Marvellous Names of Goddess Durga for Baby Girls


Rare Names of Goddess Durga in Sanskrit

Goddess Durga, also known as Adi Parashakti in Hinduism, symbolizes power, feminine and positive energy and courage. Here we have carefully listed short yet powerful names of Goddess Durga. These rare Durga names for baby girls have been selected from the auspicious 1000 names /Sahasranam of the Goddess. These names may help you provide your little angel with positive and inspiring personality traits like the Divine Shakti, Goddess Durga.

Selected Names of Goddess Durga from Sahasranam

Aindri ऐन्द्री

ॐ ऐन्द्रयै नमः।
Om Aindrayai Namah! The name Aindri has multiple origins. In French, a similar sounding name Andree means the warrior, which can also be related to the Indian warrior goddess Durga. In Hindu culture, the name addresses to the deity Indra. It is a Mesha rashi name and signifies the power.

Aneka अनेका

ॐ अनेकायै नमः।
Goddess Durga is in all the forms Om Anekai Namah!
Anek signifies multiple things or many things. The name refers to the various forms / avatar of the Goddess..

Araga अरागा

ॐ अरागायै नमः। Om Aragayai Namah! There is another version of Goddess Durga which is calm and kind. The name Araga signifies a personality which is cool and calm. The name goes well with the person with immense patience and management capacity.

Araja अरजा

ॐ अरजायै नमः।
Om Arajai Namah! The literal meaning of Araja is clean/spotless or dustless. The name is used as an epithet for Goddess Durga who is free of all the negative traits.

दक्षा Daksha

ॐ दक्षायै नमः।
Daksha means someone skilled or able. It’s a Goddess Durga name which also means earth. It also signifies a sole or clever or wise person.

Dhatri धात्री

ॐ धात्र्यै नमः।
Someone who creates or a mother is called as Dhatri. The name signifies earth and Goddess Durga.

Dhira धीरा

ॐ धीरायै नमः।
Om Dhirayai Namah! A girl with a fighting spirit and unbeatable fearlessness makes her parents proud. The name Dhira signifies the undying fighting spirit or bravery that persists. It’s a unique Dhanu rashi name for Hindu girls.

Eka एका

ॐ एकायै नमः।
Eka means one or someone alone. It’s a Goddess Durga epithet which indicates the traits like uniqueness and matchlessness.

Ikara इकारा

ॐ इकारायै नमः।
Om Ikarayai Namah! It is a Vrushabh rashi Hindu unisex name. The name is mainly used for girls. Ikara signifies a personality that controls others or possesses the capability of controlling the people around them. It also means the letter or sound ‘i’.

कराला Karala

ॐ करालायै नमः।
The name reflects a powerful personality who causes fear or terror. The name is used to refer to Goddess Durga who is a fear to all the evil in the universe. It also means cleaving asunder.

कादम्बरी Kadambari

ॐ कादम्बर्यै नमः।
Kadambari is the liquor that is spiritual i.e. which connects someone to the divine energies. Goddess Durga goes by this name. Kadambari also signifies the Indian cuckoo or Kokila.

रतिः Ratih / Rati

ॐ रतये नमः।
Rati is an auspicious and popular Goddess Durga name which literally means affection, love, pleasure or delight.

Kayastha कायस्था

ॐ कायस्थायै नमः।
Kayatha means holy basil or Indian Gooseberry. The name also refers to the supreme spirit which also suggests Goddess Durga’s personality. Kayasth is a cast in Hindu culture.

Kshiva क्षीवा

ॐ क्षीवायै नमः।
Om Kshivayai Namah! The name signifies the fierce form of Goddess Durga or Kali with their tongue out. It’s the form of the powerful goddess taken in order to eliminate all the negativity and evil around. The name simply means eject from the mouth.

Kshudha क्षुधा

ॐ क्षुधायै नमः।
Om Kshudhai Namah! Kshudha is hunger in Sanskrit. It’s also a mystical name of letter Y.

महिषी Mahishi

ॐ महिष्यै नमः।
It’s a kind of female bird too. The name also suggests a woman of high rank or wife of the king (queen). (Mahishi also mean a female buffalo.)

Nasa नासा

ॐ नासायै नमः।
The name is related to one of the human senses. Nasa means nose.

Niriha निरीहा

ॐ निरीहायै नमः। Om Nirihayai Namah! Well, the name sounds negative in the first place with meanings like steady and motionless. Someone with no desire is also called Niriha. The name can also be given to a girl who is simple and gentle. It’s a popular name of Goddess Durga.

नित्या Nitya

ॐ नित्यायै नमः।
Nitya means every day or eternal or everlasting. Something which is constant like a sea or ocean. The name also means indigenous.

Shreni श्रेणी

ॐ सुश्रोण्यै नमः।
Om Shronyai Namah! Shreni is a Sanskrit origin name for Hindu girls. It means the highest class. It also means constellation. It is an auspicious name related to Maa Durga. Shreni name belongs to Kumbha rashi and Sathabisham Nakshatra.

Tamasi तामसी

ॐ तामस्यै नमः।
Om Tamasyai Namah! The feminine superpowers awake in the night or dark to eradicate the evil species around. The name Tamasi belongs to Tula rashi and means the night or dark or illusion.

Trayi त्रयी

ॐ त्रय्यै नमः।
Om Trayyai Namah! Trayi is a Tula Rashi Hindu girl name which signifies the collection of three Vedas. The name also means intellect. Venus is the controlling planet for this name.

Shari शारी

ॐ शार्यै नमः।
Om Sharyai Namah! A girl who is sweet and fast as an arrow can conquer the world. The name Sharya means an arrow. A person with the name Sharya usually excels in all the walks of life. Sharya also means the night. There are many Hindu feminine names sounding similar to Sharya including Shreya, Shiriya and, Shaurya.

Srini सृणि

ॐ सृणये नमः।
Om Srinaye Namah! It is a beautiful and powerful feminine name belonging to Mesh and Kumbha rashi. The name Srini mainly signifies beauty and night. Saturn is the dominant planet for this name.

वरदा Varada

ॐ वरदायै नमः।
The name is derived from the Sanskrit word, Vardaan which means a boon or blessing. It means a young woman or granting a boon.

वीरा Vira

ॐ वीरायै नमः।
Vira or Vir is a brave/courageous person. The name refers to Goddess Durga who is the bravest Goddess.

Vishikha विशिखा

ॐ विशिखायै नमः।
Om Vishikhayai Namah! The name signifies a person who is direct or blunt in her speech and uses the words that are not sharp or harsh. It’s one of the auspicious names of Goddess Durga. Vishikha also means passage. The name sounds similar to the name Vishakha which means a star or a Nakshatra.

Vibhra / Vibhrama विभ्रमा

ॐ विभ्रमायै नमः।
Om Vibhramayai Namah! It’s one of the several impactful names of Goddess Durga. Vibhra means beauty or elegance. Sometimes, there is a powerful and explosive character hidden behind a beautiful personality which comes out to fight the odd or evil. Vibhra also signifies an illusion.
The warrior goddess in the Hindu faith, Durga is known for her supreme power and victories over many evil mythological characters including Mahishasura.
The Hindu community celebrates nine grand days, also known as Navaratri every year worshipping the warrior goddess Durga. Goddess Durga is the symbol of positive energy and power. Nowadays, every parent wants their little angel to grow as a brave, confident, independent and powerful girl. All these traits belong to Goddess Durga.
Above suggested unique and marvellous Durga names for baby girls can be considered for your baby’s naming event. If you have some more powerful and uncommon Goddess Durga names that can adorn our curated list, please mention those in the comments.
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    • Sapana

      Hi Aarti,
      Here are some names inspired by Goddess Durga 1000 names which will suit a house.
      अरज Dustless ॐ अरजायै नमः।
      अद्रित Durga is Daughter of the mountain: अद्रितनया
      अराग Cool ॐ अरागायै नमः।
      शुभाय Auspicious ॐ शुभायै नमः।
      सरयु Wind ॐ सरय्वै नमः।
      Most of Durga’s names are of aggressive meaning which won’t much suit a house. Other names are too difficult to pronounce or common. Like सर्वमङ्गल

    • Sapana

      Eka or Ekah is a very positively meaningful name
      In Sanskrit, Ekah means: Ceremony or Religious Festival Lasting One Day
      And, Eka means The one, The prime.
      It is also related to a name of Goddess Durga: ॐ एकायै नमः।

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