Modern Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting From J


Meaningful and Rare Islamic Baby Girl Names Starting with J

These days, there is an emerging need for unheard and modern-sounding names in new parents. Every parent wants a name that is impressive as well as eye-catching. Through this unique list of baby names starting with “J”, I have brought 8 astounding Muslim baby girl names that will set challenging naming standards for people around you.

Dainty Muslim Girl Names from “J”

Are you ready to take on the ride and impress others by giving one of these insistent names to your delicate darling? Let me unfold my precious pearls with you.

Jabrah جَبْرَة

When I first heard of Jabrah, I thought it was really unique but I did not imagine it to be so popular back-then. Jabrah is also a district of Riyadh in Saudi Arabia and a popular Arabic brand of wireless headsets and headphones. This is still a rarely heard name in India and that is why I think it should be there on my list. Jabrah refers to bravery and courageousness in Arabic.

Jahaan جهان

Do you think it is the same Jahan that you have been hearing as a surname, all-life long? Oops, no! It is “Jahaan”, a very latest form of the ever-stylish “Jahan” wherein you softened the voice of “an” while pronouncing it. When you pronounce the trending Persian name Jahaan, make sure to lay equal emphasis on the “aan” as well just as you do in “Imaan”.
Jahaan means the world or the universe, and of course, your little doll would be the same for you. This name is currently making a dramatic comeback through various web-series, movies, etc. It is an attractive name, slowly beginning to grab on as a new member of the stylish baby names beginning with “J”.

Janina جنينة

Janina is a diminutive of an Arabic word and means a garden as well as a silk cloak. It sounds like a very feminine name to me, filled with pure elegance and style at the same time. It sounds very latest and fashionable as a Muslim name and has quite a lot of popularity as well.
You can find the popularity of the name by searching it on Google. It is also the name of one of the famous American celebrities and musician, Janina Gavankar. If you love both unique baby names and floral baby names, Janina might be a perfect choice to go for.

Jaahiza جَاهِزَة

Jaahiza is beginning to be discovered as a Muslim baby girl name as it has a good meaning. It is widely used in the day-to-day life of Urdu speaking people as it is a common term. However, as a girl name, it is still very stylish and new. Jaahiza means ready or prepared in Arabic language and can have a number of alternative spellings. I find it a very distinctive name as it is filled with a lot of creative potential for adventurous modern parents.

Jazal جَذَل

As happy and joyous it sounds, Jazal means the same in Arabic. This little graceful name means happiness or delight. I find it to be such a dainty pick in this name bouquet. As for its popularity, I’d say it is a win-win situation if you choose it as Jazal is a leading UAE based engineering venture as well. This felicitous name will give wings to your child’s personality as it is so brand-new and astounding.

Jawhara جَوْهَرَة

We’ve heard of Johar a lot of times but couldn’t really dare to experiment with it a little. Why not give our Muslim babies a precious name like Jawhara when it has such a positive meaning? I’ve heard a lot of Muslim parents debate over this and I reckon, there’s nothing for Jawhara to do with Hinduism. Jawhara simply means essence and precious stone.
You can spell it as Johara as well. It is actually a Quranic name as well, so there’s no point in thinking that we can’t name it. Make sure to put a very little pause between “Jaw” and “Hara” when you pronounce it. Daring parents – time for you to make a bold move! It’s time for Muslim girls to rock as Jawhara after a lot of brand names.

Jasmin جیسمین

Oh, I know Jasmin is not a new name but do we Muslims really choose it as a name? I don’t really believe so. We can only dare to choose its Arabic variant “Yasmeen” which is quite an old and common name now. For parents who are ready to be one step ahead in naming, this is the perfect bold name to go with.
Of course, literally meaning the Jasmine flower, the Jasmin name is a very aesthetic selection. In Islam, we are allowed to give any name to our children as long as the name as a positive meaning. So, parents, what are you waiting for? Rock on and give your princess a royal name!

Junaina جُنَيْنَة

The name Junaina is directly related to Jannah as it is derived from it. It means a little Paradise and shares Quranic roots. It is a very graceful and classic Muslim baby name that you can confidently choose. Imagine your girl walking through and people imagining where did you hear it from?
Junaina is a pretty uncommon name but did you know that a few percents of the top highly influential people in the world share the same name? This name combines trendiness along with fashion mixed with lots of delicacies. Already sounding like an emerging celeb name to me!

I hope these special names sounded intriguing to you as well. According to me, these Muslim girl names from J can suit parents of every taste and receptivity. There are many more stylish girl names beginning with letter J and other alphabets. I will come back with a unique and modern-sounding list of baby names again. There is a vast collection of dazzling and new baby names at GoMama247. Stay tuned for another phenomenal list.


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