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Unique and Rare Names of Lord Ganesha

Being associated with the part of the destroyer Trinity, Lord Shiva is undoubtedly special and a blessing. Lord Ganesha, the son of one of the most powerful Trinity gods, Lord Shiva is a much cherished and worshipped Hindi deity who also represents the religion in the world. Ganesha is known as Vighnaharta or the solution to all problems in life. Selecting a name for your newborn, which is associated with this powerful Hindu deity, can help your baby stay blessed and remain victorious overcoming all the obstacles in life. Here is the list of the most unique and suitable modern ganesha names for baby boy that you can consider for your baby’s naming ceremony.

Uncommon Baby Names inspired by Lord Ganesh/Ganapati


Om Amodaynamah. Amod is one of the thousand names (Sahasranam) of Lord Ganesha. The name means delight or pleasure. Amod also signify serenity or a pleasant aroma.


Aneek is easy to pronounce name of Lord Ganesha. It also means soldier or army. It is a name mostly used in Hindi and Bengali languages. Aneek also signifies splendor or something multiple in numbers. It’s a very modern 5 character Hindu baby boy name associated with Lord Ganesha.


Om Aneynamah. One filled with humanistic characteristics or a kind behavior is called Anav. The name is one the popular Lord Ganesha Sahasranam and it showers blessings of the elephant god for a prosperous life. Anav is also one of the popular names of Lord Hanuman.


Atharv word has Sanskrit origin and it is a unique Hindu boy name. Atharv means one of the four Hindu Vedas. It is also a name of Lord Ganesha. It is a very holy word and can be used as a name for a Hindu baby boy and bless him with prosperity and the spirit to fight with the obstacles.


It’s a 6 character Hindu baby boy name which is one of the popular names of Lord Ganesha. The Avnesh name comes under Mesha Rashi and it also signifies the Lord of the whole world. It is a made up name. If the name is broken into parts, it becomes Avni+Ish. ‘Avni’ means the whole world and ‘Ish’ means the God.


Om Ayanay Namah!
Ayan literally means Solstice. It also signifies a way or approach. It is one of the auspicious 1000 names of Lord Ganesha.


Om Ayogay Namah. Ayog is a beautiful Lord Ganesha name which means a bond or connection between two or more things. It also symbolizes decoration.

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Dharmik usually means religious in Hindi language. The name goes well with a person who believes in doing charity. It is also a name of Lord Ganesha.


It is a Makar Rashi Hindu boy name. It is one of the most special ganpati names for baby boy. The literal meaning of the word is Elephant’s teeth but it also signifies Lord Ganesha.


It is a Sanskrit origin name which means White mustard. It also a name of Lord Ganesha and signifies something youthful and beautiful. It is a rare name used for both boys and girls in Hindu culture.


The literal meaning of Ibhan is Face like an Elephant. It is a unique Hindu baby boy name coming under Mesh Rashi. It is also a name of Lord Ganesha and it is associated with the Krithika Nakshatra.


Lord Ganesha is also known as Jhankar. The name has an Indian origin. Jhankar is sometimes misunderstood with the name ‘Jhankaar’ which means a sound and generally the name is used for Hindu and Muslim girls.


Kabilan is one of the names of Lord Ganesha. It is a rare and modern Hindu baby boy name. It is a Mithun rashi name. It is believed that Kabilan was a great saint in Hindu faith. On the whole, it is a great name which can be used for newborn Hindu babies to shower them with blessings.


The name Lavin shares Indian, Latin and some other origins. It is another name of Lord Ganesha which also means purity or fragrance. Lavin is a made up name. It is a Kanya Rashi baby boy name which can also be used for Hindu girls.


Pradynesh is a Kanya Rashi name which means Lord Ganesha. The word Pradyna means wisdom or knowledge and Ish means God. It is a great made up name that you can consider for your baby. The name also signifies a person with immense knowledge of a specific domain or multiple domains.


It is a long but modern Hindu boy name. Prathmesh is a common name in Hindu culture. Prathmesh is a masculine name which also means someone ruling the best or Good of the Best. It is a Kanya Rashi name.


Ridesh is a made up name which is associated with Lord Ganesha. Ridh+Ish.(Riddhi is Lord Ganesh’s wife) It is a Tula rashi name which also means heart. The name is associated with the Chitra Nakshatra.


Rudranush is a very spiritual and powerful name which can be associated with Lord Ganesha and Lord Hanuman. It’s a masculine Tula rashi name associated with Swati Nakshatra. The name has power, fire and impact which adds to one’s masculinity.


It is the name of Lord Ganesha. Rudved is a Tula rashi masculine name. If you are looking for an impactful ganpati names for baby boy, this name can be a great selection. It’s neither too long, nor too short.


Shivasunu is a very rare Kumbha rashi name. It is also a name of Lord Ganesha. A baby with this name will always have the spirit of fighting against all the odds in life and impress others with a powerful personality. The name is associated with Sathabisham nakshatra.


The name is majorly associated with Lord Ganesha. It can be used as a masculine as well as feminine name. It signifies great communicative and creative skill of a person. Talented people deserve this name. Shrija name falls under Kumbh rashi.


It is a made up name which is associated with Lord Ganesha. It is a trendy 7 character name for Hindu boys. It is a Tula rashi name. Sun is the dominant planet for this name.


Vighanesh is the name of Lord Ganesha as he is believed to remove all the obstacles from life. It is a Hindu baby boy name of Vrushabh rashi. People who have mastered the emancipation skill can also be called as Vighanesh in Hindu faith.


Viikat means something magnificent or giant. Lord Ganesha also goes by this name due to his magnificent personality and amazing powers. It is a Vrushabh rashi Hindu boy name and one of the most picked lord Ganesha names for baby boys in India.

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