Is Mood Swing a Sign of Pregnancy?


Early Pregnancy: Feeling Moody?

Mood swings are one of common signs of early pregnancy as hormonal changes happen. Sometimes, mood swings accompany stress during this phase. Please note that there can be many reasons for mood swings and pregnancy is one of them. Also many women feel mood swings during regular MC.

Reasons for Mood Swings in Pregnant Women

The most obvious answer to what causes mood swings during pregnancy is Hormonal Changes. But, apart from that, psychology also contributes to this issue. These are the two major reasons for mood swings during pregnancy:

1. Hormones

The change in the hormones, especially progesterone and estrogen, undergo significant changes during the first trimester. These changes may happen due to pregnancy, thyroid issue, menopause, PMS and to name a few. The hormonal imbalance impacts the brain and hence women during the early phase of pregnancy experience frequent change in emotions.

2. Psychology

Psychology is also a major reason for mood swings during pregnancy. When you kind of guess before pregnancy test or come to know that a life is residing inside you, many emotions and thoughts make you happy as well as anxious. Sometimes a woman gets stressed thinking about the complications or responsibilities that may occur during the next pregnancy phases. Also, with each trimester, the behaviour of people changes, more or less, when they meet you. This also impacts your psychology.

Dealing with Mood Swings during Pregnancy

It’s obvious that your body will undergo few changes and then many with the phases of pregnancy. Many women find it difficult to get used to with these changes. Before visiting a doctor, there are some tips that will provide you a sense of relief if adhered to.

Enough Rest

Taking enough rest is very important during pregnancy and to avoid mood swings. It’s natural that a pregnant woman may find it difficult to have a sound sleep in the night. The best way to make up for this loss is taking 30 minutes of naps at specific intervals throughout a day. Sufficient sleep helps you stay calm and fresh.

Healthy Diet

Diet plays a vital role during pregnancy. Pregnancy is not about eating too much or eating whatever you love. Though diet will not have great impact on hormonal balance, a balanced diet is the key to avoid healthy issues in pregnancy and hence controlling mood swings and other pregnancy symptoms. Your diet must include vitamins, calcium, protein, iron, magnesium, fiber and other essential nutrients.
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Exercise is related to the functioning of brain. Regular mild workout can improve your mood as the balance of neurotransmitters is maintained. By doing regular workout, your blood circulation will also be good. You can also try Yoga or meditation for the peace of mind and avoid anxiety or stress.

Love Yourself

Sometimes you may feel angry or irritated due to various symptoms of pregnancy but it’s perfectly natural and it’s time to love yourself. Surround yourself with inspiring and positive stuff. You can visit your favorite places, dine out in a good restaurant, do shopping, watch a comedy or entertaining positive movie and so forth. The goal is to embrace the changes and these minor distractions can do wonders.


Meditation during pregnancy helps to keep up your mood and energy level. Hormones will play with you for through out your pregnancy. Deal with them like a calm monk.
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Communicate with Near and Dear Ones

Take a break from your professional life if you are a working woman or get less involved with the household chores if you are a homemaker. Spend some quality time with your spouse, friends or siblings. Just share with them whatever you want to.

When to See a Doctor?

There are some common symptoms during the early phases of pregnancy. If you find your mood swing abnormal or severe or accompanied with some symptoms that are not normal during pregnancy, it’s time to see a doctor.

Involve Your Partner

Never cope with mood swings or other pregnancy symptoms alone. Include your partner in every bright and dark shade of your pregnancy phases. Not only physical but moral support is also required during this time. Consider this time as an opportunity to do your favorite stuff and attend some social gatherings to uplift your mood.


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