Innovative & Comfortable Breastfeeding Covers/Scarfs


Nursing Stoles for New Indian Moms

Covers and scarfs can perk up your style and keep you warm in winters and falls. The nursing scarfs and covers cater to the fashion and safe breastfeeding requirements perfectly.
Most innovative nursing covers/scarfs/poncho have been listed below to keep your breastfeeding sessions comfortable.
You can use these as fashionable scarfs/poncho and when needed just turn them in to breastfeeding covers. So even in public, feed easily and comfortably. These are made of breathable materials and designed intelligently considering your style and your baby’s comfort

Top 7 Nursing Covers in India

Printed Nursing Cover Scarf

It’s a great scarf for styling and baby feeding. The nursing scarf is great for latching. The design is not bold and vibrant enough to drive attention. You can use it with any top and your fashion quotient won’t go down.

Why Buy it?
• Light
• Great cover for pumping
• Very breathable
• Easy-to-use

Breathable Mom and Baby Nursing Scarf

It’s a stylish nursing scarf for stylish and on-the-go moms. If you are searching for a multifaceted scarf for everyday use then this soft and breathable rayon scarf can be a great selection. You can not only feed your baby comfortably wearing the nursing scarf but try it on multiple light or deep colored dresses this season.

Why Buy it?
• Goes well with light skin tone
• Comfortable
• Breathable
• Simple and sober
• Light

Adjustable Floral Print Nursing Scarf

The satin floral print nursing scarf flows smoothly against your skin. The scarf offers sheer comfort and its floral print provides freshness to your fall fashion. When you go for a casual walk, you can simply adjust and put the scarf on any outfit and a magical ensemble will be created. The solid and durable fabric provides a great strength and covering to your feeding baby. You can also keep an eye on your little one through the neck ring.

Why Buy it?
• Easily foldable
• Sufficient covering for feeding baby
• Adjustable
• Functional
• Durable satin fabric

Stretchable 360 Degree Nursing Scarf

If you are bored of the plain and dull colored nursing scarfs then this product can add oomph to your cravings. It is a multipurpose product for a new mom and baby. You can use it as a stylish scarf for your outings or as a feeding cover. If you want utilize the product further then try it as your baby’s snuggle blanket or use it as his car seat cover.

Why Buy it?
• 360 degree covering
• 4-way-stretch
• Protection from extreme climatic conditions
• Strong baby carrier

Hand-Free Breastfeeding Pillow

When style combines with babycare, a new momma can wear it with pride. The wearable breastfeeding pillow is easy to wear and strong enough to hold a newborn for feeding. The soft and durable cotton fabric pampers the skin of the baby and the momma.

Why Buy it?
• Unisex style
• Trendy Design
• Pillow cum cover
• Latex-free fabric
• Hands-free

Shawl Cum Nursing Scarf Cover

You can experience a safe and successful breastfeeding every time wearing this open neckline shawl cum nursing scarf. The product offers adjustable and custom tightening strap for more safety and comfort. You can also keep your phone in the pocket available inside the shawl.
Why Buy it?

• Stylish and innovative
• Pocket available inside
• Adjustable
• Safe
• Soft

2-in-1 Nursing Scarf

A great product for the Georgette admirer new mommas. The light, soft and breathable fabric not just takes care of your baby’s comfortable feeding but makes you feel cozy as well in different seasons. It offers a good covering for a feeding baby as well.
Why Buy it?
• Big enough for covering
• Detailed design
• No vibrant colors used

Soft Muslin Nursing Scarf

If you want to bring a modern, stylish and functional fashion accessory home that simply complies with your everyday wardrobe then the muslin nursing scarf can do the job. The soft and light scarf made of 100% muslin cotton keeps your baby happy during feeding.
Why Buy it?
• Ultrasoft fabric
• Alluring color
• Elegant design

Nursing Cover

Soft fabric, 100% opaque and can be used as a stroller cover as well

Winter is coming and so are new fashion trends. But, scarfs or covers will never go out of fashion.
Today, a wide selection of printed and plain scarfs/covers is available in various styles and designs. You can transform a simple dress into a sizzling one with stylish scarfs and covers. And, you can make your baby feel special and safe as well while feeding.
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