8 Inspirational Bollywood Movies to Show Your Kids


Must Watch Kids Hindi Movies

Bollywood movies have been entertaining and inspiring people for so many decades. Watching an inspiring Bollywood movie with a great plot is like getting the best of both worlds.
Every year, or say two years, some creative minds come up with few great storylines for kids that are indeed motivating and worth spending a couple of hours. Here is a list of 10 inspiring and Best Hindi Movies for Kids that you can add to your kid’s movie bucket list.
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Best Hindi Movies to Show your Kids


The 1996 released movie depicts a beautiful story of a seven-year-old girl named Shasha who is searching her lost puppy and during this process, she meets different people across the streets of Mumbai having various shades. The movie is all about her search, meeting with different people and her experiences during this phase. The innocent and gripping storyline is a perfect treat for the kids, especially who love pets.

Stanley Ka Dabba

This out of the box movie directed by the talented Amole Gupte is a piece of sheer fun, innocence and simplicity. The movie revolves around the school life of a character named Stanley and his struggle to bring lunch. A Hindi teacher at the school forces all the students to share their lunch with him but Stanley is the odd one out as he never brings tiffin. The greedy teacher puts a condition in front of Stanley that he can’t enter the school if he doesn’t bring his own lunch with him. The story is all about Stanley coping up with this bizarre challenge.

I am Kalam

If you get a choice to show patriotism, struggle, inspiration and success in a single movie to your kid, this is the one. I am Kalam is a very simple but impactful which shows a pure and unconditional friendship between an underprivileged boy and a Prince. The movie majorly focuses on the aspirations of the boy Chotu who wants to become a successful and reputed person like the then President APJ Abdul Kalam. The movie shows two perspectives; Chotu who is jealous of Prince’s prosperity while Prince just wants to be free like Chotu.

Bum Bum Bole

Bum Bum Bole is a beautiful movie which emphasizes on the bonding between a brother and a sister. Pinu and Rimzhim are siblings and they have to suffer a lot in terms of lifestyle and academics due to poverty. Their parents strive to put them in a reputed school but unfortunately, Pinu loses Rimzhim’s only pair of shoes and then the story moves around his struggle to get his sister a pair of shoes.

Chak de India

This movie is on every Indian’s mind when it’s about sustaining country’s pride and making it stand tall on the global map. It is indeed one of the best sports movie ever made in Bollywood. The movie is inspiring for kids as it teaches sportsmanship, pushing your potential, patriotism and significance of sports.


If your kid is brave and loves to watch a bit scary movies then the gripping plot of Makdi will be a treat to him. The movie has many beautiful and kid-friendly songs like ‘O Papad Wale’. The movie presents two lead characters, Chunni and Munni, who are twin sisters and completely contrast in characteristics. Chunni makes a prank which pushes her twin sister into the web of the alleged witch. Rest of the story is all about Chunni’s endeavours to rescue her twin sister entering the witch’s web.


It’s very important to teach kids about overcoming their weaknesses and fears at a very early stage so that they can be prepared for the further challenges in life. The movie, Iqbal shows the story of a deaf and mute young guy named Iqbal who belongs from a village and is not economically strong. He has a penchant for cricket He gets the support of her sister and goes for the training from an alcoholic former Indian cricketer. He defies all the odds and achieves success in his life.

Tare Zameen Par

Tare Zameen Par is a globally cherished and one of the most inspirational Bollywood movies for children. The story revolves around the struggles and life of an eight-year-old dyslexic boy named Ishaan Awasthi who is very underrated in his family and school. Everyone thinks he is abnormal as he can’t focus on his studies and act normal as other children of his age. His discovers his true potential and worth after meeting his drawing teacher who encourages him and doesn’t treat him like a not-so-normal child. This movie is the reason the most popular name of today i.e. Ishaan is one of top 3 baby names in India.
Movies are a great medium to entertain and inspire the kids. Videos leave a long-lasting impact on brain. These movies to show to kids this summer are a complete treat and they can develop your kid’s learning, imaginative and creative skills.


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