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Top Cute Nicknames for Indian Twin Babies

We have many lists on nicknames for babies on this blog. Specially selected short trendy and meaningful names is the main feature of the baby names lists on GoMama247.
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Here are the lists of meaningful Indian short names for Twin Baby Boys, Twin Baby Boy and Girl & Twin Girls. These can be picked as real names or nicknames. As they are shortest really powerfully meaningful names mainly from Sanskrit (and a few Persian Names).
These are friendly and cheerful twin baby nick names for boys that may add a spark to your little one’s personality.
NOTE: If not mentioned then meaning is by default in Sanskrit

1. Nicknames/ Short Names for Twin Boys

twin boys

Agrim – Arish

(Meaning: Agrim: Leader / Arish: Sun Rays (Persian))

Ansh – Tosh

(Ansh: Part / Tosh: Satisfaction)

Apar – Arag

(Apar: Limitless / Arag: Cool)

Avi – Adi

( Avi: Lord/Sun/Mountaing etc/Adi: First)

Ayan – Ayas

(Ayan: Pathway to Sun/ Ayas: Fire / Dexterous)

Bodh – Bhrit

(Bodh: Enlighnement / Bhrit: to nourish/support/Lord Vishnu)

Daksh – Darsh

(Daksh: Capable/Wise Darsh: Handsome/Sight/Krishna)

Darp – Darsh

(Darp: Pride/Bramha Darsh: Handsome/Sight/Krishna)

Dhir – Dhrit

(Dhir: Gentle/Wise Dhrit: Borne / supporting)

Heet – Hesh

(Heet: Love, Hesh: strong/quick)

Irin – Irish

(Irin: King of warriors/powerful, Irish: Lord of Earth)

Kash – Kay

(Kash: Appearance/White lotus , Kay: Body)

Krish – Trish

(Krish: Krishna, Trish: Trishulin/Lord Shiva)

Kyan – Vyan

(Kyan: Knowledge, Vyan: vital air)

Mir – Meet

(Mir: Ocean/Leader, Meet: Friend)

Nir – Nit

(Nir: Water, Nit:Melody/Wealth/Modest)

Ray – Kay

(Ray: King, Kay: Body)

Rian – Kian

(Rian: Kingly, Kian: Kyan or in Persian- Prince)

Sheel – Shaiv

(Sheel: Character, Shaiv: follower of Lord Shiva and Durga)

Shrey – Shail

(Shrey: Credit, Shail: Mountain)

Yug – Yuv

(Yug: age/Era, Yuv: Youth)

2. Nicknames/ Short Names for Twin Boy- Girl

twin boy girl

Arish – Arna

(Arish: Sun Rays in Persian, Arna: Goddess Lakshmi)

Chak – Charvi

(Chak: Brilliant/Shine, Charvi: Beautiful Woman)

Giri – Himi

(Giri: Mountain, Himi:Famous / Renowned (Him Snow/ Himit changed into snow or ice))

Hem – Prit

(Hem: Gold, Prit: Love)

Josh – Zina

(Josh: Pleasure, Zina: Jina (Lord Vishnu))

Krish – Keli

(Krish: Krishna, Keli: Sports)

Neel – Reet

(Neel: Blue, Reet: Tradition)

Rishi – Khushi

(Rishi: Saint, Khushi: Happy)

Shrut – Shuli

(Shrut: Praise, Shuli: Lord Shiva / armed with a spear)

Sneh – Suri

(Sneh: Friend/Love, Suri:God/Chief)

Vyom – Viha

(Vyom: Vital air, Viha:Heaven / Peace)

3. Nicknames/ Short Names for Twin Girls

twin girls

Anshi – Archi

(Anshi: one having share/next generation, Archi: Worshipper)

Asmi – Mahi

(Asmi: I/Myself, Mahi: Great/Lord Shiva)

Bhrita – Bodhi

(Bhrita: Vishnu/Support/Nourish, Bodhi: Enlightenment/ Tree under which Buddha received enlightenment)

Charmi – Charvi

(Charmi: Lord Shiva/One who wears leather, Charvi: Beautiful Woman)

Eka – Ira

(Eka: Goddess Durga/Lakshmi/Ultimate one, Ira: Earth/Refresh)

Esha – Eha

(Esha: Goddess, Eha: Desire/Wish)

Giri – Himi

(Giri: Mountain,Himi:Famous / Renowned (Him Snow/ Himit changed into snow or ice))

Irya – Kyana

(Irya: Powerful, Kyana: Knowledge)

Kash – Karu

(Kash:Appearance/White Lotus, Karu: Architect of Gods)

Marsha – Trisha

(Marsha: Respectable Woman, Trish: Trishulin/Lord shiva/One with a trident)

Mauli – Mauni

(Mauli: Mother, Mauni: Saint(Who are silent))

Mishty – Preeti

(Mishty: Sweet, Preeti: Love)

Niru – Nishu

(Niru: Nir/Water, Nishu:Night)

Riddhi – Siddhi

(Riddhi: Wealthy/Lakshmi, Siddhi: Perfection/Lakshmi)

Sayuri – Keyuri

(Sayuri: Japanese flower, Keyuri: Armlet)

Sena – Shami

(Sema: Army, Shami: Fire)

Suri – Shuli

(Suri: God, Shuli: One with spear)

Vrita – Rutha

(Vrita: Bliss/Chosen, Rutha: Truth)

The thought of picking a potential name for your little one may strike your mind the day you come to know a life is developing inside you. And, when you come to know that it’s twins, the excitement simply gets doubled. However, you may want to bestow your twin babies with the names that are more relatable, more adorable and easier to say and remember. The best thing about the twin baby boy nicknames is you can personalize them.

Giving cute nicknames to your twins is fun as there are no boundaries and rules while choosing a name. But, choosing the right nickname is somehow a big responsibility similar to choosing an official name as your baby grows with that name. The above twin baby nicknames are curated and adorable and you will be able to find a strong connection with these names.


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