Lovely Unique Turkish Baby Girls Names


Turkish Baby Girls Names with Meaning

The Turkish names for girls are very unique and leave a long-lasting impact. These names are usually in their complete form. The naming of newborns is usually done on special occasions in Turkey. These names often reflect the character of the child.

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Short and Trendy Turkish Baby Girl Names


In Persian context, the name refers to the moonlight. While in Hebrew, it means an Oak Tree.


It’s a beautiful feminine name which signifies the soothing moon stream or the name is used to compare a person with moon.


The name Aysun signifies a person whose aesthetic beauty resembles that of a moon or as captivating as moon.


The name reflects the color of peace, white. It means something very white which can also be related to the skin’s tone.


It’s a name which sounds mellifluous and reflects a healthy food, unripe almonds (popular food in Turkey)


Damla means a drop of water or rain.


Someone with good etiquettes or manners can be called as Eda.


The name is related to the culture and food in Turkey. It means to harvest.


Esen means something gentle or pleasing like a wind.


Gaye is a very positive feminine name which motivates children to set goals or keep big ambitions. It literally means goal.


The name gives a refreshing feeling as it means a flower bud. The name is suitable for a beautiful baby girl.


The name Kiraz is stylish, unique and tempting as it signifies cherry.


Be it her soft skin, soft cushions or soft toys; the name is completely apt for a baby girl’s small world as it literally means soft.


The name reflects a feminine characteristic. It means timid or shy.


It’s a positive name which means affection or love.


Sevil comes from the Turkish word Sev which signifies affection and hence the name means a loved person.


It’s a popular Turkish name. The word tulle means a beautiful meshwork and hence the name signifies something which is as fragile or delicate as tulle. It also compares one’s beauty with moon.


The perfect or ideal personality which inspires everyone.


One with the superior level of beauty or the most beautiful.


The name refers to a beautiful green plant called Clover.


Ziynet signifies addition to the elegance or beauty with ornaments.
The Turkish names sometimes reflect a person’s characteristics or parents’ feelings or an ancestor whom the whole family keeps alive in the memories. These names are an amalgamation of ethnicity and contemporary trends.

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