Modern Baby Names Inspired by Lord Shiva & Venkateswara


Baby Boy Names which mean both Lord Shiva and Venkateswara

Indian mythology has a wide selection of powerful names stocked up for babies. Lord Shiva and Lord Venkateswara are the two most powerful worshipped deities in Hinduism who inspire Indian parents to venture into the world of impactful names with divine significance. Here is the list of selected beautiful, rare, trendy and short names inspired by 1008 names of Lord Shiva and Lord Venkat.
How to give your baby a special and meaningful name inspired by two of the most worshipped lords by Hindus?

Rare and Short Names: Lord Shiva and Balaji/Venkat

Selected names below are inspired by Sahasranama of Lord Shiva and Lord Balaji/Venkateswara/Vishnu. They are the common major parts of their handpicked Sahasranamas.


In Hinduism, commonly used in the form of the mantra: Abhiraamaay, the name denotes that the Lord is very delightful or pleasing. The name is the reflection of the jovial form of the deities.


Comes from Aditayae Namah, the name signifies creativity, abundance, liberty and safety. Adit refers to the Lord who is the mother of the celestials, the mother of Gods or Mother Aditi.


One of the finest discoveries from the treasure of Sahasranam. The name refers to a wise person or a knowledgeable personality. The name also means inception or start of something.


The name is associated with ruling or leadership. It is a form of tyranny widespread in the world. A born leader can be associated with the name.


The name from Aparaay Namah. Apar means someone or something that has no boundary or limits. It’s a very impactful name which denotes that the God who is almighty, has no limits or nothing can limit God.


Arth means wealth or money in Sanskrit. The name is part of multiple sahasranamas mainly as Arthaay and in Sanskrit it literally refers to a generous or munificent personality. The name also says that the Lord exists in the form of wealth that is cherished by the universe.


Avyaktaay Namah! Avyakt is the word where we can find the true significance of the name. Vyakta means something which is visible or manifested. Avyakta has a contrasting meaning which is Lord in not comprehended or unmanifested in all the senses.

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The name has been derived from the word Darshan which means appearance or visible form. It is often used as Sudarshanaay, which means the Lord has a beautiful form or an auspicious form.


Maha means someone superior, great or of utmost significance. Maham refers to the great personalities of Lord Shiva and Balaji.


One of the best names to describe the significance of Lord Shiva and Lord Venkat. The name refers to the foremost or chief personality.


Nil means blue color. The name refers to Lord Shiva who is represented as the deity with blue throat in Hindu mythology.


Used in the Sahasranam mantra – Shuchayae Namah, the name indicates a brilliant or shining personality. The name also signifies that the lord has a pious or pure heart.

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A popular traditional Indian name which can be heard in the form of Varadaay in Hindu chants. The name means the Lord is the granter of wishes or bestower of blessings.


It is used in the mantra Om Shreevardhanaay Namah! Many names from the Sahasranama have Vardh as a part of them. It literally means prosperity. The name with the association or Lord Shiva and Venkat means that the Lord is the bestower of all the blessings or prosperity.


The name is one of the most powerful names associated with Lord Shiva and Lord Venkat. Part Vibhavae Namah, the name means someone who is all-pervading or someone who exists in diverse forms. It also signifies a supremely compassionate personality. Another positive meaning of the name is the one who is birthless (Lord Shiva, who has no birth).


Yogin: The name is derived from Yoga and denotes a person who is devoted to Yoga. It is used in the form of Yoginae is a part of many names from the Sahasranam.
The name is derived from Yoga and denotes a person who is devoted to Yoga. It is used in the form of Yoginae is a part of many names from the Sahasranam.

Hindu deities are the personification of all the positive and powerful qualities. The Namakarana or naming ceremony in Hinduism is different from the rest of the world. Lord Shiva is the creator, preserver of the universe, the destroyer of sins from the universe while Lord Venkat, an Avatar of the Trinity God Vishnu symbolizes and lord of prosperity. Every deity in Hinduism is a reflection of positive characteristics. Indian parents often look forward to Godly names for their babies wishing that someday the kids will acquire those wonderful traits and live up to the significance of their names. Lord Shiva and Lord Venkat are two most worshiped deities in South India. Naming the newborns after these deities signify the act of acquiring blessings of both the Gods.


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