Is Baby Powder Safe for My Baby?


About Using Baby Powder in India

These questions probably arises in every moms mind. When to start using baby powder? How the baby powder should be used? Which brand is best? Is it good for my new born? And many more such questions.Many people in India literally give powder shower to baby after bath. But do you know there are some side effects of baby powder which are very harmful. Lets see first how to use baby powder.


Baby powder should be used very sparingly, first take some amount of powder in your hand from the bottle and close the bottle and keep it away from your kid. Now apply it with your hands avoiding the folds or face in the skin. Powder should not be directly sprinkled on your baby from the bottle, as there are very minute particles in the powder and is impossible to stop it to spread in air during use, which can harm the respiratory organ of your baby.
If your baby is already suffering from respiratory problems like Respiratory Syncytial Virus [RSV], congenital heart disease or the premature babies, have high risk of getting affected even with the small amount of powder is being inhaled by them. That small amount of powder can stick on his lungs and can irritate him. Apart from this talc based powder there are cornstarch based powders too, that are available in the market. Its particles are bit bigger as compared to the talc based powder but it can also be inhaled by your baby and this too can be dangerous for your baby.
If your baby is not suffering from any high risk then you can use powder but very sparingly and apply with your hand rather than sprinkling directly from the bottle on your baby. Not only the new born but your toddler can also be affected with this powder, so you should keep the container away from all your little ones.


There is no need of applying the powder on whole body of your baby. It can be used just on the neck, on the little folds of their legs and underarms to avoid that part to get moisten. Even the diaper area doesn’t need to be powdered. It is assumed that in the diaper area, powder is applied to avoid rashes on your baby’s skin, but powder doesn’t help to get away the rashes. A little amount of diaper cream should be applied if rashes are occurred. If it is just the redness then just remove the wet diaper, wipe the area and let it air dry for some time and then put on the new diaper. No need of any cream or powder is required.
Now-a- days there are many different kinds of diapers available in the market which provides all the comforts to the baby and keep them dry for longer time and are skin friendly too.


A new born doesn’t require baby powder. Powder may reduce the moisture from delicate skin of new born which is not good. So confirm with your baby’s doctor before you start using baby powder. In winter you don’t need to use powder and even in summers you take precautions to avoid side effect.
Once you decide to use baby powder, apply in a very small amount on the neck, underarms, leg folds and other area to keep them away from sweat, but don’t allow it to accumulate for longer time. Clean or wash the powder every time you change the diaper of your kid. Make sure that the skin of baby is dried properly; applying the powder to wet skin can provide rashes to your baby.

Side Effects of Baby Powder

The powder can be dangerous for your baby if powder is inhaled by your baby. It gets deposited in his lungs and can cause breathing difficulty or even lung damage to your baby. If baby powder is being used on the diaper area then it should be cleaned or washed before changing the diaper and should be used in very small amount. Due to sweat in the diaper area the powder becomes paste like and sticks on the skin of your baby especially on the folds which causes irritation.
Thus abundant use of powder should be avoided. It should be kept away from your baby’s face and should be cleaned frequently. Considering all the information, using sparingly and carefully, it is safe for your baby and just be careful that your baby doesn’t inhale the powder.

My experience: Baby powder never on wet area of body!!!
When my older son was 4 months old, in summers once I applied baby powder in his thigh folds but due to sweating and friction in folds, it removed his thin layer of skin which caused redness and pain. It was very bad.
In such cases consult with your baby’s doctor and consider the season, baby’s skin health etc before you start applying baby powder to your little one.


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