Islamic Names for Babies Born on Friday


Beautiful Muslim Baby Names for Baby Girl and Boy born on Friday

Friday, also known as Jumah, is considered a very auspicious day of the week for Muslims. It is the day of congregation, a sacred day of worship in Islam. So, the birth of babies born on this day is considered quite significant and lucky. If your child is born on Friday, here’s our list of top suggested Muslim baby names for babies born on Jumah.

Nine Prestigious Muslim Names for Friday Born Babies

Babies born on the best day of the week deserve names like these nine elegant names. With these hand-picked names for Friday born Muslim babies, we wish you all the best to finally put a seal on one.

Jumah جمعة

What could be better than Jumah itself if you are looking for one of the most appropriate Friday born baby names? After all, Jumah means Friday in Arabic and is such a virtuous day for Muslims. Friday is regarded as a super special day of the week and so is your child’s name, right?

Zuhr زُهْر

Zuhr is a beautiful and tiny name which is not only quick to pronounce but also sounds aesthetic. Its meaning is radiant, luminous and brilliant. Zuhr is a good name for a child born on Friday in Islam because the Friday congregational prayer takes place in the Zuhr prayer.

Salah صَلَاح

Salah is another exclusive Muslim name for Friday born babies as the Friday prayer has huge significance amongst Muslims. Salah comes from the Persian language and means faithfulness and purity. Salah, which is another name for Namaz, is an essential holy duty for every Muslim.

Asfa أَصْفى

We really love short and rare names and certainly believe that Asfa is one of them. Belonging to the Arabic roots, Asfa means purest and is one of the best Islamic names for babies born on Friday. Who wouldn’t want to name their child after purity when he/she is born on a Friday?

Uswah اسوہ

Uswah means sample, example, and light. Born on this sacred day, a child is not only lucky but also dashes the remembrance of Allah. We think Uswah is just the right name to make your child an example of truth, purity, and piousness.

Ijtema اجتماع

As rare as it sounds, Ijtema is a common word in the Arabic language meaning “gathering”. It is actually derived after an Arabic verb and denotes gathering of groups of people to talk about and worship Allah. What could be better than this name if you are looking for something exceptional as well as worthy?

Khutbah خطبة

Khutbah is one of the most important elements of the Friday congregational prayer. It is performed formally on every Jumah prayer to convey the teachings of Islam. It is a common Arabic word for all Muslims but is very rare as an Islamic baby name. For us, it is an appealing and very spiritual name.

Taqwa تقوى

Taqwa is another very meaningful and sensible Friday baby name as it is highly related to the Islamic belief. It is an Arabic term meaning “conscious of Allah”. Taqwa is an integral part of the Jumah congregational salah. What do you think about this royal-sounding name?

Qunut قنوت

As soon as you pronounce Qunut, doesn’t it feel very impressive and majestic? To us, it certainly does. Qunut is an Arabic term which refers to the obedient act of standing. In accordance with Prayer, its meaning denotes devotion to Allah.
There are many Islamic names for babies born on Friday but the best ones are those which convey a particular purpose related to the Jumah prayer. We hope you found it easier to settle for a name for your child through this list. Children born on Friday are too lucky to be given beautiful and eloquent names like these.
No compulsion, you can choose them for your child even if they are not born on Friday. What eventually matters is the meaning, sound, and popularity of a name. Don’t forget to let us know what your thoughts on these names are. We would love to hear back from you so that we can curate another interesting list soon.


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