Islamic Girl Names With R That You have never heard before


Contemporary Baby Names Beginning with Letter R

Letter R as the initial of a baby girl’s name gives the parents hundreds of exquisite options to experiment with. Arabic names are a beautiful blend of spiritual as well as cultural heritage and both of them are distinctly visible in each name. If you are a modern parent supporting individuality and self-expression, I am sure you would want to go with the latest trends to sound cool but still adhere to the Islamic roots.

“Islamic Girl Names from R” Perfect for the Modern Society

Tired of skimming baby name books with hundreds of baby names from R and still got no help? We are here to take the load off your shoulders so that you can get selective baby name suggestions beginning with the letter R. Here are a few Arabic (and religious) Islamic girl names with verified meanings and origins that would add a modern flair to your daughter’s persona.

Rabab رَبَاب

If I had a baby girl, I wanted to give her a floral name like Rubab but I had a boy and the wish was left unfulfilled. Later that year, Rubab almost got viral and everyone started naming their daughters the same. Rabab, which gives a modern twist to Rubab, is another sparkling gem that can steal millions of hearts. In Arabic, Rabab means a white cloud and is a very blissful name since it signifies rain. However, Rabab in Persian means a musical instrument and this is why Afghani Rabab is every music artist’s favorite.

Ramish رامش

Ramish is an interesting Persian baby girl name meaning happiness. It seems like a modern variation of the common name “Rimsha” but both the names do not share any kind of similarity in the meanings. This exotic name would make a nice pick for all Muslim girls as its meaning commemorates joy, and can eventually illuminate your baby’s future.

Ramzia رمزية

Islam encourages all the Muslims to speak good or else, remain silent. Ramzia means reserved and quiet in Arabic which according to Islamic tradition, is considered modest as compared to speaking a bad word. By selecting a name like Ramzia, you can show the signs of being a faithful Muslim. Since Ramzia has been derived by the word “Ramz”, it is a suitable Islamic girl name for babies born in Ramzan (or Ramadan).

Ranya رَانِيَة

Names that end with “anya” add a touch of grace and femininity. Don’t they? Ranya is a tantalizing Arabic name that means winner or victor. Ranya also means someone with a loving gaze. Both meanings are very eloquent and appreciating. Ranya is yet to fall in the category of top 100 Islamic girl names of 2020 and will get your child among the stars! Sophisticated, chic and worldly, that’s what Ranya is.

Ranin رنين

I am sure you haven’t heard Ranin around you since it has just started arising as a baby girl name nowadays. Ranin, which can also be spelled as Raneen, is a name that surpasses all the standards of a stylish baby name. It means tinkle or resonance in Arabic and is a lively name to go with. With a child cooing and squealing all day long adds a euphonic element to every parent’s life. Why not choose a name that relates to it?

Razanah رَزَانَة

Not only this name gives calm and peaceful vibes, but it also means the same. The name Razanah is a gorgeous girl name of Arabic origins meaning dignity and composure. Calm baby names not only embrace good virtues in children but also instill the habit of patience in them. By selecting an endearing and uncommon baby name like Razanah, you can reinforce the feeling of composure and peace in your child.

Riham رِهَام

Riham is another unheard and rare name in this list of Muslim girl names with R. Just in case you don’t understand Arabic script for the pronunciation, pronounce the “i” voice very softly and lay emphasis on the “a” sound. Basically, call your daughter Rihaam, not Reeham or Reehaam. Riham means light rain in Arabic and is a very pure name to honor the natural world.

Rohina روهينا

As soon as I hear Rohina, I imagine the traits of superstardom. Rohina is one of those modern Persian baby names that is unheard as well as delightful. It means a beautiful item/ornament made up of steel, adorned with jewels. Rohina can have a chock full of stylish nicknames, Ro being one. Just hearing this name sends me into a reverie of gentle breeze over the sea.

Rozhin روزهين

With Rozhin, comes my first Kurdish girl name suggestion. It means radiant or glowing like sunlight. Rozhin sounds romantic and feminine, perfect to suit any baby girl since babies are the epitome of radiance. Basically, this name refers to light and will inspire your daughter throughout all the sunlit paths in her life. Do you also find “light baby names” joyful and hopeful like me?

Roofah روفة

Roofah is an adorable name suitable for baby girls that means affectionate in the Arabic language. Not only it sounds modern and classic but also soothing and uncommon. Since babies are affectionate to everyone, this name would suit your bundle of joy perfectly. In a world full of corruption and hatred, let’s add more love with Roofah.

Stay Ahead of the Trends With These Girl Names Starting With R

Arabic is a treasure chest of beautiful names and letter R adds more elegance on the top. With these top ten unheard and rare baby girl names starting with R, we hope we could narrow down your search. We hope you liked these names and will be able to finalize any one of them. We are here for you if you need any further assistance. Don’t forget to provide your feedback by writing your comments below.


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