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School Appropriate English Hip Hop Dance Songs for Kids

Parents or teachers often find it difficult to choose the dancing songs for the kids. Some songs are not meant for the kids while some can’t comply with the easy choreography. The below list can definitely give a sense of relief to the teachers as well as the parents as they are easy to choreograph, school appropriate, kids friendly lyrics and even the simple steps can leave a great impact.

Pop Songs for Little Kids to Dance on

Pharrell Williams – Happy

The song has some really meaningful lyrics that describe the good times in the life and inspires the kids to stay happy no matter what. The tempo of the music is perfect for the kids. They can easily catch the beats and groove confidently on the stage. The song is apt for an annual or special school function.

Silentó – Watch Me

The song is witty, motivating and specially created for the kids. The kids who feel shy to shake a leg for the first time in front of a group of folks can definitely find the song inspiring. It’s a playful song with short and simple lyrics. Your kid won’t have to follow difficult steps to dance to this amazing song.

Meghan Trainor – Better When I’m Dancin’

Does your kid believe he got the moves to show everyone? This wonderful dance song by Meghan Trainor is really motivating. The song got a great tempo and rhythm. The vocals of the song are soothing and the lyrics teach to come out of the mist and show some craziness and fun to the world forgetting everything. The song conveys a message that no matter how the kids are at home, school or outside; they are always better when they’re dancing.

Mark Ronson – Uptown Funk ft. Bruno Mars

The song not only makes the kids groove but spells magic on the youth and mature folks as well. Uptown Funk is one of the most viewed and cherished songs on the internet. The song recreates the magical music of the 80’s. The moves and vocals of Bruno Mars are adorable as usual. Uptown Funk is a great pick for kids dancing events and birthday parties.

Shakira – Waka Waka

The magical voice of sizzling Shakira not just gave a new height to the FIFA World Cup 2010 but ruled millions of hearts with its impact. It’s a pure dancing song which is very addictive. The song is for enthusiastic kids. The lyrics of the song pump up the listeners and teach them about the fighting spirit and talks about the showtime. The lines “When you fall get up, oh oh If you fall get up, eh eh” really boost up the confidence in the kids.


The song doesn’t need an introduction or highlight. It broke all the records and made YouTube make a change in its view limit count. The song by Park Jae-sang is completely crazy, funny and enthusiastic. The beats are too fascinating and kids find the song irresistible. You will definitely love your kid grooving on such an amazing dance song.

Sara Bareilles – Brave

The world embraces the brave while overlooks the weak. The song perfectly boosts the confidence of the belittled, defeated and timid people. Kids may surely find this song inspiring. The song generates an energy which reaches every heart and makes them stir their stumps.

Beyoncé – Single Ladies

Beyonce is a popular singer and her songs always have meaningful lyrics and some great beats. The song basically defines a move-on scenario for the heartbroken ladies but it’s a great pick for the small girls events as well. The song is fast, groovy and magical. Put the song in a loop and your daughter will never get enough of it.
Do you find your kid graceful while he/she shakes a leg? Kids dancing on the stage are a treat to the eyes of the parents but do you know dancing can improve your kid’s stamina, flexibility and strength? Dancing is not just about moves and grace. When you choose a dance song for your kid, you must ask yourself that whether the lyrics, rhythm or vocals in the song is going to help your kid. The above list of easy to dance English pop songs for kids that you can consider.

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