Is It Safe to Eat Raw Cheese During Pregnancy?


Soft Cheese during Pregnancy: Is it Safe?

Cheese during pregnancy is a bit tricky. Cheese is healthy, tasty and many women crave for cheese in pregnancy, But you must know that some types of the cheese are prohibited for pregnant women.
Talking about Raw cheese cubes/slice/spread, You should avoid eating before heating it.!
Here is what you need to know.

Why Raw Cheese could be Unsafe for Expectant Moms?

Soft cheese or raw cheese is considered unhealthy for a pregnant woman if it is made of raw milk and is moist in nature. The moisture encourages germs and bacteria like Listeria to grow. Such types of cheese may lead to Listeriosis. This illness may or may not lead to the symptoms like Flu, diarrhea, headache etc. for a while. When an expectant mom suffers from such an illness, it easily gets transferred to the baby creating a risk for his/her health, immunity and growth.
Especially in India, the negligence to standard procedure of transportation of food is observed. So even if the cheese cube/slice/spread is made of pasteurized milk, its advised to have it after heating to kill the harmful bacteria.
Even some studies say that in worst case, raw milk cheese or soft cheese may affect the placenta and lead to miscarriage or poisoning of blood due to the presence of harmful bacteria in it. Other risks associated with eating raw milk cheese include:
• Septicemia
• Meningitis
• Premature birth
• Fever
• Skin and blood infections
The types of cheese that are a big NO for expectant moms are:
• Soft cheese which is mould-ripened
• Unpasteurized cheese

What Kind of Cheese Can You Eat During Pregnancy?

Though cheese contains some essential nutrients like calcium, Vitamin B and protein that are helpful in the development of the baby; not all types of cheese are recommended for an expectant mom. Hard cheese is completely safe to eat for pregnant women. They are firm and their maturation period Is comparatively longer. Such cheeses are not 100% bacteria-free but the chances of the development of bacteria and germs are way lower than the soft cheeses.

Safe to Eat Cheese Types for Pregnant Women

• Edam
• Gouda
• Cheddar
• Parmesan
• Paneer
• Ricotta
• Mozzarella
• Quark
There are some other types of cheese too that are safe to eat for expectant moms including cottage cheese, halloumi, feta and to name a few. Those women who have an allergy to cow’s milk cheese, goat milk cheese can be a good alternative. It’s safe and nutritious but low in calories. However, there’s a soft goat cheese called chevre which should be avoided as it may contain bacteria. Always try to eat cheese recipes fresh and cook them well to minimize the risk of illnesses. During pregnancy, a woman’s body is quite vulnerable to many health conditions and therefore it becomes important to take care of every minor details related to choosing dietary products and cooking them.

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