Is it Safe to Drink Chamomile Tea When You are Pregnant?


Taking Chamomile Tea during Pregnancy: Is it Safe?

Among the highly refreshing teas, the first name which comes to mind is of Chamomile tea. Chamomile is an herbal flowering plant whose flowers are used in making the tea.
It is the hot topic of debate that one should take Chamomile tea during the pregnancy or not, due to some case of abortion on the intake of it.
It has many benefits like curing the sleeping disorders, improving the digestion, and relieving from the indigestion bourne stomach cramps. It is also considered as a good herb for the treatment of chest colds, anxiety, sore throats, ulcers, and some unhealthy skin conditions. But when it comes to its consumption in pregnancy, it receives a lot of conflicting reviews.
After reading this article, you will be able to decide whether to take the chamomile tea during pregnancy or not. So, let’s begin-

Word of Caution

If you have a history of hay fever or any other pollen allergies, I will strongly recommend you to stay away from it. The chamomile comes from the plant family which includes members like ragweed. As it does produce the pollens, it may worsen the allergies like Hay fever and Asthma. Due to the high probability of an allergic reaction, it is better not to take the chamomile tea for such women.

Main Side Effects

This soothing tea may tempt the women to take one cup after another due to its enjoyable experience and unique flavour. It is something to worry about, as excessive consumption is harmful.
If you are taking an inappropriate amount of chamomile tea, it may cause the contraction of the uterus. Chamomile tea has some such side effects as it turns into an abortion-causing drug when the intake is high.
Miscarriage and preterm delivery are the main side effects of this tea. Preterm labour, resulting in premature birth, can be caused due to excessive contraction of the uterus.


Though it has serious side effects on over-consumption but there are some benefits of using the Chamomile tea too.
Taking a small amount of chamomile tea in the morning may wonderfully lighten morning sickness, which is the common problem during pregnancy. A nice exciting flavor of Chamomile can cure nausea immediately. It is also good for the insomniac conditions or restlessness.

Should I Take it if I am an Expectant Mother?

The answer is purely dependent on the consumer. If it looks habit forming or tempting for you, do not take it at all. But if you think you can maintain a limited consumption, without exceeding the limits, it will be okay to take the tea.
Once in a while, it is better not to prefer taking it if you are an expectant mother.

What’s Better: Herbal Chamomile Medicinal Tea or Natural Tea?

chamomile tea
If you want to take it yet, never ever go for the herbal medicines or herbal teas, available in the store, containing chamomile. It is because the medical prescriptions are highly concentrated. Even the chamomile oil should be avoided during pregnancy. The other herbs are also present in the herbal teas or medicine, along with the chamomile, which may not be recommended for you.
Instead of relying on the commercially available brands, the best alternative is to prepare the tea at home.

How much to consume if I want to take Chamomile tea?

A very small amount of the tea is enough. You should not take more than a cup in a day. It will be better if you divide it into two parts, taking one-half in the morning and another half in the evening.
Every herbal tea has benefits when taken in a fine amount, Chamomile tea is not an exception during pregnancy also. So, the final verdict is – either intake a little amount daily or take it occasionally but never exceed the one cup limit in a day.
Hope this article had enough information to direct you about the relation of chamomile tea and pregnancy. Do not forget to tell me about your thoughts and experiences about the same!


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