Is Ghodiyu or Indian Hammock Safe for Your Baby?


Indian Style Swing or Cradle: The MultiPro Ghodiyu Review

The toughest part of parenting is making the baby sleep quietly, especially during the daytimes when you have to do a lot of works. There are many cradles and hammocks in the market but I like the Indian style cradle the most.
If you are sleep deprived due to the wake-up calls of your baby, it is neither good for you nor the baby. So, I will discuss the Indian hammock or Ghodiyu today to help you out of the situation.

Introduction to Indian style Cradle: What is Ghodiyu?

It is basically a cradle, made in Indian style. In India, the product is being used from the ancient time in a slightly different manner. It promotes the proper flow of the air so that the baby can have the proper respiration.
You can swing it manual to make baby sleep quickly, even in the day duration. An Indian hammock is a great tool if you are a working mother as it is tough to work when the baby is crying. The folding swing Ghodiyu is like butter on the bread as it makes it portable. You can take the baby to any place with you.
Many people, specifically the non-Indians or Indians living outside the country, concern the safety but not to worry as it is safe for your baby and his/her sweet nap with some easy precautions.
The swing cradle is best for baby as it takes the baby to sleep in the least time. It meets all the purposes of Indian Ghodiyu along with some advantages over it. The traditional Indian Ghodiyu is a bulky wooden hammock product with good enough height while these recently made hammocks are made of steel. You can assemble them with ease and the lower height makes them safe for the small kids.
The newborns feel womb-like comfort and safety in the cotton hammock due to its shape with is quite similar to the mother’s belly. The perfect slope prevents the baby from slipping out or throwing up as the baby stays in safe posture from the head to stomach. Generally, women ask “where can I buy Indian Ghodiyu?” as it is not found everywhere but now online options are available.

My Personal Experience with Indian Hammock

When my sons were babies I have used Ghodiyu and found it a great device to make the kid sleep.
If you are away from India, living in some country like the USA/UK buying Ghodiyu is a good idea. It is difficult to raise the babies in those distant countries, as you do not have as many people as in India for taking care of them.
Ghodiyu comes in handy for such times. It can keep the baby calm during their colic time. I used it to make them sleep in the afternoons with the help for it.
Babies like to swing which take them to nap. So, it is very helpful in soothing them when they are cranky in midnight or hot noon.
You can also use it to make them sleep happily in the night. Once slept, it is easy to shift them to the bed for co-sleeping. The best thing about this Indian hammock is that it is portable. In 2011, when I was living in Japan, I took it with me while returning from one of my trips to India as it was not available there in Japan.
I still use it for making my younger son sleep for an hour in the afternoon, while he otherwise does not go to afternoon nap for more than half an hour.
boy in ghodiyu

Product Review of MultiPro Ghodiyu

I recently purchased this new MultiPro Ghodiyu as my older Ghodiyu was old and not very comfortable for my 2 yrs old son and found that it is an amazing product for the newborns and babies below 3 years. This Indian style cradle is safe, to use with care, for the small kids along with being portable. You can easy carry it and set up in the outdoors as it is foldable. It does not take much space while not in use.
Buying Ghodiyu in the USA or out of India is also possible now and is really awesome for the Indian mothers, living out there. It is super easy to assemble or disassemble to Indian hammock. This strong cradle does not make any noise while you are swinging or shifting it. You can easily carry it on the trips with yourself as it will not make any irritating sound at all.
The main product is made up of steel which makes it strong. The pipes are made round so if the baby reaches them while crawling or playing, it won’t hurt your little one. Stay close to the baby until they sleep and lock the zip once slept. Manual swing makes it a better experience for the baby.
The Indian cradle comes with two cotton hammocks currently one is the: square-shaped swing

which uses the plastic pipe and cotton hammock. It is perfect for the newborns and young babies so they do not fall from it. Another one is traditional, which comes as the cotton flock only:

It is a great deal for its price and baby’s safety. Now, buying Ghodiyu in the USA is as easy as in India and it is a great gift for the mothers living there. You need not ask where to buy the Ghodiyu from or how will I get it as it is available worldwide now. You can also carry it with you to any corner of the world, just as I used to.
In case, you are making your mind for buying Ghodiyu in the USA or any foreign country and still thinking that where can I buy Indian Ghodiyu? You can follow the.
You can also watch below video for getting the visual feel.

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If you are using it or thinking to buy it for your little kids, do share your experiences too. I hope you will also love it.


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    • Sapana

      Hi Sana, In a hammock, the pressure applied on baby’s spine is only due to its own weight which is safe. Also for a new born baby there are cushioned cotton hammock which will not bend baby’s spine as that in a single layered hammock. Anyways for a new born baby you use the baby bed and go for co-sleeping as much as possible. Use Ghodiyu after baby turns 3 months old and only for after noon naps or for making baby sleep. You should avoid making baby sleep in Ghodiyu for more than 2 hours.

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