Lovely Pregnancy Quotes from Husband to Wife


Pregnancy Quotes with Messages from Husband to Wife

Sometimes the love filed messages work better than a bouquet full of fresh roses or a happy song for welcoming a new member to the family. Words have tremendous power and the quotes simply describe a situation in short. Here are some inspiring husband to wife pregnancy quotes that fit perfectly in the ecstatic situation.

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Things to Say to Your Pregnant Wife

I became a father when you said you are pregnant

Being a father is the most beautiful thing in life. The tag got attached to me since the day you gave me the good news. I realized how wonderful the relationships are and how joyful are the responsibilities associated with parenthood.

You introduced me to LOVE

I don’t know on which planet I existed before I met you. The definition of love was totally different to me and the day I met you, I knew the true meaning of love.

My smiles are constant my beloved since you delighted me with your pregnancy news

It feels like a rebirth since you gave me the best surprise of my life by telling me about your pregnancy. I feel like being on the seventh heaven forgetting all my worries and past. My smiles are getting bigger every day and I have started loving the person in the mirror than ever.

Only you could have given me another awesome like me!

Just like you understand me and my world, you would understand the needs of our child and impart precious values and life lessons to him/her in the most apposite of ways to make him/her a vibrant person!

My dear love, gather all your strength to handle another version of me!

I know how much I bother and irritate you at times. But honey, our child is going to be another version of me! So pull up your socks and brace yourself for another bundle of mischief like me! Trust me, you are the only one who can handle both of us!

You are not alone in this, my love!

Like the joys of parenthood are shared by both of us, the responsibilities of our child too would be shared between the two of us. I will be there in every way you and he/she would need me.

With you by my side my world was beautiful, with our baby in it, it would be glorious!

pregnancy quotes with you in my life
A lovely person like you beautified my world in amazing ways with unparalleled love, care and warmth; our child would make it splendid and special with his/ her presence.

May our baby be like you in almost all the ways, but don’t mind it to be like me in some!

I want our child to have your lovely qualities and become a wonderful, unique person like you in almost every which way. But I also want him/her to have some of my idiosyncrasies and craziness!

Our child will bring out the best of us, and be the best of both of us!

Not only will our child bring out the best of our qualities as a parent and as a person, but will also have the best of our traits, characteristics, and features. Our child will be have the best from both of us in every possible way to be an unequalled individual.

You made me a better me, our child will make me my best!

best of me pregnancy quote
With you in my life I realized how worthy and valuable it is and strove to be a better man; with our child in it I will endeavor to be a more responsible person and a deserving father who can be someone he/ she will look up to.

Let the world brace itself for another me!

The world is all set to welcome our child who will be an upgraded, ameliorated, and enhanced version of me. Our child will make the best of all that he/she has to become a vivacious human like me!

A super-glue for our already solid bond is on its way!

Our strong love engendered our baby and our baby will make our sacred ties even stronger and firmer. With our baby in our world, our bond and love will be inviolable.

For being the husband of someone so divine, God is sending me a gift from the heaven!

gift from heaven pregnancy quotes
You are an ethereal person and our baby taking birth from you womb is God’s elysian gift to me! I hope you realize how precious you are for me just as I wish you could see what our baby means to me!

Being my wife was the gift I ever had but being the mom of my children is a blessing.

You entered my life and brought vibrant colors to it. The happiness in my life and the grace on my face is because of you. You are not just the best wife one can have but the best momma as well. With you my life is beautiful and the future of my children secured.

The world can never measure the amount of love in my heart for you my love. The beats of my heart only recognize you as you are the closest to them.

Everything in this world will fade except my love for you. I don’t have to yell and show my love to the world as no one will understand it. It’s only you who understands the sign language of my heart.

A change is going to happen in our life

A life without you is not worth living. You came and I realized how beautiful the life is. But, it is going to change with the arrival of a new member. The change will definitely be positive, hopeful and joyful. The empty spaces in our rooms will be filled with the toys and the colorless corners of our life will be painted with bright colors. We need love and blessings to celebrate this ecstatic phase of our life.

A baby will make your life worth living

The joy of welcoming the new little member to the family can’t be described in a couple of words. Holding the baby for the first time can make you forget your past and hope for a bright future. No matter how many long nights you spend with your baby, how much you add to your expenses for the little one, how many shabby clothes you count because of him or how short you find your days being with him; at the end of the day you will always find your home happier than ever and your life worth living.

I can’t wait anymore to meet the new member who is a part of both of us

You complete me and I complete you but the new member who is going to enter our life is gonna complete both of us. After all, he is a little bit of you and little bit of me.
Waiting for the surprises is not a relationship is all about but making every moment surprising and beautiful is what drives this bond. A pregnant woman goes through a lot of pain, emotions and struggle and nothing can share these things. But, if you can bring in some great husband wife quotes ideas when she is expecting a baby, wonders can happen. The above pregnancy quote ideas can shower the life with happiness and positivism along with strengthening the relationship.


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