Latest Islamic Baby Boy Names Starting with N


Rare and Modern Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting with Letter N

As a parent, my approach for modern baby naming remains pretty simple – short, evocative and unheard. While I was selecting the ultimate name for my son, I had shortlisted the letters A, N, and Y. To be very honest, I could get a lot of new options from A but I had to do a lot of hard work and research to pick out some catchy and meaningful names from N and Y.
Now that my son’s name is decided from letter A, I still have that list with me. So, I thought it would be a good idea to share my curation of the top 10 names from letter N for Muslim Baby Boys. We’ll later do an exciting list of baby boy names starting from letter Y as well.

10 Significant Arabic Baby Boy Names from Letter N

Nabhan نَبْهَان

Nabhan is such a new and unique name amongst Indian parents but its popularity is no less. Although it is an Arabic name, it is quite in demand by people belonging to different religions and cultures too. It means vigilant, sharp-eyed or aware. Overall, the meaning relates to very attentive characteristics and sounds pretty decent too.
When you pronounce Nabhan, please make sure to lay a soft emphasis between “Nab” and “Han”. Did you know that there is a very famous ecologist and nature writer called Gary Paul Nabhan in the United States? Wow! Your child’s name is also celebrated across the world.

Nabit نَابِت

Nabit is another uncommon name in this list but you would find a lot of abbreviations called NABIT over the internet. Enough famous, no? Nabit means “to sprout” and is also used to denote a small new plant in Arabic language. This little delicate name is a very exquisite pick for sensitive newborn babies. How would you rate Nabit if you had to choose one between nice, worth a try, very boring, interesting, and unique?

Nafal نَفَل

I have heard of Nofal a lot of times but Nafal is indeed a new one according to me. Just in case, you might guess, Nafal is very related and actually derived from “nafl” which in Arabic means, a voluntary good deed. If you are a true follower of Allah and try to gain extra benefits by offering various voluntary prayers and good deeds, I am pretty sure you would love to be one step ahead in this name-game.

Nahran نَهْران

One of my mom’s cousin named her son Nahran which I was very exhilarated to hear. I instantly Googled it and loved its popularity. Nahran basically means rivers in Arabic and has been derived from Nahar but it is also the name of a place in Iran. As soon as I pronounce Nahran, I feel like whispering something very classic and soothing. What did you envisage when you read Nahran? Is it worth a try for you, my adventurous friends?

Nahwan نَهْوَان

The name Nahwan came into popularity after Nahwan Nur came into the limelight but it is actually a very old name belonging to original Arabic roots. The name Nahwan is a pleasant name for baby boys and means intelligent. Your son would be known as charm and glamour with brains if you select this unique name for him.

Nehyan نَهْيَان

Although all names in this list are pretty eloquent and meaningful, I love what Nehyan means, the most. It instantly creates such a positive image in my mind that I cannot think of any name other than this. Nehyan is just the right name if you are someone who is very just and takes stand for what’s right.
This Arabic name has been mentioned in the Quran a lot of times to denote someone who discourages his fellows from doing bad deeds. On the other hand, it also means to reach the height of astuteness. What I love even more about this name is its popularity as the current President of the UAE belongs to the Al-Nehyan family.

Nawafil نَوَافِلc

Nawafil is actually a form of Nafal as both names are inspired by Nafl. If just in case you are a little skeptical about Nafal, what about Nawafil? Both the names mean “voluntary good deeds”. Not only that, when you name a child Nawafil, you are actually contributing one step ahead in inspiring people to do extra good deeds without being mandatory in Islam. Your child is certainly a gift from Allah. Don’t you think naming him Nawafil would be like gifting Allah something back?

Nayel نائل

Nayel is a very smart pick for parents who love short and trendy names. Its pronunciation is the same as the ever-famous river “Nile”. Nayel can have a number of spellings as per your liking. What’s important is how you call it. It means brave, winner and a gift from Allah to someone. Nayel also has a lot of other meanings such as a finder or achiever.

Nazzar نَظَّار

Am I wrong if I say that Nazzar is a very new name? I think probably not. Nazzar means an observer and has been derived by the Arabic term “Nazar”. It is another name denoting to personality virtues like sharpness and attentiveness. I really find it intriguing and recommend it to all the new parents out there.

Nuwair نُوَيْر

Nuwair belongs to the Arabic roots from which a lot of Muslim baby names have been derived. These roots basically denote Nur and the names hence formed, somewhere relate to light. Nuwair also means light and radiance but is a new name in this category. It also denotes a little flower. Radiance and brilliance are one of those great qualities we all look for individuals in work and personal life. Naming your baby Nuwair will help him stand out amongst the crowd one day.

There’s a lot more to Rare and Stylish Muslim Baby Names…
I really loved how this entire list turned out and hope you will find it useful as well. Please don’t forget to leave your feedback below so that we can work out on another unheard and classic list for baby names in 2020. What more letters would you like me to include in my series of exclusive Muslim names? I promise I’ll make a comeback with another bang-on collection!


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