Miraculous Moringa Leaves for Healthier Pregnancy


Health Benefits of Moringa leaves and Drumsticks

Have you ever heard of Moringa Leaves Tree? May be you know it with its commonly known name which is Drumstick Tree or Horseradish Tree. This power house of nutrients was used in making many medicines in Ayurveda to cure nearly 300 diseases in Ancient India. Unbelievable, isn’t it? Be it it’s leaves, the immature pods i.e. drumsticks, flowers or seeds are all loaded with vital nutrients.

Information about Moringa/Drumstick Tree

Moringa Oleifera is a tree grown mostly in India, in the Himalayas but the added benefits of the leaves have made them very popular throughout the world. It gets the name of drumstick tree due the shape it posses and this recent discovery of the medical science has great powers compared to other fruits and vegetables people eat.
moringa tree
A single serving of Moringa has more vitamin C than seven oranges, twice the protein and four times the calcium found in milk and also three times the total amount of potassium found in a single banana. Moringa is said to constitute 92 nutrients and 46 natural antioxidants as well as anti-inflammatory compounds. Moringa leaves are considered to be a super-food and have the ability to treat more than 300 kinds of diseases without having a single side effect. This is a kind of leaf if consumed on a periodic basis can reduce free radicals in the body that leads to cancer and speed aging. Vital nutrients like Vitamin A, Vitamin B1,B2,B3,B6,B7, vitamin C,vitamin D,vitamin E,Vitamin K and also all the essential Amino Acids like Isoleucine, Leucine, lysine etc. are present in Moringa.

Along with all the health benefits, the Moringa has over regular people, pregnant women can also be benefited largely during the course of pregnancy. Consumption of Moringa leaves during your pregnancy is seriously advantageous in a number of ways. Lets see how.

Nutrients present In Moringa/Drumstick Leaves and Seed Pods

*Calcium- Calcium is an important constituent for the proper growth of the infant. The fetus requires a good amount of calcium for growth and if your body fails to supply the required amount, it can in a great way damage your teeth and bones. This food is rich in calcium.

*Choline- Moringa comprises 423mg of Choline for every 100g which helps in preventing complicated issues inside the spinal cord and brain. It forms strong bone tissues and also helps in prevention of hike in blood pressure levels.

*Folic Acid-
This important content of the Moringa leaf can prevent the chances of miscarriage and premature delivery. Folic acid also restricts anaemia.

Health Benefits of Moringa

*Reduces Constipation- The fiber content of the leaves aids in easy dissipation of bowels.

*Balances the Sugar Level- They have the power to control and balance the sugar levels, which serves a great benefit for the pregnant woman.

*Increased Immunity- Rich in antioxidants, they help the body fight against germs and infections more easily.

*Lowers Blood pressure- Moringa has the ability to lower the abnormal rise in blood pressure levels during pregnancy.

*Improves Digestion and Metabolism- It also aids in promoting better digestion and metabolism rate of the system.

Along with all the plus benefits, Moringa has some side effects that are needed to be brought into the light. Over consumption causes genotoxic damage and also may promote cancer formation. Higher doses can cause serious damage to the kidneys and liver

The process of consumption is very important for a pregnant woman to get the best out of it. Moderation is the key for Moringa leaves or leaf products consumption. A teaspoon full three times a day is what the experts recommend, and this moderate amount in the diet is healthy for any pregnant woman.

Relive the total bliss of pregnancy with a difference and develop these healthy habits that will let you have the experience even more beautiful. This new step in medical science will let you enjoy your period till parturition even more and the final result will seem magical.

How to Consume Moringa Leaves and Its Powder?

To get maximum benefits the the leaves should be consumed freshly picked but if it is not easily available then even the powder form is a good option.
Here is a list of Recipes for fresh Leaves.
The Moringa powder is available in abundance in the market and comes in a range of herbal powders and normal powders. The herbal powders are costlier than the normal ones as they devoid adding any chemicals to it. Also, You can easily make powder out of the leaves. This is how: Dry the leaves and then crush them till they reach a fine powdery state and store them in an air tight container.
To consume the powder form, add it to plain water or your juices or sprinkle it over pizza or salads.
moringa powder

How to Eat Drumsticks or Moringa Seed Pods?

The immature pods of drumstick trees or simply drumsticks are cut in to pieces as shown below and partially peel the pieces, you can peel the harder parts of cover using fingers. Now cook these pods in water for around 10 mins.
Now you can use the pods in soups or making curry or the best is, simply sparkle the salt and eat the delicious pulp just like that. Kids also like this juicy and tasty food.

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful phases in a woman’s life. Every woman dreams to be a mother and the feeling of carrying a baby in the womb for nine long months can never be expressed in words. This period of time demands special treatment and care. Proper exercises, dieting and good food habits are very important in order to have the bumpy ride go smoothly. What you eat is very crucial as at every moment your baby is growing and needs loads of nutrients for a healthy life. So having nutrients dense food is key to a healthy pregnancy and healthy life for your baby. That is the reason you should include the nutrients rich foods like Moringa Leaves and Drumstick in your diet during pregnancy. Morning Leaves are not only beneficial for pregnancy but also during breastfeeding and for every member of your family.


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    • Sapana

      Yes it is not very popular YET. Pharma companies are making the supplements and the herbal teas from the powder of the dried leaves.

    • Sapana

      Yes. Drumsticks are tasty even without any spices. My kids love them just boiled and with pinch of salt! Yum!

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    Prakash Nath on

    This is new to me, Never heard of Moringa leaves. If they are so nutritious then why not available at the usual vegetable vendors in India? I do eat drumsticks but the leaves I have not seen. I live in Mumbai, where can I find these? My wife is pregnant and would like to get these for her.

    • Sapana

      Hi, I also never saw them at usual vegetable markets in Mumbai. My mother gets the leaves from farmers, dries the leaves and sends me the powder of it. You can try getting fresh leaves from local vendors if he is a farmer or in touch with farmers directly.

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    Dear Sapana, I am 5th month pregnant, I was having moringa leaves powder 1 tea spoon however wanted to know if it safe to continue.

    • Sapana

      Hi Smita,
      According to my own study, it is safe but you must ensure the source of the leaves is safe. As fresh moringa leaves are not sold at regular markets usually.
      Also as I am not a medical practitioner, I am not the right person to advise you about the pregnancy diet and safety. The posts I write are only for generic information and to share my experiences.

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