Is Brown Food Mania Health or Hype?


Health Benefits of Eating Brown Food

Easy weight loss and health gain has always been hit amongst the health enthusiasts and even those who are slowly picking up healthy habits. Adopting the brown against white has been one of these easy health makeovers that has suddenly found so many takers around the world. Brown, the color that indicates that the food is in its natural form without any complex processing has slowly become the color of health. Those aspiring weight loss have adopted this new health regime quite fast as it doesn’t change much of their eating habits, keeps them full, allows them to experiment their traditional recipes and still believe that their weight loss program is on track, but this calls for many other considerations as well.

Science Behind Brown Food?

You may get several options in brown food category that consists of brown bread, brown rice, brown sugar, brown eggs, brown pasta and so on. The reason behind their brown color may differ but mostly it is associated with their health quotient. Lot has been written and said about the health advantages of brown food, but here is what you really don’t know about these health packed food options –

Brown Eggs

brown eggs
All that’s brown is not made of whole grain and that applies to brown eggs. Brown eggs are rare and that is one major reason they are considered to be special. White eggs and brown eggs are different in color but their nutrition profile is almost same. Research has shown that brown eggs are rich in omega 3 but this is quite negligible and would not make it healthier compared to white egg. White feathered chickens lay white eggs while brown feathered chickens lay brown eggs, this is how their colors differ. Breeding of white feathered chickens is easy and hence the number of white eggs in the market is higher.

Health Tip – Check out for the healthy source of egg, whether white or brown. The hen that is well-fed, raised in open area and given good sunlight will lay healthy eggs irrespective of the color.

Brown Rice

brown rice
Brown rice and white rice are no different when you talk about the source, but the process they undergo defines the color. The removal of husk or just one layer of rice results into brown rice and when the same rice undergoes further polishing to remove germ and bran, the outcome is white rice. Above difference clearly states that brown rice is rich in vitamins and minerals as it is more in its natural form. Brown rice is rich in iron, magnesium, selenium, niacin, thiamin, vitamin B6, manganese and phosphorus. Most importantly it has very high fiber content compared to white rice. Still the consumption of brown rice should be kept in safe limits as the carbohydrates and calories are same as white rice. You cannot hog on it if you are targeting weight loss.

Health Tip – Substitute white rice with brown rice as it is healthier but don’t increase the recommended daily intake if you want to keep your weight in check!

Brown Sugar

brown sugar
You would surely make good impression on your colleagues when you pick up brown sugar sachet to sweeten your hot beverage at the time of the meeting, but you may not know that your health would not benefit much by this choice if the sugar is not procured from reliable source. Mostly brown sugar is less refined and gets its color from molasses that are usually added later. This sugar looks different from white sugar as it is ground coarser and the molasses make it sticky. Using this sugar as an alternative to regular sugar may not really help in keeping your weight in check or enhance your health.

Health Tip – Instead of opting for locally available brown sugar, use the low-glycemic sweeteners like honey, date sugar or brown sugar procured only from known source where the color is not resulted from the molasses added later.

Brown Bread

brown bread
Brown bread has made the breakfast choices easy as this bread comes with goodness of whole grains and convenience of bread. It is readily available with any baker or supermarket as it has now been reaching the same level of popularity as its white counterpart. Earlier brown bread was not very popular owing to its color but now the same bread is popular just because of its color! If you are getting a bread made from 100% whole wheat flour or multigrain flour then it is healthy for sure else you are eating the same junk with little added color. Some fluffy brown breads with amazingly soft texture are made brown with the help of color and may have same glycemic index as white bread. The real whole grain bread is somewhat hard and dense.

Health Tip – You can bake your own bread from whole wheat flour or procure it from the local baker who makes it from scratch as it will ensure the quality. If you cannot do any of the above then simply cut down your bread intake.

Brown food is better than their white counterparts but not to the extent that you can hog on these foods relentlessly and expect health gain or weight loss. Make conscious choices and your health will surely be benefited!


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