Is Pasta Healthy for kids?


Which Pasta Brand in India is the Safest and Healthy?

Kids love Pasta and so do all of us. Every time we eat fresh and yummy pasta, we feel like saying ‘Pasta, Hasta la vista’ so that we can have it again and again. But, this appetizing food is often misunderstood because of the high carbs in it. In fact, eating pasta without knowing the limit is unhealthy and not just this amazing food. So, is pasta healthy for kids? Well, here are some facts that may bust all the myths related to pasta that you are surrounded by.

What is Pasta Made Of?

Pasta is basically noodle made of a mixture of Semolina flour’s (of durum wheat) unleavened dough, salt, water and oil. It also comprises of eggs. Pasta is liked in various countries. Nowadays it is available in different shapes. Whole grain Pasta offer high nutritional benefits but Pasta made of refined wheat lacks various essential nutrients. Some of the popular Pasta types include: Tortellini, Spaghetti, Macaroni and Ravioli.

Nutritional Value of Pasta

Though refined Pasta is quite popular nowadays; Whole grain pasts is the healthiest choice. This type of Pasts contains lesser calories and more fiber. Also, because of rich fiber content, whole grain Pasts helps in keeping full for a longer time in comparison to refined Pasta. Eating whole grain Pasta wont invite diseases like diabetes, obesity and cardiac troubles. Pasta is high in protein and low in starch. Also, since Semolina flour is a rich source of Vit B, Pasta is a healthy food for all ages.

Side Effects of Pasta

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There is a fine line between healthy and unhealthy Pasta; however both are available out there. Commonly available Pasta contains too much of carbohydrate and carbs which makes you prone to diabetes as carbs easily get broken down into glucose in the bloodstream. Also high-carb food cause rise in blood sugar level, obesity and issues with metabolism. Also, Pasta is rich in Gluten, which is harmful to the people having intolerance for Gluten. Some people also suffer from Gluten allergy. The patients suffering from celiac disease must avoid Pasta as it is a big risk to their health.

What to Check When You Buy Pasta?

Nowadays you got oodles of Pasta flavours, types and brands. The more the choices, more are the confusions. Here are some tips to be followed while buying Pasts in a supermarket.
• Prefer whole grain pasts over regular one
• Refined Pasta is not a very healthy choice – look for a similar phrase on the body of the product ‘enriched semolina flour’
• 100% whole grain or wheat Pasts is the right choice
• Prefer reputed brands of Pastas over local ones as they don’t provide accurate nutritional information
• Say No to gluten-rich Pasts if you are allergic to Gluten
• Prefer fresh Pasta and avoid stuffed Pasta

Best Pasta Brands in India

• Borges Penne Rigate Durum Wheat Pasta / Whole Wheat Pasta by Borges
• Disano Elbow Durum Wheat Pasta
• Weikfield Penne Pasta
• Disano Fusilli Durum Wheat Pasta
• Colavita Whole Wheat Pasta

Tips for Parents: For Pasta Loving Kids

If your kid loves Pasta then it becomes a big responsibility to season and cook it properly as it’s about your little one’s happiness. Here are some quick tips to prepare perfect Pasta for the day:
1. Boil sufficient water as Pasta needs enough water and like this they won’t stick together even
2. Don’t use salt or too much of salt while boiling Pasta as some salt get absorbed
3. Rinse the Pasts properly after boiling
4. Cook Pasta thoroughly
5. Avoid giving Pasta too frequently
6. Add vegetables to balance
7. Always check the expiry date of the product in spite of choosing a reputed brand. Storage conditions in India are not always standard
You can try different shapes and flavours for your Pasta recipes. Make sure you are not making this a habit for your kid. Eating too much Pasta is not healthy for your kid’s health. Always try to go for a reputed brand and check every minute details of the product you are going to purchase.

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    Quite an informative post. My son too is a big pasta fan and I try to balance it with veggies but he always leave that at the end 🙂
    Borges is one brand I always trust.

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