Is It Safe To Use Lipstick during Pregnancy?


Lipstick during Pregnancy: What do you need to know

Yes and No
Lipstick is one of those items that always remain present on a woman’s shopping list. But, can you negotiate with your own or the unborn baby’s health just for the sake of relishing the flawless appearance?
You must be aware of the safe and unsafe ingredients of any cosmetic product. Also, you should read the manufacturer’s guide on their website to know if it’s safe for you.

Why Lipstick Brands Use Lead and Other Heavy Metals?

It’s all about making you beautiful and confident. Well, the primary goal of the lipstick makers is to offer a phenomenal grace to your beauty with the help of a fascinating color, shade or texture of a lipstick. Pigments are used to create various colors of the lipsticks and the sources of these pigments are usually the naturally available minerals.

LEAD Contents

You must be knowing that the lead metal has been found in major and popular lipstick products which is harmful to any woman. So, it’s important to know if your brand uses safe levels of ingredients in making lipsticks. Reference
Lead is something humans should totally avoid. Be it a topical use or an oral one. The metal is basically a cumulative toxicant. It usually gets stored in bones and teeth. During pregnancy, lead releases form bone to blood and hence causing a threat to the fetus. The major affected areas due to lead exposure are brain, nervous system, kidney, bones and liver. Pregnant women and the fetus are the most vulnerable to the adverse effects of lead exposure.

Other Harmful Contents in Lipstick

Apart from Lead, lipsticks usually contain the toxic metals like manganese, aluminium, cadmium, copper, chromium, nickel, cobalt and to name a few. Also, some studies show that the darker or glossier a lipstick is, the more contamination it contains. The effect of the huge chemical use in a selection of lipstick brands is very disturbing.

Frequency of Application of Lipstick: Effects on Pregnancy

Some surveys and studies show that the women who apply lipstick once or twice a day are comparatively safer than the women who frequently need a touch-up to sustain the beauty on their lips. It’s important to know that when you frequently apply lipstick, the toxins present in it get absorbed in your tissues and skin. And, it’s natural that you will eat food or drink water, juice or other fluid which will make the toxins to get ingested.

Top Threats to Pregnant Women Applying Unsafe Lipstick

Unsafe Lipstick mentioned above refers to brands which use unsafe ingredients like lead.
• Miscarriage
• Early labor
• Poor development of the baby’s brain, nervous system and kidney
• Poor learning and behavioural issues in the baby
• Poor hormonal changes
• Heart diseases
Lead is easily absorbed in tissues and skin and with time, it gets accumulated in the bones and affects the entire body. So far, no safe level of lead exposure has been mentioned by the experts. So, it’s better to avoid it completely if possible during pregnancy.


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