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Recommended Baby Products for New Parents in India

As a new momma, you can’t handle everything single-handedly like a superwoman. Indian moms are very much caring and concerned about the comfort and needs of the newborn. The lack of manpower and smart baby care accessories can make them befuddled. What to do and what not to do become the major questions. Here is a smart list of innovative accessories or products for babies that can help the new moms breathe a sigh of relief.
These also make useful gifts for New Born Indian Babies
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10 Baby Items Which Make New Mom’s Life Easier


Humidifier is a must-have in a baby’s room. When essential oils like Lavender, cedar wood, sandalwood, cinnamon leaf and some others are added in the humidifier, the baby’s skin remains soft and blemish-free and a shield from common cold is created around him. Humidifiers keep the room temperature normal as well.
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Mosquito Net

The mosquito repellent liquids are not healthy for the baby. Use the chemicals free methods to keep mosquitos away from your little one. The easy-to-use and portable and foldable mosquito net can easily fit the mom and the baby and make the breastfeeding experience hassle-free. It’s a great product for travel as well.

Knee Pads

Now a days in India, most of houses have marble/granite floorings which are not recommended for knee n heels health of adults, so imagine the effect of it on baby’s delicate knees. The pressure it puts in developing bones of baby is harmful. Also the knee injuries due to slippery flooring are the most common ones in babies. These knee pads are protective n anti-slippery, they make the crawling experience easy for the babies and saves them from knee rashes and cuts. The dots present on the knee pads ensure safety of your kid from a slippery or rough surface. These pads are stylish and useful.

No Touch Thermometer

Babies hate something cold in their mouth or underarms when they are irritated due to fever or illness. The no touch thermometer is a blessing for the moms who often face problems while using a traditional or digital thermometer to check the temperature of their active child. The no touch thermometer works on the infrared energy emission principle. It detects the infrared energy coming out of the targeted object and mentions its temperature. The best thing is you can also measure the temperature of your baby’s milk or water using the product.
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Nasal Aspirator

Congestion is a common problem in newborns and babies. The nasal aspirator helps to bestow her baby a peaceful sleep with a clean nose. It is an good-to-have accessory for climatic changes.

Baby Booster Seat

I used Baby Booster Seats for both of my sons, its super useful. These seats are portable, You can carry them to restaurants or any outing. These are better than the high chairs as they consume less space and also they fit literally anywhere. On your dinning chairs, on floor. The tray attached is helpful for baby led weaning i.e. you can train your child to have the food by himself. When baby grows up you can simply remove the trays which is anyways removable for easy cleaning, and use as a booster to let your child enjoy the same sitting like an adult in family.
Many moms find it difficult to feed the baby on a table or on the lap. The portable feeding tray is a great product that can be used for a hassle-free indoor and outdoor feeding experience. The quality of Fisher Price products is excellent.

Oball Baby Ball

Tired of hearing your crying baby? Why not get him this cool soft bendable ball? This specially designed baby baby’s motor skill booster ball, will keep him engaged for a long time and the soft body of the ball takes care of his safety. The ball not just caters to your baby’s playing needs but also boosts his brain and develops the motor skills in him.

Compact Bath Sheet

Washing the baby in the basin? Well, the compact bath sheet doesn’t make the idea sound weird anymore. The sheet is a great relief to the pressurized knees of the Indian moms who like to give their babies a bath in their laps. The compact sheet makes the baby’s bathing experience easy and wonderful. It is lightweight, foldable and doesn’t consume much space. You can use this mat to bath your baby on your folded laps which is most comfortable baby bathing style in India.
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Waterproof Crawl and Play Mat

Washing your baby’s dirty mats can be traumatic at times. He can paint it with the water colors or leave the stain of his lunch on the mat. He can do more creative works on his mat or the area around him which can add to your cleaning duration. The easy-to-wash waterproof mats can offer you a sigh of relief. The mats won’t be affected by the fluids or dark stains. You can also carry the mat while travelling.
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Parenting is not at all a piece of cake. The job demands physical and mental activeness all the time. These modern and useful accessories make life easier for the new moms and buy them some valuable time every day saving them from extra efforts. When safety and functionality come at a reasonable cost for your baby, there is no reason to say no to these awesome products.


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