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Constipation in Babies: Remedies and Causes

Infants look cute while smiling, playing and laughing. But the unpleasant digestion problems take this happiness away from the child so you, as a parent, should monitor it carefully. Constipation is babies is a common issues. Many times babies of age 3-4 months also get constipation even when on exclusive breastfeeding.
The bowel movements in the newborn varies depending on the age or what the mother is eating(In case of breastfeeding). In case of babies older than 6 months who are on solid diet have more chances of constipation due to less liquid intake and less fibrous foods in diet.
Let’s have a look for the infant constipation relief tips to end and avoid the problem.

How to Treat Constipation in Babies with Safe Home Remedies?

Breastfed Babies

The Mother should intake Healthy Diet: Be sure you are eating healthy foods like green vegetables, spinach, and nutritious eatables. Drink enough water too. Everything a mother take may affect the child she is feeding. The healthy diet will keep your newborn healthy.
Avoid Changes: Avoid feeding the solid to the baby if she is too little as breastfed babies cannot tolerate the solid food in the beginning. You can start with the juice and cereals instead. Also, try not to feed her with the formula milk as switching the milk is always tough and can prevent the bowel movements.

Formula-fed Infants

Avoid different type of formulas: Make sure you are giving same and healthy formula milk to the baby. Changing between the formulas is tough to adapt by the infants so do not quickly change the types and brands of the formula.
Maintain the required consistency: Add the exact amount of water as directed on the package.
Avoid too thick or lactose-free formula if it is affecting the infant adversely.

Solid Eaters

Keep feeding enough water and limited milk:
If your child is having this problem with the bowel movements, it is advised to give them enough water for proper hydration. Do not feed too much milk. If you are feeding light foods like cereals then replace rice with barley cereal.
Prune Juice and Water:
If your little kid does not pass the proper bowel movement or if passing the dry and hard stools, prune juice or prune water is the best way to relieve the infant from constipation. It works as a wonder but better is to ask your doctor before doing so, as the introduction to new taste may make the problem even worse.
Iron Rich Foods:
You should increase the iron rich foods as the first step to avoid the supplements.
After consulting with baby’s pediatrician: Add the iron supplement drops to the water in very less proportion can prevent constipation.
Be very careful because feeding more iron may cause this problem instead of stopping it.
Dark corn syrup:
The complex sugar proteins, which keep the water in bowel movements, are found in the dark corn syrup. Medical experts advised adding ¼ to 1 teaspoon syrup in the milk. It is better to keep the amount lowest in the beginning.

Foods Solid Eaters OR Breastfeeding Mothers Should Eat

1. Apple Juice: Please note Applesauce causes the constipation but the apple juice will help loosening the stool. Feed apple juice twice a day to the constipating baby.
apple juice
2. Greens: Increase the intake of greens especially the Spinach. Spinach puree is best.
3. Healthy “P”s: Pears, Peaches, Plums, Peas and Prunes make stools softer.
Prunes are the first to try.
4. Apricots
5. Oatmealoats

Foods To be Avoided by Solid Eaters And Breastfeeding Mothers

1. Bananas
2. AppleSauce
3. Rice / Rice cereal
4. Oily/Junk Foods
5. Potatoes
6. Pasta, Bakery Products
7. Yogurt/Cheese/Milk

Exercises and Body Massage for Infant Constipation Relief

There are some exercises which are effective baby constipation remedies. The tummy massage are the most efficient among these exercises. The warm bath is also suggested by medical professionals to relieve the child.
Bicycle Legs: – This helps to relive gassy and constipated babies.

Massage for Constipated babies:

What Causes Constipation in Babies?

The reasons are different according to the age of the baby. Lets see what are the common reasons of constipation

Exclusively Breastfed Babies

Mother’s Diet: Exclusive breastfed babies are completely dependent on their mothers. What she eats, drinks or do, affects the baby too. So, to lower the chances of constipation, the mother should not intake the unhealthy foods such as junk foods, oily foods, and bakery cooked foods. These are hard to digest and can affect the bowel movements of your infant.
Introduction to Formula milk or solid food: If your newborn is completely on breastfeeding, introduction to formula or some solid food may constipate him or her. If it happens, avoid the change for a week or two.

Formula-fed Infants

formula fed
Feeding different types of formula milk: Formula fed babies are at more risk than the exclusively breastfed babies. Switching between formulas, using lactose-free or thickened formula can make your child constipated.
Insufficient Fluid: If your baby is not getting enough fluid from the formula fed milk, it may lead to constipation. The colon will suck the water from the waste forming in the body, making the water-deprived stools.

Solid Eaters

solids eaters
Unfamiliar Surroundings:
A newborn may feel uncomfortable with the new or unknown surroundings. Due to this, they may face problems in bowel movements. Also, if they are busy playing and ignore going to toilet. These conditions may lead to constipation.
Feeding Excessive Dairy Products:
Some infants cannot tolerate the high amount of proteins in the cow milk, which develops constipation problem in them. You should avoid feeding dairy products to such kids for at least 2 weeks.
Dehydration: The lack of water may cause this problem. You should prevent the dehydration in the infant’s body, thus causing constipation relief. Feeding water and fruit juice regularly are beneficial.
Illness or Bad Health: If the baby is ill, constipation may come with it. Though it has remedies to cure and is less probable but medical treatment becomes necessary at such times.
Change from formula milk to breast milk or vice-versa: If the child is used to of the breastfeeding and you are feeding them with formula milk, or vice-versa, then it is reasonable to cause the problem as changing the milk is not easy for the little bodies. It affects their metabolism.
Imbalanced Diet
Many times parents feed too much of fat rich foods to babies. The fat rich will not get digested if the dietary fibers are not present in the diet. When you feed only Lentils/Meat/Rice, make sure you also feed vegetable soups, salads and fruits to your baby.

As you know most of the causes so it is now easy to prevent infant constipation and provide her with a big relief.
Finally, you must know the baby constipation remedies to tackle the problem and make the baby smile again. Here we go!

How to Know If Baby is having Constipations?

The infants, while experiencing painful constipation, might cry or arch their backs or tighten the buttocks. This way you will come to know about the “newborn constipation” which is necessary for taking any action.

We hope that these baby constipation remedies work well on your baby. So say bye-bye to sad newborn faces and stay blessed!


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