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The Secret Face Pack for Healthy and Glowing Skin

We are always on the lookout for ways to make our face look healthy and glowing at all times. Our common belief is that the most effective treatments must be costly. Costlier the product, more effective the results are. Isn’t that right? Well, What if I tell you that Cleopatra’s beauty secret was a simple, natural ingredient that you can try yourself today, which also costs just a mere fraction of your branded cosmetics? This miracle ingredient is none other than Fuller’s Earth, the beauty clay from South Asia. Read on to find out how to make the best face pack ever with this ingredient.

What is Fuller’s Earth?

Fuller’s Earth, also known as Multani Mitti in South Asia is an all-natural, organic beauty ingredient that has been used as a face pack since the 1800s. It is a type of clay that contains several essential minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium, silica, quartz, calcite and dolomite. Its absorbent and antimicrobial properties makes it the perfect solution to all your beauty woes.

Benefits of the Fuller’s Earth Clay mask

The benefits of Fuller’s Earth are so diverse that it can be used for almost every skin ailment there is. This one product, when combined with various other natural ingredients will result in the perfect cures for all your skin worries. How would you like to know just how beneficial this clay can be? Well, here it is.

Treats Acne

Pores that are clogged with dirt and cosmetic residue tend to develop into pimples and acne. This clay unclogs the pores, thus preventing breakouts.

Removes Excess Oil

Being a natural absorbent, fuller’s earth works brilliantly on oily skin to absorb all the excess oil and makes it look fresh and supple. It also balances the skin’s pH level and maintain healthy skin.

Diminishes Scars

If you ever worried about your face marred with acne scars, burn marks and wound marks, worry no longer because this wondrous clay has the ability to diminish the appearance of scars to a great extent if used continuously.

Lightens Skin Complexion

Fuller’s earth has amazing skin-lightening properties that with proper use de-tans your skin to makes it radiant and light-complexioned. It isn’t known as ‘beauty mud’ around the world for no reason!

Increases Skin Elasticity

Ageing can cause facial skin to droop and sag, causing wrinkles and puffiness. This clay can improve your skin’s elasticity and help in reducing the appearance of wrinkles, thus making your skin tight and younger looking.

Tightens Pores

Open pores are the reason behind many skin issues including blackheads, pimples, etc, and they themselves make skin look dull. What fuller’s earth does is tightens these open pores so that dirt and microbes can’t get in and cause further skin problems.

Rejuvenates the Skin

This clay is not just an excellent cleansing agent, but it also has unmatched cooling propertied that rejuvenates and refreshes your skin after a long, stressful day.

Where can you buy this Amazing Healing Clay?

There is a well-known maker’s product called as: Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay You can buy it on amazon. Its natural and effective. You will be surprised to see the number of positive reviews and ratings for this face pack ingredient.

3 Awesome Face Packs You Can Make by Yourself

It is time to get down to business. Now that you’ve learned all the exceptional ways this clay can do wonders o your skin, what’s about to come is a list of 3 best and cheapest face packs you can make with this clay at home. They are really easy and provide stunning results that you will absolutely love.

Clay and Apple Cider Vinegar Face Pack

apple cider vinegar fullers earth clay mask
• Mix 3 tablespoons of the clay powder and 2 tablespoons of organic ACV in a bowl. You can dilute the mixture with a few tablespoons of mineral water to get the consistency you need.
• An all-natural calcium bentonite clay is the safest option for this facemask. It has no side effects and works great with the ACV.
• Clean your face well before applying this mask. Avoid the area around the lips and eyes.
• Leave it on till it starts to dry and changes color. You will feel a pulling sensation while it dries, and that’s completely normal!
• Once the mask hardens, wash it off completely with warm water. And that’s it! You can already feel your supple, clean skin!

Clay, Sandalwood and Rosewater Face Pack

sandalwood fullers earth rose water mask
• Mix equal amounts of clay, rosewater and sandalwood powder together to make a thick paste.
• Apply this paste on your face thoroughly, avoiding the areas around the lips and eyes.
• Choose an additive-free, fragrance-free clay powder since the chemicals can cause your skin harm.
• Leave it on till it hardens and wash off with lukewarm water.
• This face pack is especially useful for people with oily skin. They can use this face pack daily whereas others can use it twice or thrice a week to avoid over dryness.

Clay and Honey Face Mask

honey fullers earth clay mask
• Mix equal amounts of multani mitti and honey to make a thick, glutinous paste.
• Clean your face thoroughly before applying this paste on all areas of the face except your eyes and mouth.
• Leave it on for 15-20 minutes or till it dries.
• Wash off with warm water. This mask is great for fighting and acne and improving skin texture and tone.

Tips on using the Clay Mask

Here are a few tips to follow while using this mask so as to get the best results.
• Always use the pack on thoroughly cleaned face. It helps the clay to penetrate deeper.
• Wash off the mask only when it has dried. It is very difficult to wash wet clay mask. The clay has not finished working on your skin if it is wet. You will fell the stretch on your skin as the clay dries and it is good for skin tightening.
• Add a pinch of turmeric to lighten you skin.
• Use this mask on your neck as well to combat pigmentation and wrinkles.
I am sure you can’t wait to try this miraculous face mask for yourself and reap its amazing benefits. Get this ultra cheap, highly beneficial clay and will never look back to expensive cosmetics for your beauty care routine.
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    Clay is good stuff. Your recipes for using the clay look pretty good. I have used the apple cider vinegar before, but I did not dilute it with water. I’ll definitely dilute it the next time I use it in my clay.

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    • Sapana

      Thanks Evelyn for your comment. I have been using this fuller’s earth clay mask. I prefer the rose water and sandal wood powder mask but I recently learned about apple vinegar mask, so thought of including it in here.

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