means God. It is a great made up name that you can consider for your baby. The name also signifies a person with immense knowledge of a specific domain or multiple domains.

Pratham प्रथम

ॐ प्रथमाय नमः।
Pratham is a masculine name which simply means the first.
Whenever we start something new we say Shree Ganeshay Namah which means Ganesh comes first and auspiciously protects us and helps in succeeding. Pratham is a short and modern Hindu boy name.

Rahav राहव

ॐ राहवे नमः।
Om Rahavay Namah.
Someone who is quite or alone or having an orphic personality which is difficult to understand or beyong ordinary understanding. The name is used for Lord Ganesha.

Riddhish रिद्धिश

ॐ ऋद्धिसिद्धिप्रवर्तकाय नमः।
Riddhi refers to wealth or prosperity or good fortune and Ish is God. The God of Good fortune is Lord Ganesha. Also, Riddhi was Lord Ganesha’s better half and therefore Ish or Husband of Riddhi is Riddhish.

Rudranush रुद्रौन्श / Rudray रुद्राय

ॐ रुद्राय नमः।
It’s a powerful name as it’s related to Rudra i.e. Lord Shiva. The Ansh or part of Rudra is Rudranush. It is a masculine name referring to Lord Ganesha.

Rugved ऋग्वेद

The name is related to Veda i.e; the most ancient sacred book in Hinduism. The name signifies praise or hymn Veda. The Lord of the Vedas is Lord Ganesha.

Shikhagra शिखाग्र

Om Shikhagra Nilyay Namah. Shikhar is top of the mountain and the name refers to someone who is residing on the top of a mountain i.e. Lord Ganesha.

Shivatm शिवात्म

ॐ पञ्चशिवात्मकाय नमः।
Shiva is Lord Shiva and Atman is the spirit. The person with the courage, brillinace or spirit of Shiva is Shivatm

Shrij श्रीज

Janma is birth and Shri is a form of Goddess Parvati. Who is born to Shree is Shrij. The name refers to Lord Ganesha. It’s a short name with an essence of the rich Hindu culture and spirituality.

Sreesh श्रिश

Someone related to Shree i.e. Goddess Parvati. It is a name used for Lord Ganesha and Lord Venkateswara. A flower is also known by this name.

Trayit त्रायित

ॐ त्रयीतनवे नमः।
Om Trayitnave Namah The name is an epithet for Lord Ganesha. Trayi means three and Tryitanu refers to Lord Shiva. The collection of three Vedas is Trayit.

Varenya वरेन्य

ॐ वरेण्याय नमः।
The name has an origin from Rig Veda. It refers to the superior, most excellent and eminent personality. It also means saffron and desirable. The name is used to signify Lord Ganesha.

Vikat विकट

ॐ विकटाय नमः।
Vikat means something magnificent or giant. Lord Ganesha also goes by this name due to his magnificent personality and amazing powers. It is a Vrushabh rashi Hindu boy name and one of the most picked lord Ganesha names for baby boys in India.

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Uncommon Names of Lord Shiva

Being associated with the part of the destroyer Trinity, Lord Shiva is undoubtedly special and blessed. Lord Ganesha, son of one of the most powerful Trinity gods, Lord Shiva, is a highly cherished and worshipped Hindu deity who also represents the entire Hindu religion in the world. The above Modern Lord Ganesha Names for Baby Boys reflect oodles of positive traits, godly qualities and some beautiful features and elements of nature. If you are thinking of bestowing your little one with a Ganesha baby boy name then the above list perfectly fits your bill.


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An IT professional, a mom of two, Sapana had belly-only pregnancies in her life & has lost 15Kg weight twice. Along with fitness, Sapana is an expert in Indian names & has helped scores of Indian parents to shortlist suitable baby names by virtue of her years of expertise in Sanskrit origin names & logical approach towards cultures & trends during the name research. Drop a comment to get help from her.


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    • Sapana

      Rudra + Ansh = Part of Rudra i.e. Shiva so though its not one of Ganesha names from Sahasranam its derived meaning is Lord Ganesha.
      One such beautiful name is Rudray.
      Its one of Ganesha’s 1000 names.

  2. Avatar

    Does your list names starting from CHE or CHA. Basically my son to be named using C alphabet and if it started with CHE it will be good.

    • Sapana

      Hi Saurabh,

      I have many names list, please check all of them for Cha names. Che names, I can not surely say you will find many names as its only Chetan or Chetas.

      The Premium list contains a few names but after all its not one of common starting letters.

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  4. Avatar

    Hi Sapna,

    This site is very good:).

    Actually my baby boy took birth on last Angarkhi Chaturthi and we want to keep one of the good lord Ganesh’s name for him. Can you please suggest me good names of Lord Ganesha which falls under Kumbah rashi with any initial.


    • Sapana

      Hi Ganesh,
      Thank you for kind comment.
      If you want me to help discover more names meaning Lord Ganesh, then I charge 1200Rs for such consultation.
      I can not assure you for any particular starting letter as already meaning is a condition.
      I refer Sahasranam for Hindu Lord names.
      Did you check the Video? More selective nice names are listed in video.

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  7. Avatar

    Hi Sapana,

    Can you suggest me unique Hindu baby boy name starting with N which relates to Lord Ganesha?
    Thank you in advance!

  8. Avatar

    Hi Sapana,

    Can you suggest me unique Hindu baby boy name starting with S or G which relates to Lord Ganesha?
    Thank you in advance!

    • Sapana

      Rare Names of Lord Ganesh starting with S are:
      Shikhagra शिखाग्र Lord Ganesh Om Shikhagra Nilyay Namah (Top of A Mountain)
      Shaivay शैवाय Lord Ganesh ॐ शैवाय नमः। / Born to Shiva
      Sreesh श्रिश Lord Ganesh / Flower / Wealthy
      Samvid संविद Lord Ganesh Om Samvide Namah (Knowledge)

      Names Starting from G are all common n old style names

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    • Sapana

      Hi Manisha, Any particular starting letter names you are looking for? All above are selected names. If you want I can suggest more for more specific requirement.

  10. Avatar
    Himanshu Shukla on


    We are planning to give name(Sidvik) to my son.
    But just wanted to confirm the right Spelling before we go for this.

    Is it Sidvik OR Sidhvik?

    Also wanted to know the correct meaning and origin of this name.

    • Sapana

      There is no such original word in Sanskrit or in Sahasranam either. It looks like a made up name. But a good made up name.
      If it was Sadhvik we could relate it to the origin: Sadhvi which means virtuous woman. So Like a virtuous woman like baby’s mom, Sadhvik could be an authentic name.
      In the case of Sidhvik. First of all, it should be Siddhvik to relate it to Siddha: illustrious/sacred/miraculous, so it would mean Like Siddha which basically mean the same.
      But Sidhvik won’t be too wrong as from Sanskrit to Hindi or English we do simplify the spellings n pronunciations.
      So according to me, Sidhvik is a good choice. (Sidvik could be even more simplified version but it is our own interpretation to relate it to Siddhavik.)

      • Avatar

        Thanks for your response sapna

        If its a man made name, what would be the right meaning, if someone asks.
        According to you it can relate to Siddha: illustrious/sacred/miraculous
        At some places I found its related to siddhivinayak(lord Ganesha)
        At some places it means Expertise, Good Person, Charming refer below link.
        Please share your thoughts on this.


        • Sapana

          Hi Himanshu
          The link you shared, on that page, the origin is mentioned as “Unknown” ( I researched on its origin. there is a method called Pythagoras method
          where they run some algorithm on the name and it gives the attributes the name owner will possess. it is not the meaning)
          Talking about origin Siddhivinayak
          Siddhi: Spiritual power (Siddha is proven, powerful, one with Siddhi)
          Vinayak: Guru / spiritual preceptor (Vi: Great/Different/Vishesh, Nayak: Leader) The greatest leader.
          Siddhivinayak has some background of 5 Vinayakas leader etc. Making it short. The bestower of desires.

          But please understand Vi- is a prefix. Just like Pravir we can add Pra- as a prefix only. VirPra won’t be a name, right?

          Sidh is meaningful
          Vik is forcefully broken from Vinayak
          So it doesn’t relate to Siddhivinayak properly.
          You can call it INSPIRED by Siddhivinayak.

          but if you relate it to Siddhvi it is meaningful.

          Thats why I said its good-madeup (if related to Siddhvi)

  11. Avatar
    Anuj Awasthi on

    Hi Sapana,

    Can you kindly suggest Hindu baby boy name starting with P which means Lord Ganesha.
    Thanks in advance for your guidance.

    • Sapana

      * Parin परिन Well acquainted
      * Pashin पाशीन Trapper ॐ पाशिने नमः।
      * Prahar प्रहर Time ॐ प्रहराय नमः।
      Prathamesh प्रथमेश The first
      Pradnesh प्रद्नेश Lord of Wisdom

  12. Avatar

    Hi Sapana, appreciate effort while helping people to find unique names for thr lil ones. Thank you. I am looking for unique name for my son based on lord Ganesha starting with ‘N’ letter

    • Sapana

      Hi Gaurav, Thank you for your appreciation.
      The best source for Baby Names inspired by Hindu Gods is their Sahasranam.
      Here are the best short, easy to pronounce rare Names from letter N which are from Ganesh Sahasranam.
      Naday One who Resonates ॐ नादाय नमः।
      Niram Rest ॐ निरामयाय नमः।
      Nishkal Having Driven Out or Away ॐ निष्कलाय नमः।

  13. Avatar

    Hi Sapana,I am looking for unique name for my son based on lord Ganesha starting with ‘N’ letter. His moon sign is Scorpio

  14. Avatar

    Hi Sapana,

    We liked the name vareny for our baby boy. But we could find it only in 1 or 2 sites. Is the name really for lord Ganesha?

    • Sapana

      Hi Anand,
      It is not Virenya or Vareny. It is Varenya and pronounced as: वरेण्य
      Yes, it is inspired by one of Lord Ganesh’s Sahasranam (1008 names): ॐ वरेण्याय नमः।
      It is a nice and meaningful name.
      Varenya in Sanskrit means: Most Excellent, Supreme Bliss, Desirable

    • Sapana

      Ravay : Roar ॐ रवये नमः।
      Rashay : ॐ राशये नमः।
      Rahav : Mystic, Quite ॐ राहवे नमः।
      Riddhish : Riddhi + Ish / Lord of Wealth
      Rudransh: Shiva ka ansh

    • Sapana

      Rarest, easiest to call, and starting with Y, Ganesh name: Yogaay/ योगाय / Yog/ Religious contemplation or devotion ॐ योगाय नमः।
      Yogaay योगाय Lord Ganesh Om Yogaay Namah / Yog/ Religious contemplation or devotion ॐ योगाय नमः।
      Please note, The spelling is Yogaay only, as once I received comment on Yogay being not the right choice.

    • Sapana

      All of the Ganesh names are beautiful.
      I find below name most unique:
      Aharnish अहर्निश
      Ejit एजित
      Horay होराय
      Ayog आयोग
      Ishay इशय
      Merav मेरव
      Tanush तनूष
      Varenya वरेन्य

    • Sapana

      Hi Pooja,
      Below are the shortest names inspired by Lord Ganesh:

      If you can tell me the real name of the baby, I can suggest some more close and suitable nicknames which also are inspired by Lord Ganesh.

    • Sapana

      Ishay इशय Lord Ganesh / Rama Om Ishay (Powerful / Strong / Refresh) / Ish is Lord Shiva
      Maham माहम Lord Ganesh Om Mahamanse Namah (Great) / Gift ॐ महामनसे नमः।

  15. Avatar

    Hi. M confused between name Anav and Rahav. Is it necessary to keep baby name as per letter of Nakshatra he is born in? My baby born in Swati Nakshatra and Tula Rashi.

    • Sapana

      Hi Kavita,

      I am not an astrologer, So I can not comment on Rashi Nakshatra as an expert.
      But If you ask me my opinion, you can select the name on Janmkundali according to the Rashi-nakshatra and select the real name according to your choice.
      Anav and Rahav both are nice names.

  16. Avatar son born under swati nakshatra and his rashi is Tula but I liked name 2 different names which is 1) Anav & 2) Rahav. Is it necessary to keep baby name as per his nakshatra letter?

  17. Avatar

    My sons Rashi is Tula and his nakshatra is Swati. Is it necessary to keep name according to Nakshatra letters? I liked names such as Anav and Rahav.

  18. Avatar

    Hi Sapna. Can u pls suggest me more names of lord ganesha starting with letter Ru, Re, or any other unique name of lord ganesh apart from Rahav which starts from letter R.

    • Sapana

      Rashay Lord Ganesh Om Rashaye Namah
      Ravay Lord Ganesh / Lord Hanuman Om Ravaye Namah ( roar/Thunder/Sing)
      Riddhish Lord Ganesh Made up Riddhi + Ish
      Rudrapriya रुद्रप्रिय
      Rudray रुद्राय
      Rudransh: Rudra is Lord Shiva, Ansh means part of so, Rudra’s ansh is Lord Ganesh.
      Rohit+Ansh: rohit: Lord Shivva,
      Rishiv: Rishi: Lord Shiva, -av means -like

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