Uncommon Modern Muslim Baby Boys Names from K


Rare and Meaningful Islamic Baby Boy Names from K

As a nameology expert, I contemplate a variety of baby names around me. Particularly talking about Muslim baby names, I see a very little multifariousness in baby names starting with letter K, To be honest, I don’t even see enough people choosing this letter for their child’s name. However, I think baby names starting from K are chic and tasteful.

Exemplar Arabic Baby Boys Names Starting With K

For intrepid parents, who are ready to experiment and play with new baby names, here is a very wonderful list of selective baby boy names with letter K.

Kaabir كَابِر

I find Kaabir very fascinating and worth putting it on the first number in this list because it is very new and different. We all have heard of Kabir but what’s the point of putting a name that is already common and pretty popular? Kaabir satisfies the need of adventurousness in a name pretty well.
This strong sounding name means great or powerful in Arabic and is a very divine pick. Talking about its popularity, you would be amazed to hear that Kaabir is also the name of an Indian actor.

Kahul كَحُول

This name is the ideal pick for babies born with very beautiful, black eyes. Kahul, as you might even guess, is identical to “Kohl” and denotes someone with beautiful black eyes. Although I am mentioning it twice after first suggesting it in my list of Top 21 Trendy Muslim Baby Boy Names in 2018-19, I really think it is worth another shout-out. Kahul is also an alternative spelling of the city of Cahul in Moldova, Eastern Europe.

Kamayil كَمَايل

My grandfather’s name was Kamil, so I really love it and have deep sentiments attached to it. However, it is a very common and old name. So, when I found a trendy and modern-sounding diminutive of Kamil, I was overwhelmed. Kamayil means perfect or one with no flaws in Arabic. Kamayil could make a very creative choice in the name racket. If you were to rank Kamayil, would you call it extraordinary, average or fair?

Karman كَرْمَان

Oh! Karman needs not to be confused with Arman or Kamran but isn’t it exciting and unheard? Karman means very generous and selfless, which is eventually a very majestic virtue in anyone. This rare Muslim baby name has a very exotic charm to it and would certainly appeal to everyone around your child. Karman might be new as the first name amongst Indian Muslims; it is a very popular and besotted Hungarian surname.

Kasran كَثْران

This is entirely unplanned and unintentional but a lot of new names that I like are inspired by places in Iran. Yes, Kasran is also the name of one of the villages in Iran but it is a purely Arabic word. It means plenty or surplus which I would call a very positive meaning. I strongly believe that Kasran deserves to be assimilated into our naming culture because it is too appealing to be left out. Its soft ending sound makes it quite good for delicate newborn boys.

Keyan كِيان

The name Keyan, meaning “existence” in Arabic, is a very commonly used Quranic word. It has playful and lyrical notes with it due to its overall pronunciation. This name is yet to come into the limelight due to its rareness and uncommonness. Well, who knows your child can rock it and make it a celebutante name one day? If you are a parent tired of overused “an” ending names like Ayan, I think this is just the ideal pick.

Kaarim كَارِم

Kaarim is another unheard and unique mention in this list because we all have heard Kareem a lot of times but this diminutive is so latest and fresh. Kaarim means the same as Kareem – generous and kind-hearted but very different and exceptional at the same time. According to me, Kaarim has the ability to pack a punch with its matchlessness.

Kiswa كسوة

My recent post of Holy Unisex Muslim Baby Names inspired me to suggest Kiswa to you. Kiswa is derived from Kiswat and I think both the names are very engaging. Kiswa, in Islam, is largely used to denote the black silk cloth that covers the Holy site of Kaaba in Masjid Al Haram, Saudi Arabia. In general terms, Kiswa can also be used to refer to any type of garment or clothing in the Arabic language.

Kamlan كَمْلَان

If, just in case, you have anyone in your family with the name Kamil, selecting Kamilan would be a little difficult for you. However, if you want a name inspired by Kamil, you can adhere to the roots and still have something untried. Consequently, you can maintain the balance by naming your son Kamlan instead. This would be a very loving gesture to have similar as well as different names. Kamlan, hence, also means perfect or someone without any flaws.

Kumayl كُميل

Kumayl is a pleasant name that is softly very masculine at the same time. It is a light choice for parents looking for quaint and classic sounding names. A name like Kumayl which means complete or perfect would make both delicate as well as a strong choice for any baby boy born in this modern age. Although it might sound new and exciting, Kumayl is a renowned name from the Usman Caliphate. Unheard names are making a huge spot in modern naming and strangely, Kumayl can make a very quick comeback to inspire many fashions.

For most of the modern parents, new and meaningful names create a very positive impression amongst the crowd. It hence, makes enough sense, to go for those baby names that are unheard as well as begin with an alphabet that a lot of people don’t really opt for. I hope you like my compiled collection of smart and stylish baby names from K. I would love to hear your feedback as it inspires me to work hard on another thrilling list. If you have any queries regarding any Muslim baby name, feel free to gain the benefit of free names counseling on GoMama247.


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      As for the spelling, there can be a number of alternatives. Just make sure it is relevant enough. For example, people write my name as Zayba as well as Zaiba but I write it as Zeba. As long as the pronounciation remains the same, you can have any spelling.

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