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The main reason breastfeeding moms are given kheer in India, is it’s made of milk. So, it’s a good source of calcium, it’s watery and so easy to digest. And, the main ingredients are either galactogogues or very health and energy boosters like Alasi, Dates, Whole wheat or nuts etc.
When I was breastfeeding my kids, I used to have Aliv/Alsee kheer in evening and Dates Kheer as first food in morning. I had Wheat + Almond kheer once in a while as energy booster.
I personally believe that breastfeeding moms must have such kheer/Kanji/porridges and liquid diet more as they are good for the baby and the mom. A new mom gets tired eating bland and simple food so kheers/soups are better to gulp. 😀

3 Kheer Recipes for Nursing Moms

Aliv/Halim/Alsee kheer/ Garden Cress Seeds Porridge

aliv kheer
Alsee is a good source of iron, folic acid fiber and Vit A and E also C,K. These seeds help absorb iron in body. There are 2 ways of taking Aleev/Alsee: Ideally, you should soak them in water overnight, boil it in milk with sugar/jiggery and have the gooey kheer. Please note its very gooey and difficult to chew. If you give up on texture, then roast these seeds and ground them to powder. Keep this in a air tight container. Boil this powder with milk and add sugar or jiggery.

Dates Kheer

date porridge
Dates are rich in vitamins, protein and calcium. It is one of those highly preferred foods for new moms that are considered good for bone health. Here is a whole article dedicated to why new moms should have dates: Read here
Dates kheer is the easiest to make. Just boil the dates in the milk and have it. I use Kimia data as they are pulpy and tasty. If you want a shortcut then add date syrup to hot milk and have it. But, getting 100% original date syrup is difficult.

3. Lapsi

Lapsi is broken wheat or dalia. It’s full of fibers and easy-to-digest. It’s highly recommended for breastfeeding moms. The number of calories in Lapsi is low and hence it’s a great food for a new mom and bigger babies who can eat solid foods. Pressure cook Lapsi and dry fruits (preferred ones) and have it as it is or you may also grind it in to a paste using all these ingredients. Add the paste to a sauce pan and add Jaggery syrup or liquid jaggery to it and cook for a while. You can also add ghee on the top after cooking.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In many cases the milk is spoiled if you add jaggery or date to it while boiling. So to avoid that, boil the milk with other ingredients and when you stop the heat, add the jaggery/dates.

The more frequently a new mom breastfeeds a baby, the more energy she requires during the day. Apart from the regular nutrition, she needs extra calories to stay energized and hence produce adequate amount of breast milk. Iron, calcium and protein are the main elements that are needed in the diet of a breastfeeding mom. Ingredients like dates, lapsi and alsee in milk act like the powerhouse of energy plus they create a great taste as well. The above recipes are great intakes that keep a nursing mom and the baby healthy.


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