Is it Safe To Make a 6 Months Old Sit?


Should You Make Your Baby Sit Before She Can Do it On Her Own?

It feels proud and as a triumph to see your baby be seated for the first time. This is another milestone for the baby in terms of attaining control over his/her body. But, is it okay to encourage him/her to sit or let the process be organic?

When my elder son was 3 months old, someone from family told me to make him sit to ease up the burping process. It’s a super easy trick as they real burp if you make them sit. But, I felt it unsafe and asked his paediatrician. This was his doctor’s response: “Please don’t try to make your baby sit. It’s very unsafe to make an infant sit if he/she has not reached a stage where the backbone is ready for the arch. When he can, and when it’s safe, he will sit on his own.” Totally agreed!

Why is it Unsafe to Make an Infant Sit before He can do it on His Own?

Sitting comes to the babies naturally as it is one of the processes on which a baby is self-reliant. When a baby is capable of holding his neck up, usually after he/she starts crawling, he is ready to sit and this phase usually starts when the baby is 8-10 months old(Every baby has her own pace of milestones so please don’t take this as strict age range). Before this phase, it is unsafe to encourage or make a baby sit as his backbone is still under development and not ready to bear any sitting posture. There may be risks of falling since the capability has not yet developed in the baby naturally.

When do Babies Start to Sit?

Most of the babies develop the capability to hold their neck up by 3-4 months of age. Then they will start rolling, then crawling. When a baby turns 8 months old, he will try to sit on his own without any assistance. The babies use their arms to sit by this time which reinforces the strength in their arms and boosts their confidence as well.

How Can I Help My Baby to Sit without Support?

Some parents try games and other activities to help a baby hold his neck upright but doctors don’t encourage such practices. Babies must learn to sit on their own and they do as well after a certain age. Till then, no external effort should be made to help him sit.
Disclaimer: Please note this post is written by a mom who is not a certified medical advisor. The piece of content has been solely created from her personal experience and study of the topic. Any information shared here should not be treated as medical advice.

What are the Other Developments before The Baby Sits?

A newborn usually lies on his tummy and enjoys his tummy time for a while before getting strength in his neck, back muscles and stomach. Once he gets adequate strength in his neck muscle and can hold his head upright, he is ready to crawl. The next set of developments is for the upper back and the lower back. Doctors recommend having enough tummy time for babies that will help the gain core muscle strength. But, lying on the tummy can only be encouraged when the baby is not sleeping. Next stage is crawling. After crawling, with the help of hands, they push themselvesn to rest in the hips i.e. to sit.
These elementary developments will help a baby develop motor skills fast.

When to See a Doctor if Your Baby doesn’t Sit on Own?

It’s completely natural for babies to learn how to sit lately. This skill may develop as early as 4 months of age and as late as 9 months of age. So, there is no need to worry if your baby is taking time to learn sitting independently. It’s all about giving him enough chances to practice sitting in certain positions that doctors suggest as safe. Just make sure you are taking your baby regularly to paediatrician for a checkup where his motor skills will be evaluated. If there is an issue with sitting after 9 months, the paediatrician will mention it before baby’s 10 months of age and will suggest necessary actions


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