Is Zumba Dance Workout Safe For My Knees?


Can Zumba Lead to Serious Knee Injuries?

Not just the world but nowadays Zumba has gained immense popularity not only in the metro cities but even other smaller cities. Zumba workout is a fun way to lose calories. Usually Zumba workout is done in a group to keep the motivation levels high & making exercise feel effortless. However if your knees are likely to give up soon, doing Zumba workout may result in some real serious injuries.

So Why are Indian Women Prone to Knee Injuries?

Women are prone to get knee injuries as their wider hips exert extra pressure on the joints & ligaments get weaker due to female hormones. While these are mainly the reasons behind weak knees of women, during pregnancy & lactation period, the calcium gets sucked out of woman’s body making it more prone to such injuries.

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How to Avoid Knee Injuries?

Taking calcium rich diet is a must & it should not start after or during pregnancy but it should form an integral part of every girl’s diet since the beginning. We Indians love our carbs and forget the other components or the other components are almost in a miniscule percentage in our diet. We need to understand the importance of balanced diet & especially calcium & protein rich diet as they provide building blocks to our body.

Regular exercise is a must for all the women folks especially knee friendly exercises to strengthen the knees so that child bearing becomes easier later.

Understanding your Knees

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The knee is a joint of three bones: Tibia/shinbone, Femur/thighbone and Patella/Kneecap. Two pads of crescent shape called as meniscus, placed between shinbone and thighbone. They work as cushions between the bones, They absorb shock during leg movement. Then there are 2 sets of ligaments which help keep all the three bones in place & aligned

Do I Need Knee Exercises if I Work Out Hard?

A mom (especially Indian Mommy) wakes up after few years of delivery and straight away jumps into doing heavy exercises, Is it safe? Certainly not. First of all your knees need strengthening and putting a lot of stress is going to harm them. So first of all after delivery in few months’ time, start knee and back strengthening exercises first.

How Zumba can Harm My Knees?

Zumba or Power Yoga or aerobatics actually challenge your knee strength. Also practicing without careful observation or guidance can lead to serious knee damage. Doctors say, our body is made for running than these recent hard work outs! Zumba involves rapid moving, side by side,
lot of pivoting, swiveling on tows etc. It can lead to torquing i.e. your toes and knees pointing in different directions. While doing a Zumba workout, you are prone to torquing and if you do not take care it may turn chronic.
Indian moms usually have extra fat on the tummy and buttocks, which again pressurizes the knees further.

How to Take Care of your Knees If you Work Out Zumba?

1. First of all strengthen your knees starting from pregnancy and breastfeeding.
2. Use proper shoes: Don’t use running shoes. Buy shoes which are meant for Zumba workout.
shoes for zumba
3. Use knee braces: This is safe way to protect your knees from extra stress.
knee support
3. Start and stick to beginner’s stage unless you gain confidence and do not feel pain in knee.
4. Don’t follow frequent rapid movements which can lead to torquing.
5. Go for regular bone health checkup.
6. Maintain Calcium rich food: An Indian mother needs calcium like nobody else. If you want to workout like that Sexy Western Instructors on Youtube then surely you got to eat like them!

Hope this information was useful to you in keeping your knees pain-free while doing the Zumba workout. Make your workouts a great fun & not a reason to cry in pain.


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    eye opening article. I want to share this with my friends who are neglecting this point while chasing quick weight loss

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    I totally agree, the zumba moves are not made for weak knees. If you are overweight then you should not actually do zumba.

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