Is Tamarind Healthy for Pregnant Women?


Can I eat Tamarind during Pregnancy?

Salt, sugar, sour or may be some other tastes – pregnancy may make you crave for any food item. Most of the time, you will crave for sour ones like tamarind. It is well-known fruit, known for satisfying cravings during pregnancy. Almost every Indian woman eats tamarind in their pregnancy period.

Actually, the nauseous feel makes you crave for sour things. You will need such tangy tastes to change the mood and suppress that bad feeling.

Eating tamarind may be your demand for the time but you must be willing to know whether it is safe for your baby or not. Reading down, you will get to know about the benefits of tamarind will automatically answer all your questions like –

Should I eat tamarind or not?

How much tamarind is safe to eat?

Is moderate amount fine?

What happens on exceeding the limit?

To begin with, it’s better to understand what tamarind is.

Tamarind is a fruit which grows in a pod. Its pulp is very sour in taste. Many pregnant women eat it during pregnancy at its taste tantalizes taste buds. It has so many medicinal and nutritional properties which make it unique and healthy for the expecting mother.

Eating Tamarind during Pregnancy – Good or Bad?

tamarind health benefits
It is believed that tamarind is safe to consume during pregnancy. You can eat it but consulting with your doctor is a good idea if any discomfort comes in effect. For example, if you are allergic to it, it may cause issues. Or, if you are eating tamarind in an excessive amount, it affects adversely. Otherwise, it is beneficial for you and your baby.

Good for Blood

Tamarind consists of iron in a large amount, which is good for your health. Iron is a much-needed substance in pregnancy as more blood should be produced. It is helpful for anemic mother especially. It is believed that deficiency of iron causes premature birth and low birth weight of baby – Tamarind can prevent it.

Niacin Content

Tamarind is rich in niacin, an important element for your pregnancy period. It is helpful in the formation of healthy digestive system or skin of your unborn baby. So, intake of tamarind daily is good for you and your baby.

Help in Relieving Pregnancy Symptoms

Tamarinds have amazing medicinal properties to heal constipation and other problems, which are common in pregnancy. Being rich in fibers, it also helps to reduce weight gain during pregnancy. It happens due to filling property of fibers which keeps you away from unwanted munching. Tamarind also cures nauseous feeling which usually occurs during pregnancy. Eating it suppress the release of vomiting.

Common Cold

When you have Common Cold or similar problems, you can eat tamarind as it cures cold and other pregnancy symptoms.

Rich in Vitamin and Minerals

Tamarind is rich in vitamin C and K, which has antioxidant properties. It helps to remove free radicals from the body. As you know, accumulation of free radicals in the body is harmful (if you don’t know – it’s cancer-causing) for both mother and baby – tamarind is a great help.

Lowering Blood Sugar

During pregnancy, chances of gestational diabetes increase. Eating tamarind helps in lowering blood sugar level. So, in case you have a family history of diabetes, you must get your blood sugar checked (and of course, start consuming tamarinds).

The only things to keep in mind, while eating tamarind during pregnancy are – eat it in limit and avoid it if you are allergic. Otherwise, Tamarind is absolutely healthy food for you and your baby.


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