Lovely Turkish Baby Boy Names


Turkish Baby Boy Names with Meaning

The Turkish baby names reflect an amalgamation of Asian and European cultures. Turkish names usually exist as complete or full name form. Usually, they are gender-oriented. However, there are many cute and uncommon unisex names available as well in this wonderful naming system. Below are some unique and meaningful Turkish names for baby boys that can help you dive into the history as well as the contemporary time simultaneously.

Unique Turkish Baby Boy Names

beautiful baby boy


Altan means a beautiful red dawn which creates a picturesque image of nature’s beauty in front of the eyes.


The name presents an image of a powerful and giant structure. In Turkish context, the name means a Lion. Yes, all The Chronicles of Narnia movies fans love this name.


Aydin means a wise/smart or enlightened personality.


The name has something to do with celebration and elation. In Turkish, the name means a festival.


The name signifies an oath or commitment which has not been made casually, rather done in a solid manner.


Bora reflects something furious or unknown. It literally means a stranger, a person from another nation or a furious hurricane.


Devrim is a male name but it’s often used as an unisex name. It means a big change or a revolution. It can be a revolution of thoughts, trends, technology or anything.


Doruk is associated with a huge figure like. It means the top of a mountain.


Emin is a short, cute and trendy name. It means someone you can count on or trust.


The name reflects a selection of options or a variety. It literally means vast.


Enver is a modern name which means a beautiful radiance. The name can be associated with the ray of hope or positivity.


A pure soul or a saint is often known as Eren in Turkish culture.


The name sounds as if it has an Islamic influence. But actually it’s a Turkish-origin name which means a suitable or good place for crossing.


The name signifies a Godman or a divine personality who belong to the sky.


The very first of anything is called Ilkin in Turkish. It’s a unique name with appositive meaning.


When separated, the name splits into two parts, Kor, which means Emberand Ay which means moon.


The name signifies beauty and power at the same time. It means a handsome and a brave personality like Lions.


The name is associated with literature and poetry. Ozan signifies a bard or a poet.


Be it standing against the odds or standing tall against an enemy, Ozan signifies a war scenario.


Sometimes the last one in a group is praised as he has survived all the odds and challenges. Soner means the last man.


The name signifies a height. Taylan usually means a tall person in Turkish.


It’s a unique male name which means armour for safety, or a helmet.


The name reflects a flight with freedom. Turgay means a bird, usually a North American bird called Lark.


Ulvi refers to an elevated position. It means high; be it morally, economically or socially.


As the name itself suggests that it means a volcano, it refers to something furious and powerful.


Yavuz refers to an expression. It means grim or stern.


Yigit signifies boldness or bravery. It’s a characteristic of a great personality.


Zeki is a beautiful Turkish baby boy name which means a wise/smart or an intelligent person.
The Turkish names have Islamic, European and Asian influences and hence they sound unique and impactful. The above names reflect positive things and great characteristics of a male in the Turkish context. If the beautiful culture fascinates you, these names can help you explore it in a better way.

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