35 Most Modern Hindu Baby Boy Names for 2019-20


Baby Boy Names: Hindu and Modern

Sanskrit is one of the most ancient Indo-European languages and the cornerstone of all the Indian languages. The 3500 years-old language is considered as a rich source of meaningful baby names. We are proudly presenting a list of royal-sounding and serene Sanskrit baby boy names with profound meanings.

Baby Boy Names: Perfect picks for a modern Indian family

Adin अदिन

A name signifying a good behavioral aspect is always sought after. Adin refers to a noble-minded person.

Aishan ऐशन

The blessings of the Trinity Lord Shiva can surely provide a better shape to a personality.

Anishk अनिष्क

An amiable person is loved by the world. The name signifies a person with no enemies.

Arhat अर्हत

One who holds wonderful traits is praised by the world. Arhat refers to someone respectable or worthy name denotes a person who is not restraint.

Ayantir अयन्तिर

A successful person knows no limits and the name indicates one such personality. The unique Indian

Ayod आयोद

One who bestows with life or the giver of life. The name has a divine significance.

Dakshaj दक्षज

ॐदक्षजायैनमः। The name is directly associated with Goddess Durga. This significant name inspired by Sahasranam.

Devarsh देवर्ष

Dev means God. Every child is a gift from God and the name perfectly describes this beautiful. The name means the one who is coming from Lord Shiva or the Himalaya/ Ishanya direction (North-Eastern) where most Hindu gods reside.

Ehik एहिक

ॐऐहिकामुष्मिकप्रदायनमः। Ehik is another symbolic Sanskrit Ganesha-sahasranama inspired name which means worldly. The name is associated with the divine entity, Lord Ganesh.

Ekish एकिश

Eka means the one ultimate or the Primal God. It’s a made-up name that combines two syllables

Hitvan हित्वान

This name is a prominent Sanskrit adjective that means swift or speedy. This name can serve to be a wonderful choice for an active and jovial baby boy.

Hridham ह्रिधाम

Prosperity is the sole essence of human life. This name signifies a Prosperous person. This name has Certain other variants as well, like Ridham, which means spring, and Hridh, which actually means hearty. The name Hridham, however, denotes hearty as well. means a son or child who is born to King Daksha.

Kalkin काल्किन

This popular name is an adjective given to the divine entity, Lord Hanuman, Om Kalkiney. This name signifies the tenth Incarnation (also known as ‘Avatar’) of the great Lord Vishnu.

Karshin कर्षिन

This fascinating baby boy name comes with several significant meanings, including Fire and Drawing. This name also means being attractive.

Maham माहम

This is another name of Lord Ganesh, the Son of Goddess Durga and Lord Shiva. This name is also derived from a Sanskrit Sahasranama – Om Mahamanse Namah (ॐमहामनसेनमः।) Here, the word ‘maham’ signifies greatness.

Maharsh महर्ष

This significant Sanskrit name is derived from a Sanskrit Sahasrnam ‘Om Maharshey Namah’. This name denotes Lord Rama, the central character of the timeless epic ‘Ramayana’. together, ‘Ek+Ish’ becomes ‘Ekish’, which means God is only one.

Manan मनन

The act of meditation brings peace into our lives. This beautiful name denotes the act of Mediation. Manan essentially means to Meditate. It can also signify the act of thinking or thoughtfulness.

Mayuk मयुक्

This popular baby boy name symbolizes the Brilliance in a person or someone who is brilliant. It can also mean splendor (Maayuk means to roar).

Nikay निकाय

The literal meanings of the name are air, an aim or a body. In the divine context, the name implies to the supreme being.

Nirosh निरोष

Rosh means anger. A cool person always tastes the fruits of success. This name Nirosh denotes Goddess Lakshmi or someone without anger.

Panay पनय

पणाय refers to a new life coming out/blossom or sprout. It also denotes the act of praising or giving honor.

Parvish पर्विष

This name is a combination of two words. Parv+Ish together form Parvish. Parv means any auspicious event or celebration and Ish refers to God. The name means the God of auspicious celebrations or occasions.

Pulom पुलोम

With the sound of OM in the end, the name creates a special significance for itself. It literally means a common sweet flag.

Ranvit रण्वित

A great smile can make your day. It’s a royal-sounding name and denotes a cheerful, happy, and bright personality.

Rashay राशय

The name is an auspicious epithet of Lord Ganesh and comes from a Sahasranam – ॐराशयेनमः।

Rutadnya रुताज्ञ

Not only the name carries a traditional essence with it but also has a deep meaning. Someone who is the knower of the sacred law is Rutadnya.

Sarayu सरयू

Sarayu is a popular Indian river. The name literally refers to the wind.

Shahant शहांत

The name reflects strengths, bravery and power. Sahantya means powerful and the name refers to the slayer of Aksha.

Smayan स्मायन

A cheerful persona always gives positive vibes. Smayan means smile and it’s a great pick for a joyous baby.

Tamish तमीष

Tamishwar is a name that directly implies to the god of darkness. In a broader context, this actually means Lord Chandra or the moon.

Tavish तवीश

This name is a powerful one as it denotes a person who is courageous or has immense power. The name also has several other meanings, including gold, ocean or heaven.

Varshman वर्श्मन

Another significant addition to the name list, Varshman generally means someone who is great. Other meanings of the same name imply body, top, and handsome form of a person.

Viyan वियान्

Some kids are born with an artistic trait in them. This can be a perfect name for such baby boys, as this name means an Artist or someone who possess special knowledge. This name can also mean sky or air.

Yavan यावन

The name Yavan has a depth in itself and signifies a divine Horse Rider.

Yuvirin युविरिन

The interesting name ‘Yuvirin’ is a combination of two different Sanskrit words. The word ‘Irin’ means The King of Warriors and another word ‘Yuv’ means someone who is young. This name can be made easier if you are willing to turn it into ‘Yurin’, which makes the name easier to pronounce and also more stylish.

In Hindu faith, Sanskrit is believed to be the most ancient language which was used as the means of communication by Hindu Gods – Deva Vani. Not only in Hinduism but the language has also influenced other religions like Buddhism, Sikhism, and Jainism too. These handpicked Sanskrit baby boy names are meaningful, pleasant to the ears and directly connects with the soul.

Please note that we do not segregate the names according to any religion as no religion ever says a baby can’t have a name from any other origin. By mentioning Hindu baby boy names, we are only trying to help people looking for names with similar search queries.


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