Indian Baby Names which mean Beautiful


Sanskrit Baby Girl names having meaning Beautiful

Hindu mythology is full of beautiful and unbelievingly strong characters. These characters still inspire us and remain alive in the form of names. Indian parents often incline towards the deity names and try to name their children after any powerful god or goddess. What if a list of god and goddess names pop up suddenly which is not just beautiful but means beautiful as well? Here are some spiritually inspired names that signify beauty.

AnshikaMinute particle / BeautifulSanskrit
AraiyaDivine / Beautiful (Made up name, mostly Arya)Madeup
AshmikaA beautiful woman with long hair /Stony in SanskritSanskrit
AbhiroopaBeautiful womanSanskrit
AkashiniWomen with beautiful hairMadeup
AmidiBeautiful (Amiti: Boundless , madeup)Sanskrit
AnganaBeautiful womanSanskrit
ApalaMost beautiful (Too many confusing meanings)Sanskrit
BalajaBorn of strength /Earth /Pretty WomanSanskrit
BhaaviniNoble / Beautiful womanSanskrit
BhadrikaNoble / Beautiful (Sanskrit: jewel to protect from evil)Sanskrit
BhanuniCharming woman (Bhanu: beautiful woman)Sanskrit
HaneeshaBeautiful night (Gift from God: Not Indian Meaning)Sanskrit
HanshikaSwan or beautiful ladyMadeup
IndrakshiOne with beautiful eyesSanskrit
KaamyaBeautiful / Lovable / Assiduous / SuccessfulSanskrit
KamyaBeautiful / Lovable / Assiduous / SuccessfulSanskrit
KaviniComposes beautiful poemsMadeup
KayalBeautiful eyes (Tamil) [Kayalvili]Tamil?
KeshaviRadha / Long beautiful hairSanskrit
KeshiA woman with beautiful hair / Indigo plantSanskrit
KeshikaA woman with beautiful hair (Shatavari in Sanskrit )Sanskrit
KeshiniA woman with beautiful hairNot Known
KeshveeRadha / Long beautiful hairSanskrit
KeyaraBeautiful riverNot Sure
KornaiGentle / Soft / Sweet / Beautiful / BeautifulMadeup
LayanaAlayna: Beautiful in German (to rest in Sanskrit)Multi
MalarviliBeautiful eyes like a flowerNot Sure
MrigakshiOne with deer like beautiful eyesSanskrit
NavanyaBeautiful (New in Sanskrit)Sanskrit
NayonikaExpressive & Beautiful eyes that induce magnetismSanskrit
ParishiBeautiful / Like a An Angel (Sanskrit: Indian Tulip Tree)Not Sure
ParisiBeautiful / Like a An Angel (Parish Indian Tulip Tree)Not Sure
PratikaImage / Beautiful / Symbol / SymbolicSanskrit
PrattushaBeautiful / softSanskrit
RamaniBeautiful girl / Beautiful woman / PrettySanskrit
RaminiBeautiful girl / Beautiful woman / PrettySanskrit
RiyankaBeautiful / Lovable / SymbolNot Sure
RominiBeautiful girl / Beautiful woman / PrettyMadeup
RuparnaBeautiful HindiHindi
RupneetPerson with a beautiful nature HindiHindi
SaloniaPeace Beautiful HindiNot Sure
ShafuBeautiful / IntelligentNot Sure
ShalveeBeautiful / Intelligent (Shalva: Kind of plant)Not Sure
ShamikaLoving and kind / very beautiful (Tree/Sage Sanskrit)Not Sure
ShobhnaBeautiful WomanSanskrit
ShomiliBeautiful and elegantNot Sure
SohiniBeautiful & pleasantNot Sure
SookthiGood or friendly speech / Beautiful verseSanskrit
SriyaGoddess Laxmi / Beautiful / Prosperity / ExcellentSanskrit
StrainaGoddess Lakshmi/BeautifulNot Sure
SubhujaAuspicious Apsara (Having beautiful arms)Sanskrit
SuchetaAlert/With a beautiful mind/IntelligentSanskrit
SunishkaWith beautiful smile / BejewelledSanskrit
TanasiBeautiful princess (Tanas: Offspring in Sanskrit)Sanskrit
VamaBeautiful / Woman / Lovely/ DearSanskrit
Vapushawonderfully beautiful / marvellous beautySanskrit
VishalniBeautiful / Loveablemadeup
VivitaPolite / Modest / Educated / BeautifulNot Known
WamilBeautiful (Vyamil: Twinkle)Sanskrit
YuvakshiBeautiful eyes (Yuv + Akshi)Madeup

There are some Hindu goddesses like Parvati and Laxmi who are considered as one of the most beautiful deities in Hindu faith. Laxmi is also known as Padmasundari, which means someone who is as enticing as a fresh lotus. Parvati, one of the Tridevis also has spellbinding charm and she is well known for her motherly care and love, beauty and unparalleled strength. The consort of Lord Rama, Sita is also believed to be the possessor of incredible beauty.
Apart from these deities, there are many Hindu mythological characters as well like Menaka, Urvashi, Tilottama, Mohini (a form of Lord Vishnu), Draupadi and Rukmini who had exemplary beauty and they still play a vital role in Indian baby girl naming ceremony.

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