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How to Make Quilt from Used Baby Clothes?

As your baby grows, all the cute clothes which you bought for her become of no use over few months of time. Because baby grows very rapidly specially in first year and the clothes which you bought for her when she was 1 month old, now no longer would fit her after just 3 months period.
Mothers won’t throw away these clothes maybe due to they are going to have another child so they might save it for them or maybe give it away to someone who had a new born.
But usually now a days in India people do not reuse baby’s clothes as you want to buy everything new for your second little one. But some of the clothes have lot of memories attached to your baby’s loads of clothes which you might not give it away. Maybe it is the outfit your baby worn for the first time or when the baby took the first walking step. Giving these memories away is not an easy thing to do.
So wouldn’t it be a nice idea to take all these clothes and make something interesting from it instead of just keeping it. To cherish all the beautiful memories of your baby you can make a baby quilt or blanket using all the old clothes of your baby. Maybe you can call it a “Memory Quilt” because it will have all the memories of the baby in one single blanket.
To make this blanket or quilt you can take all types of clothes which your baby can’t fit into. It can be clothes from early new born days or maybe the most recent ones.

Things you will need to get started:
• Old baby clothes
• 4 inch cardboard square
• Marker Pen
• Scissor
• Soft Fabric material.

Step 1: Cut out a 4 inch square using cardboard which will be used for correct measurements while cutting pieces from baby clothes.

Step 2: Place the cardboard piece on the baby cloth and using marker pen draw an outline of the square.

Step 3: Use the scissor to cut the outline marked cloth. Make sure you cut a little extra cloth because you will be stitching the cloth. So extra cloth would be needed.

Step 4: Depending on size of the blanket you want to make, cut as many pieces you want.

Step 5: Once you have all the pieces, put them in straight line, depending upon the length of the blanket.
making quilt
Step 6: Start stitching the clothes, it is not very hard as all the clothes needs to be stitched in straight line.

Step 7: Get a soft fabric from market to use at the back of the quilt to cover all the stitches.

That’s it! You have a baby quilt which has all the beautiful memories stitched together in one nice cozy blanket. Don’t get scared away from this if you don’t know how to use sewing machine, it is very simple as you only have to stitch the cloth in straight line and if you wish you can even fill it with Polly cotton. Still if you are not able to do it, maybe your mother or your close relative knows how to do it and they would be happy to help you with the project or any tailor can stitch it for you quickly.

There is no limit for creativity here. You can make more beautiful quilt by cutting different shapes of baby clothes and may be stitching the whole dress as it is on a big used baby-blanket.

flag quilt

Heart Quilt

whole dress quilt



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    This is SOOO cool!
    Although my kids are older, I still have their tiny baby clothes that I can’t part with.
    This would be such a great way to reduce the storage, while keeping those items that are dear to me.
    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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