Massage during Pregnancy: Is it Safe?


Guest Post: A Perfect Massage Guide for Pregnant Woman

Pregnancy is that phase of woman’s life which completely changes her; physically, mentally and emotionally. Every passing week of pregnancy brings new changes and developments in a woman’s body. Your baby grows every day. The baby takes all the energy and nutrients from the mother. This is the main reason why women need to take extra care of their body, their diet, and exercise during pregnancy. It is not only the woman who is suffering from the effects of being pregnant, but the people around her also have to go through those effects and need to give extra attention and care to the pregnant lady. A lot of people have a misconception about taking exercises and massage during pregnancy. They think that it will harm the body of a pregnant woman leading to bad effects on the fetus. However, this is not the case. Pregnancy is stressful for the muscles. It drains out the energy and leads to fatigue and tiredness. Massage is one of the most helpful ways to relax the muscles, ease down the blood flow and feel rejuvenated.
Important Note: Please take advice from your gynecologist before starting to take massage. Every pregnancy is unique and your doctor is best person to tell you if you can try such things.

Is it Safe to have a Massage during Pregnancy?

Not all kinds of massages can be performed on a pregnant woman. As mentioned earlier, the body of a pregnant lady gets sensitive with each passing day. Due to this, you have to be very careful while giving a massage to a pregnant woman or taking one being pregnant. You would be surprised to know that you can also use massage equipment during pregnancy if there are no complications. If you have lower back pains then avoid using massage vibrators because it could be a symptom of pre-mature labor pain. If you don’t have a massage vibrator yet, I’d recommend you to buy a best back massager for yourself now.
The early days or what we call as the first trimester of pregnancy is highly sensitive. You have to be very careful in doing the household chores and take extra care of yourself if you are a working woman. The body feels too much tired and drained in the first trimester, which increases the urge of having a body massage. But, having a massage at this time can be harmful. You cannot lay on your stomach, and you cannot take different positions as well. A foot massage is the only massage you can treat yourself with.
A lot of gynecologists do not even recommend lifting weight or using too many stairs in the first trimester, so massage is an out of question activity. The second and third trimester is the ideal time to take massages, but make sure that your masseuse is aware of all the risk and focal points in a body of a pregnant woman. In the later months of pregnancy, the baby develops and settles in a comfortable position, which reduces the risks of miscarriage. You can take a massage and sooth your body and improve the range of motion.

Five ways to Massage a Pregnant Woman

All the massage techniques cannot be applied on an expectant mom. You have to make sure that you sooth her body without making any hard pressures. You have to keep your hands soft yet comforting. Following are the five best ways to massage a pregnant woman. If you cannot hire professional services, then you can learn these tips with your partner and massage your pregnant wife.

Learn the Right Position

There are only a few positions which make a woman comfortable while she is pregnant. You have to learn those positions. A woman becomes irritant and annoyed in pregnancy; make sure you are not the cause behind it. Giving a massage on a sofa, bed or anything soft may not have a great effect. You have to learn floor techniques. Use pillows to support her back and belly. You also have to put the right pillows for neck and spine support. Placing a pillow between the legs has proved to be a great remedy for leg aches.

Kneeling Techniques

If a pregnant lady kneels by the bed with her shoulders getting support from the bed, you can massage her back and shoulders. It will relieve all the pressure from her belly and soften the back and shoulder muscles. You can use pillows under the knees to avoid discomfort from the floor.

Massaging the Neck

Neck has a lot of pressure points. You can start to massage at the nape of the neck and keep massaging till the hips. Massaging the neck increases the blood flow, and the baby gets all the energy he/she wants without draining his/her mother.

Massaging the Legs

Legs are bearing all the weight of a pregnant woman. They get tired very soon. To alleviate tired legs, you can use small circular motions beginning at the foot and going up to the buttocks. It will reduce the swelling in legs.

Massaging the Head

A lot of people find massaging the head as a useless thing. But, it is not. You can use any hair oil to massage the scalp. It reduces the tension and improves the blood flow.

Video on How to Massage a Pregnant Woman at Home

This is back massage technique. Please be extra careful when your hands are on lower back.

You must know all the complications associated with your pregnancy before you take a massage. If you have complications, you must avoid all kinds of massages. Your therapist is just like your health practitioner. Do not hesitate to talk to her; tell her all you know about your pregnancy. It will enable her to understand your massage requirements and the precautions she must take while massaging you.


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      A regular body massage us definitely not safe for pregnant women. That is why the post talks about the safe method of body massage. It is not really the pressure massage.

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    I am 6 months pregnant. My baby bump is pretty big than expected and I feel like having body massage everyday but as I told by doctor that its not safe. I wish I could have it.

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