Is Your Home Safe for Your Baby?


Have You Prepared Your Home to be Safe for Your Toddler?

Babies less than 4 years old are prone to unintentional injuries caused at home as per the statistics hence before your babies grows & learn to crawl & explore things on her own, it is the time for you to do some real good preparations in making your home child safe. Though mothers constantly watch over their babies but it is not really humanly possible to keep a constant vigil all around. There are certain simple things that you can do to make your home child proof.

Install Safety Grills

Nowadays most of the flats come with big windows which pose threat to small toddlers. To prevent unintentional accidents from happening, it is best to get the safety grills installed.

Check the Water Temperature

Always ensure that your geyser temperature is set to 120 F so that the water flowing in the tub or the bucket doesn’t burn the baby.

Take Care while Bathing

Always ensure that the baby is never left unattended in the bathtub as most of the accidents happen in bathtub or big buckets.

Secure all the Electrical Sockets

You can either buy a cover to block electrical sockets to prevent your child from tampering or else you can use a strong adhesive tape to do so. Without forgetting, keep your mobile & laptop chargers away after charging. Even if they are on power off mode and still inside sockets, they can cause mishaps as reported in many cases.


Use a soft padding on the doors so that they do not close on your child’s fingers & will also prevent the door from shutting as well.


Secure all the door knobs leading to unsafe areas like balcony or washing area or bathrooms by using knob covers or best by keeping them locked.

Lock up Washing Agents & Acid

These cleaning agents should never be near & around the periphery of your child’s movement area. They should be locked in some safe place away like in the dry areas or on top shelf of your bathroom.

Smoke & Fire Detectors

Nowadays due to fire & safety norms have become stricter & most of the new flats have smoke & fire detectors but in case you do not have them, please get them installed. Also install water sprinklers so that in any untoward episode of fire, it can immediately be put off by the sprinklers.

Install Safety Gates

If you have open kitchen or stairways, make sure that you have safety gates installed to prevent child from getting into kitchen or climbing up/down the stairs as it may cause serious injuries to the child, if left unattended.

No Soft Toys in the Crib

Please ensure that there are no soft toys or soft bedding in the crib as it may cause asphyxiation during the sleep.

Pest Control

Keep pests at bay and opt for good pest control service, which is not harmful for the babies and others at home.

Keep Fire Extinguisher Handy

Keep a small fire extinguisher as it is handy to put off small fire, if at all they occur.

Secure Table Corners

You will get good table corner padding in your nearest store. Ensure that all the sharp edges are secured so that they do not cause any sort of injury to the child.

Refrigerators & Wardrobes

Keep your refrigerators & wardrobes locked to avoid any mishaps from occurring. Sometimes toddlers, out of curiosity, climb into the wardrobes & refrigerators & get locked in. This can lead to big disasters, so keep them locked always.

Show Pieces & Artifacts

It is better to keep them locked in a carton unless the child really learns about not to touch them or take them. Keeping them within the reach can harm the child.
Keeping your little naughty toddlers safe in your home is of utmost importance. Hope you find these tips useful. Do let us know if you have any more to add.


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