Is Saffron Safe During Pregnancy?


Can Saffron Improve Fairness of My baby?

First of all, please note, no food has any proven effect on the skin complexion of a baby. Though Ayurveda believes that Saffron milk can improve the fairness of a baby; medical science considers it as a myth.

Is Saffron Safe for Pregnant Women?

Well, in general, Saffron is a healthy herb and from ancient times, Indian Women are been drinking Saffron milk during pregnancy.
It is safe.
It is a stigma of a crocus which flowers in autumn. It is the costliest and one of the most demanded spices in the world.
But please note, this expensive herb is also known for adding to the body’s heat (According to Ayurveda) so, please go easy on it.

Health benefits of Saffron for expectant women


Helps in Digestion

As the fetus develops, the digestion tract comes under a certain pressure and hence gas and constipation occur during pregnancy. The digestive system requires proper blood flow in this case and saffron perfectly helps in the work.

Control over the Mood Swings

During pregnancy, mood swings are pretty common as your hormones are changing. You may often become depressed and irritated. Saffron helps as an anti-depressant food and it calms you down.

Goodbye Morning Sickness

From around 6th week of the pregnancy, the expectant women face the symptoms like nausea and vomiting which is also known as morning sickness. The symptoms can show up anytime. Among a selection of saffron milk benefits for pregnant women, a glass of saffron milk or tea will effectively help you deal with this problem.

Takes Cares of Blood Pressure

The common types of blood pressure issues that women develop after pregnancy are Gestational hypertension, chronic hypertension and Preeclampsia. With high blood pressure during pregnancy, various risks are associated. The presence of crocetin and potassium in Kesar or saffron acts as a stimulant and it relaxes the muscles.

Prevents Cardiac Problems

Cardiac problem is a common risk during pregnancy. During this phase, the taste buds become intense and a woman craves high-calorie foods. Due to this, the level of cholesterol increases in the body and hence the cardiac issues are the major risks. Saffron contains potassium, crocetin and some anti-oxidants that balance the level of cholesterol in the body and prevents an expectant woman from cardiac problems.

Helpful in a Peaceful Sleep

Saffron is very effective in relaxing the muscles and nerves and helping in a peaceful sleep.

No More Cramps

The developing fetus forces the bones and muscles to change their position and shape which results in cramps. Saffron acts as a natural pain-killer and helps you get rid of these cramps.

Boosts Iron Level in Body

Many women suffer from iron deficiency during pregnancy. You might have seen the lower level of Haemoglobin during pregnancy. Saffron helps in filling this void as it is an iron-rich food.

Shield against Allergies and Infections

Pregnant women are very much prone to allergies and infections. It boosts your immune system and keeps you healthy.

Prevents Sore Gums

Saffron or Kesar is an effective natural remedy for sore gums during pregnancy. It also works wonder with the sensitivity of the gums. You can use it with your toothpaste or separately for maintaining maximum hygiene.

Healthy Kidneys

Saffron is rich in potassium which is a well-known element for preventing kidney-related diseases.

Fairness Improvement: Is it True?

Indian women keep asking can kesar milk make baby fair? But, I am mentioning it again as it’s nothing but a myth, but a popular one. No scientific study has so far proved this point and hence there is no point in mulling over it.
Thinking about improving fairness of your baby itself is not fair. Right?
Saffron is an amazing tastemaker as well as a healthy food that keeps many diseases and health-related inconveniences at the bay. You can try Saffron milk in pregnancy, tea, soup or other dishes.

Side Effects of Saffron during Pregnancy

Over consumption of saffron may result in uterus contraction and some other issues. So, it’s better to consult your doctor before including this wonderful dietary element to your pregnancy diet regime.


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