14 Interesting Indoor Games for Kids Birthday Party


Simple Fun Activities for Kids Birthday Party

One of those things for which you wait for the whole year and want it to be perfect and full of fun can be your kid’s birthday. A good selection of birthday party indoor games for kids can make your party lit no matter how hastily you have planned it. If you are hosting a birthday party at home and looking for unusual, simple to arrange yet interesting activities, then here we have some amazing suggestions for you.

Easy and Entertaining Fun Activities for Kids

A Minute to win it!

There are like thousands of games in Minute challenge here are some selected games

Cup Stacking

Most popular and most engaging. Check this YouTube video for how to do cup stacking:

House of Cards

house of cards
Make a 3 layered card house in a minute


You can try many one minute puzzle solve games like single words with multiple meanings, pair the words, fill the numbers to guess the movie name, identify the sweets or chocolates etc.

2. Scoop up The Balls

One empty bowl, one filled ball with small balls hold the spoon in mouth, scoop and put it in the empty, in a minute

3. Sorting

sorting the candies
Mix items like colored balls or candies can improve the motor and recognition skills of the kids

4. Ping Pong Bounce

Bounce the ball on cups stacked on the table

5. Keep up The Balloon

keep up the balloons
Give one balloon each to kids and without touching the balloon, using face, back they have to keep the balloon off the floor or furniture. The longest/last one to keep it up wins the race

6. What’s in The Box?

Put some surprise toy/candy something in the empty box. Make kids guess it, the child who guesses it right wins. A variation could be: Touch and feel, Blind fold the eyes and let the kid touch the item and guess.

7. Obstacle Game

Setup a course of different obstacles like boxes, pillows, chair, table, short games like lemon and spoon, skipping rope, candies to eat, a riddle to solve. Its can be made considering kids age, interest, space you have, things you have. The creativity can make it a memorable fun event.

8. Musical Chair

Winner of all time, active, simple and possible at any place: Indoor/outdoors. You can make kids dance while on feet. It’s one of most popular party games

9. Simon Says

You need a smart anchor for this game. One person will become Simon and give commands to the rest of the people in the game. The listeners have to listen to the command carefully and perform the task. The participants who disobey the command or perform the task improperly, Simon will eliminate the person.

10. Marbles on Spoon

spoon and ball game
This fun game demands the participants to carry a marble/lemon on the spoon held in the mouth and participate in some kind of race. The marble has to be balanced throughout the race. The person who reaches the destination first grabs the first place.

11. Three-legged Race

This game teaches the team spirit or coordination skill to the participants. In this game, the right or left leg of one participant is tied with the left or the right leg of the other one and they are asked to run and complete the race as a single unit.

12. Red Rover

Two teams are made of equal members. One team creates a chain linking each other’s hands. One member of the other team is asked to run and break the chain. If the running member succeeds to break the chain, he takes the two people (whose chain has been broken) to the original team otherwise himself joins the Red Rover team.

13. Guess What’s the Number in a Jar

It’s a simple yet fun game for little kids. A jar in which some coins, lego parts or beans are put and the participants are asked to guess what is the exact or closest number of objects inside the jar. The person with the right guess wins the game.

14. Paper Boat Race

paper boat race
An active brigade of kids can have a whale of a time with this game. Create few paper boats and keep straws with each boat. Every player will use the straw to blow and make the boat move and whoever succeeds to move his/her boat to the other side of the floor or a surface is the winner.

15. Passing the Parcel

passing the parcel
It’s an old and popular game for kids’ birthday party. Kids sitting in a circle will have to pass the parcel to his/her adjacent member while the music is playing. At the point when the music suddenly stops, the person holding the parcel is out of the game and that person who is still there in the game till the end wins it.
With the introduction of cakes, candies and lots of gifts, you can make a kid go gaga but to keep them engaged, fun games are important. No kids’ event is exciting and complete without fun games. Some games may make them push their imaginative skills while some target to improve the motor skills. For art lovers, some other games you can think of are Art and Craft activities, Paintings, bottle painting, origami, shell painting, pot painting, rock painting.
The above games are full of fun and suitable for children between 5-10 years. These are pretty simple birthday party games and loved by the kids of the mentioned age bracket.


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