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Baby Boy Names: When Parents from different countries

We often come across bi-racial baby name suggestion requests from Indian parents where either of the parents is Indian. In many cases, we get baby name requests from Indian-European couples. Understanding the fact that bi-racial names sound great when both the cultures are reflected through it; we have a created a list of handpicked mixed-race names for Indian baby boys. For the parents who want an Indian origin name, especially from Sanskrit which is also meaningful in Western languages, our list can be a suitable pick.

Sanskrit Baby Boy Names Meaningful in one more Origin


Origins: Hebrew and Sanskrit
Meaning in Sanskrit: Adin is derived from the word Adi which means the first. It also means adornment or ornament; something that adds to the beauty.
Meaning in Hebrew: Something delicately small or petite.


Origins: Dutch and Sanskrit
Meaning in Sanskrit: The name is inspired by Adri which signifies a mountain, cloud or thunderbolt. It reflects a powerful personality.
Meaning in Dutch: Someone who belongs to Hadria.


Origins: Hebrew and Sanskrit
Meaning in Sanskrit: Amar or Amarya refers to someone who is immortal or has no limits.
Meaning in Hebrew: The name has divine meanings in Hebrew. It signifies the Word of God or something which is given by God.


Albanian and Sanskrit
Meaning in Sanskrit: Arjan means the winner or conqueror in Sanskrit. It refers to someone who achieves something great.
Meaning in Albanian: A person who is from Hadria.


Hebrew and Sanskrit
Meaning in Sanskrit: Viram means to rest or stop. Someone who is uninterrupted or is without rest is called Aviram.
Meaning in Hebrew: The name literally means the father of heights. It also means My father is proud.


Hebrew and Sanskrit
Meaning in Sanskrit: Eban is a variant and simplified version of Aibhan which signifies an elephant. The moniker is one of the Sahasranam of Lord Ganesha.
Meaning in Hebrew: In Hebrew, the name denotes a solid, strong personality or simply a rock.


Gaelic and Sanskrit
Meaning in Sanskrit: The name sounds quite modern and unique. It’s a variant of Kyan which means knowledge in Sanskrit.
Meaning in Gaelic: Something very far or ancient is known as Kian.


Hebrew and Sanskrit
Meaning in Sanskrit: Something which is not usual or magical is Maayan in Sanskrit.
Meaning in Hebrew: Maayan implies a small stream of water. A personality resembling a flow of water stream.


Persian and Sanskrit
Meaning in Sanskrit: Misra/Mishra is a popular surname in India, it means Worthy/respectable in Sanskrit. Mithra is a better similar name which means friend, also pronounced as Misra in Persian. So you can relate it to 2 roots.
Meaning in Persian: Misra is a term in Persian language that means a line of a couplet which strictly ends with the same rhyme.


Kurdish and Sanskrit
Meaning in Sanskrit: In Indian culture, the name is used among various communities like Bengali. The name refers to the state of lying down or resting in Sanskrit. It is also one of 1000 names of Goddess Lakshmi.
Meaning in Kurdish: Shayan is a unisex Kurdish name meaning worthy or deserving.


Hebrew and Sanskrit
Meaning in Sanskrit: The name sounds Persian but in Sanskrit, it is related to Tami which means night and Tamishwar which signifies Moon.
Meaning in Hebrew: The name refers to someone huge or gigantic like a palm tree: a tall person.
The power or impact of a name is tremendous and many interracial couples find baby-naming confusing and face difficulty in deciding which culture or language the name should reflect. Our list of mixed-race baby names for Indian boys can offer a sigh of relief to such parents. Soon we are going to add Indian-European, Indian-British and other bi-racial baby names to our list. We love to help new parents in all the ways to suggest beautiful and meaningful names. You may leave a comment if you are looking for baby names with any specific requirements.


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