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Rare and Meaningful Twin Girl-Girl Indian Baby Names

Having twins is a blessing. One of the most awaited moments in our lives is naming the baby. For a girl-girl twin pair, we have compiled an amazing list of Sanskrit origin Indian baby girl names. These names are not just selected on the basis of match/rhyme and trendy sound, but these rare Sanskrit names are deeply meaningful. With these names, your twin daughters will not only feel strongly bonded with each other but a strong individual identity also.
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Beautiful Baby Girl Names for Twins

Alola अलोला / Aroha आरोहा

The names secured a position on our twin baby girl names list because of the rhyming and same initials. Alola is quite an uncommon baby girl name which means something steady or firm. It represents a strong personality. On the other hand, Aroha is related to music. The name denotes an Indian musical note or Raaga.

Chancy चान्सी /Charm चार्मीi / Charvi चार्वी

A perfect combination of names for twin girls. All three names resonate with each other. Chancy is a modern and rare name which means Goddess Lakshmi. The original form of the name is Chhandsi. Charmi is a popular and trendy name which means lovely/adorable in English and refers to Lord Shiva who wears charm or leather. Charvi means beautiful lady.

Dhresha ध्रेशा / Dheya ध्येया

A traditional yet powerful combination of names. Dhresha means apparent or someone visible. Dheya means a goal or aim. These names have different meanings but the compatibility factor is quite strong.

Dridha दृढ़ा / Dhrita ध्रीता

In Sanskrit, Dridh means firm or strong. Someone who takes firm decisions or has a strong personality. Dhrita means courage and often used to signify Goddess Lakshmi and used in the mantra ॐ धृतये नमः

Edhita एधिता / Edhina एधीना

While looking for an out of the box twin name combination, these names will surely drive your attention. Edhita refers to something magnificent or grand. The name often refers to Lord Ganesha and can be heard in the mantra ॐ एधिताखिलसंश्रयाय नमः| Edhina denotes earth. Both names reflect powerful meanings.

Ehika एहिका / Eka एका

No matter of the difference in the length of the names, the endings and rhyming make them perfect for twin names. Ehika means belonging to the world. It also means Lord Ganesha and used in the mantra ऐहिकामुष्मिकप्रदाय नमः। Eka means one and Ekah denotes a religious festival that lasts for one day.

Ela एला / Ena एना

Looking for short and trendy twin names? This combination can perfectly fit the bill. Ela denotes delight, merriness or sport. It’s also a Polish name. Ena (एण) is deer in Sanskrit. Also, Ena has different meanings in different origins like bright/graceful/passionate.

Eva एवा / Ela एला

Eva denotes speed while Ela signifies merriness and sport. Both the names reflect different attributes of a personality. For Sports loving parents these are the best choices for their twin girl names.

Gira गिरा / Grishma ग्रीष्मा

Gira means a speech, voice or language. Grishma is the summer season. The names have the same initials and ‘Gir’ and ‘Gri ‘ sound quite similar too.

Idenya इदेण्या / Ishanya इशान्या

Both the names refer to someone praiseworthy and superior. Idenya denotes a glorified or praised personality whereas Ishanya is related to Lord Shiva and literally means North East direction.

Ihita इहिता / Ishita ईशिता

These names sound quite similar and have the same initials. Ihita means something or someone sought after, desired or wished. Ishita is a modern and beautiful name that means desired person or mastery or wealth.

Ira इरा / Ina ईना

Ira refers to the Goddess of speech i.e. Goddess Saraswati. The name has many meanings like earth, muse, food, and refreshment. Ina signifies Lord Sun, a glorious or powerful personality.

Jetra जेत्रा / Nirita नीरीता

Names imply a powerful and superior personality. Jetra refers to a winner or conqueror. Nirita is another name of Lord Hanuman and means someone or something free from afflictions. The name is also used in the mantra Om Nirutaye Namah.

Kalya काल्या / Kangsha कांग्शा

A pleasant or strong personality is referred to as Kalya. The name also means auspicious. Kansha or Kangsha means desire or longing.

Keli केली / Heli हेली

There is no reason to not include these cutest twin girl names on this list. Both the names are rhyming, short, cute and trendy. Keli means Earth or sport and Heli refers to Sun or to embrace someone.

Keyuri केयुरी / Sahuri साहुरि / Sayuri सायुरि

Finding rare and mellifluous names that are beautiful and rhyme with each other is an achievement for parents of newborn twins. This name combination is one of them. Keyuri signifies an armlet while Sahuri means Sun or a strong personality. The name also refers to the Sun or a victorious person. Sayuri is a Japanese name, meaning flower.

Khyana ख्याना / Kyati ख्याती

Khyana means light or deity. It’s an uncommon name and a perfect match for the name Kyati or Khyati which means popularity/fame.

Kimaya किमया / Nadaya नदाया

Kimaya or Keemaya means miracle or someone with a divine personality or characteristics. Nadaya is a sound and it means to resonate and often referred to Lord Ganesha. The name can also be heard in the Mantra ॐ नादाय नमः।

Kyana क्याना / Dhvena ध्वेना

Kyana or sometimes spelled as Kyana means intelligence. The name refers to a wise or smart personality. Dhvena is a derived name which means Godly or someone associated with God.

Mahija माहिजा / Mahika माहिका

The earth is one of the five elements from which a body is created and these names have the same common link i.e. Earth (Mahi). Mahija means who is born from the Earth and Mahika means the Earth or frost/mist.

Mantra मंत्रा / Sanitra सनित्रा

Mantra is a spiritual hymn that is recited during auspicious practices. Sanitra is a gift, blessing or oblation. Both the names sound quite similar.

Mihika मिहिका / Mithila मिथिला

One of the top twin names choices by Indian parents as these names begin and end in quite a similar manner. Mihika refers to fog/mist or snow while Mithila is an ancient state of India and a kingdom (Sita’s kingdom).

Nitima नितिमा / Niyana नियाना

Another great twin name choice to look forward to. Nitima is associated with Nitimat which means having a unique or eminent political wisdom. The name is also related to Lord Rama. Niyana is one of the auspicious names from Sahasranam and means a way or access.

Niyana नियाना / Ishanya इशान्या

Both the names have something in common – direction. Niyana refers to a way or access and Ishanya means the East or North East direction where Lord Shiva resides.

Presha प्रेशा / Rishva

Though these names start with different initials, these sound quite rhyming. Presha means the best or superior (Pra) Goddess (Isha). Rishva refers to Lord Indra or Rishvanjas. The name denotes a great or noble person.

Prisha प्रिशा / Rishya रिशा

Prisha or Preesha means the eminent, superior or best Goddess. Rishya (रिश्य) refers to a deer.

Rua रुआ / Ruta रुता

A trendy short twin name combination suitable for nicknames too. Rua and Ruta are the modern twin names pleasing to the ears and quite rhyming with each other. Rua means someone invisible or Goddess Parvati. Ruta or Rutha is brave, truth or someone worshipped.

Rumra रुम्रा / Rua रुआ

A combination reflecting a blend of beauty and divinity. Rumra means a charming or beautiful person and Rua refers to Goddess Parvati or who is almost perfect.

Rumra रुम्रा / Rusha रुशा

Another combination with ‘Ru’ initials implying brilliance and charm. Rumra means a beautiful girl and Rusha refers to a shining personality.

Samaya समाया / Saranya सारन्या

Two powerful names with meanings reflecting two different dimensions. Samaya means time, is an epithet of Lord Rama and used in the Mantra – Om Samaya Namah! Saranya is the speed or velocity of a person or object.

Sansha सान्शा / Kansha कांशा

One of the perfect rhyming twin names example. Sansha means to praise a person or deity. Kansha is another variant of Kangsha which means desire or wish.

Sayuri सायुरि / Sahuri साहुरि /Keyuri केयुरि

Sahuri means the Sun or a powerful/victorious personality. Sayuri a Japanese name, as mentioned above. Keyuri/Keyura denotes an armlet. Both names reflect a brave personality.

Sella सेल्ला / Senya सेन्या

The name sella may sound western but has an Indian origin. Sella is originated from सेल्ल, means a type of weapon. Senya is a brave person or a warrior. These stylish twins names go well with personalities who accepts challenges and conquers the barriers.

Sia सिआ / Suri सुरि

Both names add grace to one’s personality. Sia is Sita, Lord Rama’s wife whereas Suri refers to a wise or learned person or a Goddess.

Treya त्रेया / Urva उर्वा

Treya is derived from the word Tri which means three. The name signifies walking in 3 paths or a young woman. The name also means protecting or saving someone. Urva depicts a magnificent personality like an ocean. The name also means a great person.

Varna वर्णा / Vrita व्रिता

Varna denotes a beautiful personality or the act of praising or glory. Vrita is associated with Goddess Lakshmi and means the selected or chosen one. The name is also used in the mantra – ॐ व्रतिन्यै नमः।

Varna वर्णा / Vedha वेधा

The names with same initials and rhyming are always special. Varna signifies beauty or glory whereas Vedha something pious or a worshipper of Gods.

Vedika वेदिका / Vekhana वेखना

This combination of twin names reflects the traditional Indian naming trends. Vedika or Vaidika refers to Goddess Lakshmi or someone who is in Vedik/Vaidik form. Vekhana or Vaikhan means Lord Ganesh / Sage at his 3rd stage of life/ Hermit.

Vega वेगा / Viha विहा

One of these names represents an inspiring human trait while the other one denotes the elements of nature. Vega means velocity or speed and Viha refers to air/sky or heaven. Good choice for nature-loving parents.

Vetra वेत्रा / Vela वेला

These names have a special spiritual connection. Vetra refers to Goddess Durga and often used in the Mantra ॐ वेत्रवत्यै नमः। Vela signifies Goddess Lakshmi who is on the edge of time. The name also denotes a season or time. A beautiful choice for twin names inspired by Hindu Goddesses.

Vrita व्रिता / Vrina व्रिणा

Both the names imply a special person or a blessed one. Vrita and Vrina, both mean a chosen one or selected one. The rhyming sound, same initial and same meaning make these names a great pick for twin baby girl names.

Yantra यांत्रा / Sanitra सनित्रा

These names sound similar. Yantra is equipment or a machine, it is one of Goddess Lakshmi’s 1000 names. On the other hand, Sanitra is a gift or a blessing.

Yosha योशा / Smaya स्माया / Syona स्योना

These three names that end in a similar way are great choices for twin baby girl names. Yosha represents a woman or a wooden doll. Smaya means surprise/wonder or pride and Syona means is related to Sun and it means a ray of light or delight.
There are always many choices while singling out Twin baby names for girls. Some parents look forward to picking rhyming names, while some explore unique names while some prefer unique but compatible names. We have tried to meet all sorts of twin name expectations with this list. We have strived to put different names from different origins in a single list combining them based on their sound, meanings, and other attributes. These beautiful monikers will cut down on your efforts of tearing through different naming portals and dedicate a significant amount of time. We hope you liked our carefully curated list of twin baby girl Hindu names and let us know your thoughts on the same.


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