Is Turmeric Milk Safe During Pregnancy?


Milk with Turmeric for Cold in Pregnancy

According to Ayurveda, Turmeric + Milk cures cold and throat itching. But as you may know, Ayurveda also counts turmeric as body heat inducer.
Hence, question is, is it safe for pregnant women?
Just like any safe or safe-in-moderation food for pregnant women suggested by modern science, is good in moderation. So same goes for turmeric milk, SAFE when taken in moderation.
Once in a while OR when you have cold or feeling unwell, just a glass of milk (After getting green signal from your doctor) should be safe.
Avoid taking it daily or even several times a week.
According to, high doses of turmeric could stimulate the uterus. It could increase the risk of miscarriage.
In Indian food, we already use turmeric daily so that amount is perfect to gain its health benefits
Below are the general health benefits of turmeric and notes for pregnant women:

Health Benefits of Turmeric for Pregnant Women

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Great Antioxidant

Fruits and vegetables and some herbal elements like Turmeric that are good antioxidants provide sufficient oxygen supply to the fetus and they are good for the health of the mom and the baby. High cholesterol is also dangerous for pregnant women and turmeric milk helps to control the LDL level in the body.

Rich Source of Vitamin C

Turmeric is a good sources of Vitamin C (26mg/100gm). Among the essential dietary elements that are suggested for a pregnant woman, Vit C rich foods are there. As per a study, a pregnant woman can have approx. 85 mg of Vit C every day in her diet. Vitamin C rich foods like Turmeric boost the production of collagen for normal growth of the cells. Vitamin C is also helpful in boosting the immunity.

Bioactive Compounds

Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties, anti-bacterial properties, antiseptic properties etc. Curcumin is one of the important bioactive compounds present in Turmeric which also prevents the cells around the uterus from growing abnormally. Also, Curcumin also protects a pregnant woman from developing a tumour in her uterus.

Improves Immunity

Turmeric is a great immunity booster. Pregnant women are often vulnerable to many health issues as their immunity is lower and body is weaker.

Good for Liver and Blood

Turmeric is an effective blood purifier. Turmeric milk detoxifies the body and hence boosts the health. Turmeric milk also promotes digestion and improves the function of the liver.
A pregnant woman needs many nutrients in her diet and needs a healthy lifestyle for a safe and hassle-free pregnancy. Turmeric contains many essential minerals like Iron, potassium, calcium, zinc, magnesium, copper and to name a few. A carefully taken balanced amount of turmeric is indeed helpful for pregnant women. It cures a range of diseases naturally and saves a to-be mom from various infections. You can also use a balanced amount of turmeric as a spice in many recipes during pregnancy.

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