Indoor Games for Kids: Educational and Interesting


Interest Arresting Toys for Summer: Age 5 to 10

Almost every kid of today is living inside a glass castle, whose walls are made of mobile phone, television and laptop screens. Now, their skipping rope is the charger’s wire and their coloring book is the Mandala App. We won’t lecture you about the importance of outdoor and Indoor Games for Kids since you are well aware of it. As today we are going to reveal some of the attention-arresting room games and toys for his brain growth and development.
Especially for summer vacation when you have to keep children inside home and still away from TV or iPads, we have handpicked different genres of fun games and toys for kids in India as every kid’s interest varies. They are as follows:
o Fun Active
o Educational
o Mix
o Art and Craft
o Puzzles
o Books

Educational In-house Games

Why buy this because many schools don’t possess hands-on educational kits.

Kubes Solar System Augmented Virtual Reality Game

This game is suitable for 8 years old and above. People take more pleasure in recreational activities. This is why kids find comics to be better than English literature books, as they know they are not reading it for exams.
But installing that same fun, in knowledgeable readings is hard. And what’s harder is to make kids, take interest in it.
But Kubes knows how to solve this problem, hence to make your kid learn 1000+ facts about the solar system. It has used 14 different kinds of learning mediums. There is an App, VR glasses, Chart, Board Games, Card Games, DIY Manual, and Brain Booster Booklets, etc.

Emob Educational 6 in 1 Solar Power Energy Robot Toy Kit

Your kid must be at least 5 years old to play with this learning toy. The X-factor of this Learning Kit is that it comes with an instruction manual with the help of which he can make solar power energized:
o Solar Car
o Solar Dog
o Solar Motorboat
o Solar Windmill
o Solar Construction Crane and;
o Solar Airboat too.
It’s always quite wonderful to see one’s creation function. Go and interview some scientists to know about that eureka feeling.
We all can teach children about good manners and values but you can never teach him to be curious. Curiosity is the key that leads to discoveries and inventions. And this Toy Kit is a great way to ignite the fire of curiosity inside him.

Monkey Fractions Maths Card Game

This maths card game kit has been developed by a team of ingenious IIT (ians), that’s fancy, eh? If your kid’s age is 6 years or more, then we think you might want to get this maths game set, gift wrapped for him. That’s because…
Fractions have a special place in Mathematics. It is said that, children who are able to grasp the concept of fractions easily, will also able to understand maths concept of any type, without much efforts.
This is why everybody is going gaga over this fraction learning game. Including some of the renowned schools of India, who are buying this kit in bulk for their students.
This game should be played between two to four players. You can join him as the second player to see his understanding and to guide him as well.
Altogether there are 32 nice shiny cards, on which various fractions are printed. The monkeys mean the players, need to identify if the fraction on the card is correct or not. For this, your child will make mental calculations to understand the concept of:
o Partial Fraction and;
o Full Fraction, and so he will transform his problem solving, memory and data interpretation skills.
Remember, geniuses are not born, they are made.

8-in-1 Electronic Chess Tutor, Checkers, Fox & Geese etc.

You think only chess is the game of ingenious persons? But that’s not true. This computerized magnetic board, has approximately 8 brain games like-Checkers, 4-in-a Row, Fox & Geese, etc. through which he can playfully sharpen his mind power. After all, for attaining mastery at something, you’ve to do everything which relates to it.
Out of these eight games, there’s a voice-in tutor installed in the game box who can teach your kid, Chess.
To make his brain exercise, this game board contains approximately 100 pre-set tests and 30 difficulty levels to choose from.

Fun Active Games and Toys : Treasure Hunts

Here’s how you can get your kid moving.

Gotrovo Treasure Hunt Indoor Outdoor Activity Game

This is an award-winning family game that is suitable for all ages, though your kid should be at least 3 years of age to play with it.
In this treasure hunting game, various hints leading towards the Treasure Chest are hidden at different places, both inside and outside. And yes this game needs a moderator too.
Gotrovo Treasure Hunt is more like a hybrid of Words, Pictures, and Role Playing games.
On unpacking its box you will find various picture cards, maps, gold coins and other props that help in treasure hunting.
The fun part lies in solving the riddles printed on pictures cards. Through which the players can get certain hints that will lead them towards the treasure. Since those cards are varied and high in number, each of your gaming session won’t be repetitive or predictive.
Its makers say that the Game will polish your kid’s reading and interaction skills. Not only this, the riddles in cards will make him use his imagination and intelligence too. Since it’s a game that has been rewarded with the ‘Best Party Game’ title, so just like you, we also believe in its maker claims.

Treasure Hunt (Home Time Series)

People think there are maps to reach the treasure chest but here we have brought you a book! Yes, Treasure Hunt (Home Time) is a book written by child book authoress, Sally Raymond. She is the writer who is known for her mind-boggling riddles and their unimaginable answers.
The book’s sub-title says that it is, “A book to entertain your child”. With its help, you can have nice parent-kid time on weekends.
We already know he belongs to you, but we don’t know if he feels that you belong to him. So keep those files at the corner of your work desk and go help your child in solving those riddles.

Mix Miscellaneous Games

No, we won’t make him play Ludo and Housie!

100 Fun & Easy Learning Games for Kids

You are not supposed to read this book by simply sitting at one place. Yes, you hear it right. ‘100 Fun & Easy Learning Games for Kids’ is a multi-skill teaching book.
With it you teach him to read and write. After some time from the same book, he can be taught, global studies, mathematics, art, music, and science with household items!
This Book has been written by two skillfully creative moms cum educators, Amanda Boyarshinov and Kim Vij.
They are the ones whose book has received compliments from the founders of,, and Pre-Kpages .com etc.
As you can see in the book title itself, you’ll find around 100 practical educational games in which your kid can play to learn.

If you want, you can even buy its Kindle Version.

Art & Crafting Kids

Albert Einstein once quoted, “Imagination is important than knowledge.”

Imaginative Arts Pottery Wheel Game

This is how you can keep kids engaged in summer, i.e. through a Pottery Wheel Game suitable for 8 years and above. What we really like about this Game is its battery operated pottery wheel that can be run at two-speed settings.
Also, pottery sculpting clay is provided in the package through which he can create clay vases, pots, bowls, and tumblers, etc.
Like a traditional potter, he will have to sprinkle water onto the clay while giving shape to it. Inside its box, he will find sculpting tools and cutting cords with the help of which he can create defined designs.
There is also a tower like yellow-colored stand, on which he can keep his hand static while giving shape to his creations.
When the design gets dried, he can paint them using 6 acrylic colors set, provided in the set.
After this you can then tell your kid to use his creation as a pen stand, flower pot or as table top dustbin.

Toys Bhoomi 3-in-1 Kids Drawing Board, Projector & Lamp

You remember the pages of handwriting books where you were supposed to join the dots forming alphabets or darkened the faded alphabets printed on it.
Just like children are taught to write, the same way he can be taught to draw via tracing with Toys Bhoomi 3-in-1 Drawing Board, Projector, and Lamp.
Here you will get up to 36 different patterns, 6 sliders and 12 Color Pens that would assist you in tracing and drawing.
All you have to do is, place a paper on the projector’s base. Then insert a film inside it, switch on the lamp and then an image will be projected on your white paper. You can even adjust the size of the drawing, in the projector. Later when your kid finishes making all the drawings, you can put the projector to use as a drawing board or as a table lamp too.
To buy this multi-functional drawing projector that will make his hand fit for drawing diagrams and charts in future projects works.

Cooking Science Experiment Mini Kit

There’s science involved in every step of our life. From making ice cream using liquid nitrogen to eating the same from a spoon made of heated plastic. Science is universal in nature. It contains a set of predefined rules, through which we can make unexpected inventions and discoveries can be made.
For making your kids understand about food science, here’s a thrilling game where he can carry out up to 4 food recipe-based experiments.
And for this he may need help, as the minimum suggested for this Gaming Kit, is 8 years. But all things won’t come to an end after he finishes those experiments. That’s because you will get exclusive right to access Science4you’s online education booklet.
Cooking will make him feel responsible. Through it he will learn to concentrate and to be creative too. Think for yourself, if you won’t cook with concentration you might think rice flour to be refined flour.
So for turning your kid into scientist cum chef, get it now!

ToyKraft Mould & Fruit Paint Magnets

One of the reasons behind tagging television and mobile phones as ‘bad’ for kids is that they don’t let your kid use his brain. Your kid’s height might be growing, but his brain also needs to grow along with his age. Hence, if you want to keep him engaged at some work, hand over him this set of ToyKraft Mould & Fruit Paint Magnets.
Here, using Plaster of Paris, your kid can stick fruit magnets on the refrigerator, his cupboard and on all such surfaces, made of metal.
With the help of (PoP) fruit molds can be made, then using the tempera colors provided in the Kit your child can color them, whichever way he wants. And then to make them look like living beings, he can stick those cute eye stickers provided in the Box. Phew, that’s whole lot of work!
At last, you can stick magnet stickers behind their back for turning them into real magnets! Kids of 5 years to adults, everybody can try their hands on it for developing their imagination capacity.

ToyKraft Paper Quilling Pencil Tops

Quilling is one of the art techniques through which various applied artworks can be created. For creating perfect designs through quilling, one must know how to make the best use of the quilling papers.
Due to this reason, kids who can maturely roll, hold and handle the quilling papers are the 8-year-olds. If your kid is less than 8 years old, we think you we might want to buy any other thing mentioned in our List, that’s made for his age.
It is said that good stationery brings good results. Although, this fact is not proven, but we bear the same notion.
You must have noticed, when you buy kids new pencils, erasers or even new pencil boxes, he would always feel like making use of it. This is how, good stationery brings good results. Remember with kids, mundane looking stationery leaves them unused.
Now ‘good stationery’ doesn’t mean hefty priced things. It means something that pleases the heart, something that encourages people to get hold of it. This is why we have found out quilling pencil tops making set, with which he can make his pencil look adorable and colorful.
From quilling comb to tools and glue, everything has been provided in this Kit for creating a decorative DIY bird pencil top.
After surfing the Internet, we found its best price present on Amazon only.

Alex Toys Pop Craft Fun Flyers

The joy of flying flyers is equivalents to the joy of flying kites. Your kid can’t make kites all by himself, but he can surely make Alex Toy’s foam flyers with his own hands. Not only this, he can decorate his two flyers with loads of cool and colorful stickers.
Paper planes are not that durable but foam planes, surely are. This is one of the easy-to- make constructive type toy set for fun loving kids.

Mind Puzzles

…For unleashing the power of the mind.

Funskool World Map Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles have always been fun for kids to adults. This is why Funskool has brought World Map Jigsaw Puzzle for 6+ kids so that the intimidating world map becomes easy for them to look at.
All the 105 puzzle pieces are made up of thick cardboard; hence you can solve and then re-solve this puzzle for a long time.
Cognitive brain development is possible with such jigsaw puzzles. Instead of maps, jigsaw puzzles are effective because…
It is said that people tend to eat more food that is served on a white plate. This teaches us that the way we present things, also counts. World Map might seem dull and boring to your child on an Atlas. But it won’t when he would himself make it!
This jigsaw is the white plate that can excite and alert the brain to read and learn.

Brain Games for Clever Kids

This is a book by Gareth Moore. It contains various Japanese puzzles, brain teasers, puzzles, and trivia problems etc. Usually, it is seen that kids don’t like books of this kind because of their difficulty level. But this Book contains such puzzles that won’t frustrate kids.
Just like physics is meant to be studied read from class 8th, the same way this book is readable for a certain class of kids. That is those whose age is between 8 to 12 years.
Buy this Book if you want his brain to exercise though you won’t see any triceps or biceps after this.
But you would a good change in his attentiveness and problem-solving skills.

Books for Children’s Bookshelves

“Good books, good company, good times.”

Cartooning for the Beginner

If your kid has even a slightest inclination towards cartooning and drawing, then this book is for him. Before telling you about the book’s best-selling author, we will tell you what things can be learned from it.
Here, your kid can learn the basics of cartooning from the scratch. From making cartoon for comic strips to making cartoons for animations, through this book he can learn everything that will make his base strong.
The book’s author name is Christopher Hart whose easy-to-understand instructional guide, is helpful for kids and for people aspiring to be cartoonists. Keep this on mind that kids must be exposed to every field so that he could realize his likes and dislikes as experiences have equal importance as knowledge.
If he always jumps to show you his drawing, buy its Paperback  OR The same book’s kindle version is also available

Baking With Kids

In some of India’s top school, developing a child’s culinary skills is also thought to be important. For which they have included ‘cooking’ in their regular curriculum. Cooking is an art as well as a science that needs attentiveness, creativity and empathy feeling. Empathy because, a chef never cooks for himself, he cooks for everyone.
Summer isn’t just about horse-riding, swimming or art and craft. If you think any of these don’t interest him that much, then don’t drag him into it. What if he has a liking towards cooking, what if he likes baking?
‘Baking with Kids’ written by Leah Brooks can help you bake bread, pizza, cookie, cookie dough, muffins, and pies etc. with your kid. All the baking activities written in this book are more like family activities. This means for an ‘under supervision’ baking, you need to be present by your kid’s side.
Just think along with him, even you could brush up your baking skills.
So if you are ready to tie aprons and wear oven mitts on weekends, Get it today!

Art Workshop for Children

A lion who grows up in jungle and the one who is raised in a zoo, both of their hunting skills varies. Jungle lions who live in wilderness are said to be fierce than zoo lions. They are the ones who are left free in the jungle.
We guess, following the same rule, Barbara Rucci has written her book ‘Art Workshop for Children’. They say this book is not an ordinary art project book where kids are simply given instructions to create an artwork.
This book has been written in such a way that it triggers ‘original creative thinking’ inside a child’s brain. For this, the book’s author has designed 25 Art Projects to facilitate original thinking process.
So what if your kid can’t get into her art class, he could surely read her noble art principles and activities, right?
Art Workshop for Children
List Price:INR 1,709.49
Price Disclaimer

RHS: Grow your own-For Kids!

They say it’s good to keep pets at home, because around them children feel responsible. Your child can himself turn into a ‘little parent’ if you will let him, take care of the pet.
Having a pet makes a child considerate, punctual and a socially skilled person. The same set of skills and personality shaping traits can be gained by growing plants and trees, as it’s all about taking care.
Here, RHS stands for ‘Royal Horticulture Society’ it is a campaign whose member is Chris Collins. He is an awarded gardener, who also teaches kids about school gardening, specifically. The co-author of this Book is Lia Leendertz, a renowned gardening expert.
Both the authors have not just given instructions. These two gardening maestros have also written various tips and tricks that can help your junior in his gardening.

The Book of Gardening Project for Kids

This is a book that contains “101 ways to get kids outside, get dirty and have fun” .These are not our words, it’s what the book’s subtitle says.
The book of ‘Gardening project for kids’ has been written by two authors, about whom you must have heard of especially, if you are into gardening. They are Whitney Cohen and John Fisher.
Through this book, your kid will get an idea that gardening is beyond watering of plants. So be ready to save a space at your home, for a little kitchen garden whose owner is going to be nobody but, your kid.
Now you can have chilies, coriander, lemon and lots of veggies at your home’s backyard itself!
Movies, amusement park visits, and a vacation or two etc. can indeed keep your kids entertained. But, you should make them realize that they are not here to entertain themselves, they are here to build themselves. And for this instead of lecturing them, you could simply give them certain things that you know will make their brain, work adaptive and knowledge absorbent. Because our brain is like the heart, our brain is the life of our work. And to keep that brain fit, you could indulge him in any of the aforementioned indoor activities and toys for Kids 5-10 yrs, which has been curated by us.


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