Lovely Baby Birth Announcement Messages: With Graphics


Uncommon Messages of Announcing Newborn in Family and Friends

It’s a boy! Or it’s a girl! Are you still stuck in that archaic age where people announce their newborns like this? You waited for nine long months to hold that magical petite thing in your hands and you may not let that sparkling moment pass like ordinary ones. Here are some wonderful baby birth announcement messages to make your day special.

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Adorable Short Birth Announcement Messages (UNISEX)

So Little But So Big!

What can those tiny feet do? What can those unopened eyes do? Well, they can offer the biggest joy of becoming a parent and the biggest hope to live the life to the fullest.

The Journey from Two to Three

Someone spelled magic on our monotonous life and suddenly it became full of colors. The two-wheeler life just turned into a grand three-wheeler and the happiness will endure, maybe; we proudly announce that we are now proud parents of a graceful baby.

Just Got the Best Gift of Our Life

A big space at home is now filled with yawns and sighs. We just got the best gift of our life wrapped in hundreds of emotions. A wonderful baby is born to us and it feels like a rebirth.

Louder Nights and Brighter Days

Gone are the days when silence used to rule our rooms for hours. Now days seem brighter and nights sound louder than ever since a little member just entered our family.

The Little Bug Demands a Hug

It feels like reliving our childhood with toys, diapers and milk bottles around. Sometimes loud cries while sometimes the silent whispers; the little bub speaks a magical language which is difficult to understand but a sheer pleasure to hear.

Something Unique (Baby Boy Special)

baby boy announcement card main

Welcome Our Lion

Our world is no more the same. Dreams have come true and our world feels like Zion. It’s time relish the bundle of joy. It’s time to welcome our lion.

Finally Meeting My Rockstar

A star that is shinier than the stars sparkling in the sky has finally come to me and making my dream come true. I am holding the little star in my hands and watching this maudlin situation, the heaven is smiling like never before.

The Rainbow of 8 Colors

Our marriage was like a rainbow with vibrant colors and so much fun. One more color now got added to that rainbow; we are blessed with a charming son.
baby boy announcement card

King of My Heart

There’s no more fear to lose whatever I earned. Let all the wealth get blended with the clart. Because, just his smile is enough; he is the king of my heart.

baby boy announcement card 1

The Sporty Guest

Too many torn diapers in the room! Some are in good shape but thrown on the floor. Welcome my handsome and sporty guest who is giving the whole family an extraordinary joy. Oops! Forgot to mention, it’s a boy.

Sharing the New Wonder with the World (Baby Girl Special)

baby girl announcement card main

Straight from the Heaven

Time has suddenly started running fast. Just a moment ago it was nine, then ten and now eleven. It’s because we just welcomed an angel straight from the heaven.

The Pink Toes

You are the best thing happened to us. Oh my gosh! Your toes are so pink that we can’t even blink. You are beautiful, you are the reason to love life.

baby girl announcement card 2

Here’s Our Secret

Sorry for smiling so much. Sorry for being on cloud nine. Sorry for forgetting the whole world for a moment. But, don’t you wanna know the secret behind all these things? We just discovered the biggest treasure of life. Here comes our princess.

baby girl announcement card 1

Ready for Her Tantrums

Bangles are ready, so are the toy drums. It’s a girl and we are all set to handle her tantrums.

Our World is Now Complete

Our lifestyle is going to change its beat. Sour things are gonna taste sweet. She came and the family expanded by two feet. We are proudly saying, our world is now complete.
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