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Baby Girl Names: Indo-European

Numerous mixed-race parents go on a hunt for suitable biracial baby names for their newborn and we too take pride in suggesting unique names when we get such requests. Sometimes, one of the parents is Indian and another one is European or from another race and they don’t want to settle for stereotypical names. To give eminence to the identity of the little angels, we have presented a list below.

Baby Girl Names for Indian European Mixed Race Baby Girl

Ahna आहना

Origins: Sanskrit, Hebrew and Latin
Meaning in Sanskrit: The beautiful name signifies the existence or a series of days. It also means speedily or instant.
Meaning in Latin: It’s the Latin variant of the Greek name Ἅννα.
Meaning in Hebrew: Ahna is a variant of the Hebrew name Ḥannāh which denotes beauty, grace or favour. Also, it’s popular among Christians as it’s the name of the mother of Virgin Mary.

Alola अलोला

Origins: Sanskrit, German and Spanish
Meaning in Sanskrit: A strong personality or firm person.
Meaning in German: Alola is used as the short form of the German name Aloisia but isn’t related to it.
Meaning in Spanish: It is derived from one of the titles of Virgin Mary ‘Nuestra Señora de los Dolores’ which denotes the lady of sorrows.

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Amaya अमाया

Origin: Sanskrit, Japanese and Spanish.
Meaning in Sanskrit: Where there is no delusion or deceit.
Meaning in Japanese: The name signifies night rain in Japanese.
Meaning in Spanish: The name is derived from the Amaya village and its neighbouring mountain, Castile and León. The mountain has Indo-European roots where am(ma) refers to the mother.

Anaya अनाया

Origin: Sanskrit and Hebrew.
Meaning in Sanskrit: An epithet of Lord Vishnu who has no leader or someone without a superior.
Meaning in Hebrew: Anaya is also a Hebrew name which denotes the answer of God.

Archi आर्ची

Origin: Sanskrit and Latin
Meaning in Sanskrit: Archi sounds quite modern and holds a deep meaning in Sanskrit – flame or ray of light.
Latin: The name has been derived from ancient Greek word Arkhi which means leading or a chief. The name signifies a leader.

Aroha आरोहा

Origin: Sanskrit, Māori and Hawaiian
Meaning in Sanskrit: An Indian classical Raaga or musical note (Aroh/Arohi).
Meaning in Māori: It implies affection or love.
Meaning in Hawaiian: The name cognates with the Hawaiian term Aloha which signifies peace, compassion or love.

Chancy चान्सी

Origin: Sanskrit and English
Meaning in Sanskrit: Derived from the word Chhandsi, the moniker is used as an epithet for Goddess Lakshmi.
Meaning in English: In English, the name signifies risks.

Charmi चार्मी

Origin: Sanskrit and English
Meaning in Sanskrit: The beautiful name refers to Lord Shiva, one who puts on charm or leather.
Meaning in English: The name is a short variant of charming or graceful.

Eila एइला

Origin: Sanskrit, Finnish, Scottish Gaelic, Turkish and Hebrew.
Meaning in Sanskrit: The name denotes the daughter of Manu from Hindu mythology. It also signifies a cardamom tree or the earth.
Meaning in Finnish: A variant of Finnish name Helga or Olga which means someone who brings light.
Meaning in Scottish Gaelic: A person who belongs to a strong place.
Meaning in Turkish: A variant of Turkish name Ayla which denotes Halo.
Meaning in Hebrew: A variant of Hebrew name Eilah which signifies an Oak tree.

Ela एला

Origin: Sanskrit and Polish.
Meaning in Sanskrit: It implies cardamom or merriness.
Meaning in Polish: It reflects the positive traits of a personality like noble and serene.

Era एरा

Origin: Sanskrit and English
Meaning in Sanskrit: Earth, a female sheep or Yug.
Meaning in English: The name means a long period of time.

Etasha एताशा

Origin: Sanskrit and Russian
Meaning in Sanskrit: A bright or brilliant personality. It also refers to a dappled horse.
Russian: The name doesn’t have a meaning in Russian but sounds similar to Natasha.

Heli हेली

Origin: Sanskrit and Old English
Meaning in Sanskrit: To embrace someone or Sun.
Meaning in Old English: The short and modern name refers to a hay meadow in Old English or possibly means a hero being a variant of Haela.

Ina ईना

Origin: Sanskrit and Scottish
Meaning in Sanskrit: A name used for a powerful, mighty or glorious personality. The name also refers to Sun or an energetic person.
Meaning in Scottish: Used as a short form of Agnes, a word used in Ireland. It also means to entertain or home considering the reference of an Anglo-Saxon word. It is also used as a short variant of the name like Christina or Marina.

Kalaya कालाया

Origin: Sanskrit
Meaning in Sanskrit: ॐ कालाय नमः। The name refers to the trinity God Shiva who can destroy the world. Some sources suggest that the name has Hawaiian origin but there is no ‘Y’ in Hawaiian names and hence it’s not true.

Kara करा

Origin: Sanskrit and Italian
Meaning in Sanskrit: ॐ कराय नमः। Lord Shiva often goes by this name. It also signifies moonbeam. It means action in Sanskrit. One who acts.
Meaning in Italian: It is derived from the word Cara (Carus in Latin) which means beloved or a dear person.

Kera केरा

Origin: Sanskrit and Irish
Meaning in Sanskrit: The name is short and simple like its meaning – a type of plant.
Meaning in Irish: It’s a name used for a beautiful dusky woman or girl (dark-haired).

Keli केली

Origin: Sanskrit and Gaelic
Meaning in Sanskrit: Keli means a sport and it also signifies earth.
Gaelic: Gaelic names are quite pleasing to the ears and Keli, a variant of Kelly is a great example of the same. The name refers to a warrior. Ceallach is the Irish Gaelic variant of Keli.

Kyna क्याना

Origin: Sanskrit and English
Meaning in Sanskrit: Kyna represents a smart and intelligent personality.
Meaning in English: The name has a lunar association in English. It refers to the Moon Goddess.

Marsha मार्षा

Origin: Sanskrit and Latin
Meaning in Sanskrit: An esteemed person or a respected face.
Meaning in Latin: Derived from Marcius and means Mars, the Roman God of war. In English, the name denotes an area where a transition from land to water occurs.

Niama नियामा

Origin: Sanskrit and Irish Gaelic
Meaning in Sanskrit: Niyama or Niyam means rule or norms in Sanskrit. The name got popularity after the awareness of Yoga in the world.
Meaning in Irish Gaelic: In Irish Gaelic, the name refers to a bright person or thing. It also denotes an Island in the Maldives.

Sansa सान्सा

Origin: Sanskrit and Latin
Meaning in Sanskrit: It signifies invocation, praising or charm.
Meaning in Latin: In Latin, the name is used as a variant of Sancia which means sacred. The name became popular after Game of Thrones.

Sella सेला

Origin: Sanskrit and Italian
Meaning in Sanskrit: The name is associated with a warrior or brave person. It signifies a kind of weapon.
Meaning in Italian: Used for a metonymic occupational moniker for a Saddler.

Biracial parents often get stuck while choosing a name for their babies. They want to consider meaningful and positive names, trends, sweet-sounding and resonating with both the heritages. With the above list, we have cut down on the efforts and confusion while choosing suitable mixed-race baby names for Indian girls. If you have some more names to grace this list or any query regarding the mixed race names, do let us know through your comment.


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