Kids Growth Hormone Deficiency: Which Doctor to Consult?


Which Doctor to Consult For Kids Height Issues?

Children’s growth depends on the growth hormone production by the pituitary gland. When this gland is somehow damaged or inefficient to produce enough growth hormones, kids suffer from poor growth issues.
Endocrinology is the branch of medical science which studies the hormonal issues and system of the human body.
Please Note: This is a study-based post by a non-medical professional, and should not be treated as a medical advice. I am sharing this information from my study, research and experience.

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Who is a Paediatric Endocrinologist?

Paediatric Endocrinologists are primary physicians that usually deal with puberty, hormonal growth issues, diabetes and some other hormonal and gland related issues. Paediatric Endocrinologists are trained differently from adult Endocrinologists. The majorly deal with childhood and teenage growth issues. Their training includes medical school training, paediatric residency and then fellowship programme. They treat a selection of childhood and teenage issues like obesity, growth hormone deficiency, puberty issues, thyroid gland issues, diabetes, and fall in blood sugar level and some more. Paediatric Endocrinologists are usually found in children hospitals, community hospitals and some other places. So, it’s better to approach a Paediatric Endocrinologist in the first place for endocrine disorders.

What Does A Paediatric Endocrinologist Consult About?

Sometimes your child is not capable of attaining the normal growth as expected at his/her age which MAY be because of the insufficient production of growth hormones. Till 2 years, the normal growth of kids is around 2 inches. If a child is not able to attain this growth and is suffering from a short stature, paediatric Endocrinologist is the right person to consult with. Usually, a paediatric Endocrinologist examines a child, analyses his and family his family’s medical history and may ask to perform blood tests to check hormone levels. They also do diagnosis for juvenile diabetes. They also consult about the gland disorders and hormonal imbalances that may affect your child’s growth and health.
The most popular paediatric Endocrinologist I know is Dr. Waman Khadilkar from Pune (also visits hospitals in Mumbai). He is the Governing council member of Paediatric & Adolescent Endocrinology chapter of Indian Academy of Paediatrics. Read more about Doctor Khadilkar:
Please note every child is unique and they may achieve their milestones at different times hence it is not fair to compare your kids growth rate with others of his age. Also Hormonal deficiency though major but is only one of possible causes of growth issues.


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