Instant and Delicious Baby Porridge Recipes


Healthiest yet Easy to Make Home Porridge Recipe for Babies and toddlers

For growing babies, porridge is the healthiest way of providing nutrients as it tastes good. But
feeding the same homemade baby porridge, without making any changes in the way of preparing it, will make it uninteresting for the baby. Will you not get bored if eating the same food every day?
That’s why we have come up with new and tasty Porridge Recipe for Babies so that the baby never lose interest in eating healthy food and keep on growing. Read till the end and learn the recipes of porridge for babies 7 months and older:

Dates and Oats Porridge Recipe for Babies/toddlers

Oats are really an efficient source of energy so you must use it to prepare porridge for baby (7
Months and Older). On crossing 6 months, it is good to introduce your baby with grains like oat and
prepare a great first food for them. If homemade baby porridge is plain, you cannot guarantee
that the baby will like it. So, adding dates will make it more delicious.
Ingredients: some dates (Organic Kimia Dates), 100 grams of 100% organic oats, cinnamon (optional)
oats dates porriedge
• Roast the oats: You can choose to roast whole, rolled and steel-cut oats. Take out desired
amount of oats into a pan. Place the pan on the burner over medium heat. Stir until the oats turn light brown and smell toasty.
• Use the mixer or blender to make the powder form the roasted oats.
• Wash dates and prepare the paste from its eatable part. ( I prefer using Kimia Dates as they are soft and delicious also very easy to take the meat out of them.)
• Boil water and add the powdered oats and date to it.
• Cinnamon adds a nice smell to the porridge along with helping in digesting food. You can add it to the mixture if you want.
• Cook the porridge until the oats are nicely cooked and dates are completely mixed.
• You can add some milk to the porridge or directly serve it to the toddler. (Please note you should add mother’s breast milk if possible or formula milk for babies below 1 year old and after that you may use the cow’s milk)

Ragi/Finger Millet

Ragi is a rich source of carbohydrate, calcium, proteins, and iron. The distinctive taste of finger millet (or Ragi) makes it an excellent ingredient of Porridge Recipe for Babies. (Read more about benefits of Ragi for Mother and kids here.)
Ingredients: finger millet seeds, ¼ teaspoon ginger powder and cinnamon powder (optional), ¼
cup water, ¼ cup milk, single teaspoon clarified butter (Ghee)
finger millet porriedge
• Wash Finger millet (Ragi) cleanly. Keep then in the drinking water overnight. Drain the water in the morning and tie the drained seeds in a clean cloth and hang/put it for half day untouched.
• Once the Ragi seeds are sprouted, dry them in sun (in morning) or air.
• Roast Ragi on low flame and cool it down once roasted.
• Make powder and put it in a pan with some water. (You can store the sprouted raggi powder in an airtight container in refrigerator for around a month)
• Stir in on low flame and add milk once the mixture turns thick. You can add the ginger and cinnamon powder of you want.
• Cook well and add one teaspoon ghee before serving it. Switch off the burner.
Raggi porridge is absolutely ready and you can feed it to the baby with pride.
Using this same recipe you can make porridge of Perl Millets; Wheat (Only if baby is not allergic to wheat and after baby turns 10 months old)

Popped Lotus Seeds (Makhana/Euryale ferox) Porridge

The name is too big but the recipe isn’t. Popped Lotus Seeds are very energetic, nutritious and perfect for making the porridge.
What is Makhana/ Euryale ferox?: These are the popped lotus seeds, if you are hearing this first time, you might be surprised. It looks like pop-corns but believe me it tastes better and are way more healthier than our favorite pop-corns.
Benefits of Popped Lotus Seeds:
1. Very tasty and the texture is perfect for making the baby food.
2. Loaded with nutrients: Proteins, Carbohydrates, Minerals, Iron and phosphorus. This wonder food has properties like: Anti-Aging, Anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory, helpful for kidneys,
3. Read more about this versatile food here
Ingredients: 100 grams of popped lotus seeds (Makhana), ½ teaspoon cumin.
lotus seeds pops porriedge
• Roast popped lotus seeds dry until they turn golden brown.
• Powder the roasted lotus seeds.
• Add water to the powder and cook well. Pinch of cumin can be added for the taste. (To make a sweet porridge add date paste while cooking or add fruit juice after cooked)
• Serve it to make the baby happy with its awesome taste.
These are some great porridge Recipe for Babies which can be made easily. The porridge forbaby 7 months and older is a perfect food as it contains enough nutrients for growing babies. You can
prepare the which such other foods like apple and banana.
Hope your baby will love eating these porridge.
Please note
1. Babies below age 1 year should not be given salt or sugar.
2. Do a 3 days test with any new food you introduce to your baby.
3. These porridge (with addition of salt, pepper, or sugar according to recipe) are very healthy for expectant women and breastfeeding mothers.
4. You can make Finger millet porridge and Popped lotus seeds porridge little more watery and serve them as soups to any one in family. They are yummy and wholesome foods.


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    Hi Sapna, what a lovely blog! I read since of your articles and it’s been really helpful.

    Can I feed my 6-month-old these porridges? You said somewhere in you’re blog that do not feed cow’s milk before 7 months and the raggi recipe here has milk. My doctor told me that I can feed baby cow’s milk cooked with food.

    Also, you haven’t mentioned how much raggi to use in the recipe.

    • Sapana

      Hi Pradnya,
      Most of pediatricians advice to avoid cow’s milk as breastmilk is better and enough. Babies sometimes can not digest the animal milk (Compared to breask milk and formula milk)
      I have written a note about same in above post.
      If you have just started with the solids for your baby then wait for a few weeks and feed other first foods
      Once you think baby is ready for easy-to-digest grains like Raggi, then you may start with it
      One/two spoon full of ragi flour is enough. You start with a watery soup then thicken it after a 2-3 servings of the same grain.

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