Knee Pain During Pregnancy: How to Deal?


How to Avoid Knee Pain During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is the most special moments of every woman’s life. When it comes to first pregnancy, it seems more exciting. Not merely the pregnant woman even the whole family seem happy when they get to know about it. Due to pregnancy, several hormonal changes take place that becomes a reason of joint or knee pain during pregnancy.
During the whole pregnancy period, you have to pass a package of pains, awkwardness, discomfort, stress, irritation and much more. Not merely every single woman goes through each and every problem even most of them experience the knee pain in first-time pregnancy.
Knee pain during pregnancy is the common problem what maximum women complaint after completing their third trimester. It doesn’t a matter that you have suffered from knee pain previously or not. Although the frequency of knee pain during pregnancy can be distinct from woman to woman. Some feels discomfort while some faces severe pain. The difference can also incumbent on the injury occurred in past. Knee pain is such a side effect of the women during the pregnancy.

Reasons of Knee Pain in Pregnancy

During the pregnancy period, a woman passes through various phases of hormonal changes and this affects the women not merely mentally even physically. Well, several reasons can cause knee pain during pregnancy that seems annoying and creates an irritation in the women. So, let’s have a look on those crucial reasons of Knee pain in Pregnancy:
Hormonal Changes: The hormonal changes are one of the reasons to knee pain when a woman gets pregnant.
Strain on Veins: Pregnancy increases the strain or pressure on your veins.
Weight Gain: Gaining weight is a natural process during the pregnancy, it happens itself and this naturally puts strain on your knees especially in the case of the first baby.
Excess Workout: Excess exercise is one of the other reasons of knee pain in pregnancy. Squatting during pregnancy is very beneficial but it also weakens the knees so the knee strengthening exercises must be performed after squatting.
Excess Day Out: Following the excess day out due to the job can harm your body and most commonly your joints or knees.
Stress: Stress is also an important factor that generates the knee pain during pregnancy.
Squatting Problem: Increased squatting as you can’t bend is also a serious reason.
Changed Point of Gravity: Changed point of gravity because of extra or continue activity during the pregnancy put an unbalanced pressure on your knees.
Swelling: Swelling on ankles and sometimes even on the upper part of ankles, fingers etc.
Back Discomfort: Back discomfort and pain due to changing of gravity point.
Calcium Deficiency: Calcium deficiency that comes in the lack of healthy or precise food also becomes a reason to knee pain.

How to Avoid Knee Pain During Pregnancy

1) During pregnancy, when the centre of gravity shifts, a woman needs to do some necessary body stretches and exercises to avoid the pain and of course the proper rest.
2) Do not bend or stand for long time. Do not sit on floor with folded legs, It puts strain on your knees.
3) Use Sports shoes or Orthopedic Footwear.
4) Use the knee braces while exercising or walking.
knee support
5) Do the Knee strengthening stretches which are safe for pregnant women.

Effects of Weak Knees on Your Rest of Life

The knee pain what occurs during the pregnancy must be treated for better health. If you don’t take it seriously or treat it at the same time, you will have to suffer from the weak knees during the old age. To avoid the knee surgeries in old age which are quite common you must strengthen your knees in young age.

How to Treat Knee Pain in Pregnancy?

Usually, knee pain in women is considered of two types: first one comes from the previous injury that typically needs a medical treatment and another one comes during the pregnancy. So, how to treat the knee pain in pregnancy?
Some natural treatments are given below to treat the knee pain:
• Knee strengthening exercises can help you out in treating the knee pain
• Placing an ice pack or heating pad on your joints gives some relief.
• Include herbal supplements and omega-3s rich food in your daily diet (after consulting doctor)
• Taking plenty of rest and sleep with feet up is also helpful
• Don’t put on excess weight
• Sustain the balancing of calcium in your body

With the use of these above simple strategies, one can reduce the level of knee pain. If the pain becomes severe, you need to consult a doctor because knee pain during pregnancy can trouble you in your old age as well as when you reduce weight after the delivery. So, this requires having strong knees.


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