Unique & Meaningful Indian Baby Names starting with P


Sanskrit Boy and Girl Names starting with letter P

The letter ‘P’ has a special significance in Indian baby names. A plethora of positive words pops up when you think of the letter like Peace, Polite, Powerful, Passion, Prosperity, Precious and more.
Despite holding less popularity in comparison to the letters ‘A’ and ‘S’, the treasure of Sanskrit names have a lot to offer for the letter P like the names beginning with ‘Pra’.

Boy Names from letter ‘P’

Panay पनय

Securing the first spot in our list, the Sanskrit name speaks volumes about the act of prising or honoring someone. The name also signifies growth with meanings like sprout or blossom. It is associated with the Sanskrit word पणाय which denotes Youth.

Panshul पन्शूल

Undoubtedly a unique name but you can’t overlook its pleasance. The name signifies the Trinity God Shiva and also indicates a fragrant person or thing.

Param परम

The name has its own importance in Hinduism. Param is used as a complete name as well as a prefix of a name. It represents the best or the first among everything. The name is associated with Goddess Lakshmi and used in the Mantra ॐ परमायै नमः।

Parin परिन

A rare name for an Indian baby boy but holds various positive meanings. It refers to Lord Ganesha and signifies a well-acquainted or skilled person.

Parimit परिमित

The baby boy names beginning with Pari have a unique charm. The name literally means a roof’s beam and denotes a moderate or adjusted person or thing.

Parishrut परिश्रुत

Another precious offering from the treasure of Sanskrit names. A popular or famous personality goes by this name.

Parvan पर्वान

The name has been derived from the Sanskrit word Parva which means an event or festival. Parvan also means a knot.

Pajas पाजस्

Not to be surprised that the name is unique and holds impactful meanings. The name denotes power, strength or vigor. It also represents heaven and earth or food.

Parthan पार्थन

Parthan is a special name since it’s associated with the word Parth, which denotes Arjuna, the Charioteer of Krishna from Mahabharat. Parthan also means a brave or courageous person.

Pinakin पिनाकिन

The name has a spiritual and mythological significance. The one who holds an arrow in his hands is called Pinakin. The name is used to refer to one of the 11 Rudras or Lord Shiva and used in the mantra ॐ पिनाकवते नमः।

Purvya पुर्व्य

The name has different meanings like the next one, archaic or excellent.

Prakarsh प्रकर्ष

Any name beginning with Pra denotes the superiority factor. Prakarsh means an excellent or superior personality.

Pragalbh प्रगल्भ

True masculine personality traits like brave, confident and bold are denoted by the name.

Prayush प्रयूष

The name might not be as rare as the other names in the list but it signifies a long life or vitality that every parent wants for their children.

Prashray प्रश्रय

The name holds beautiful meanings like Love, Support and Respect that every child looks forward to while growing.

Pranshav प्रांशव

The name sounds pleasant to the ears and its meanings are simply impactful. It signifies Lord Rama or Lord Hanuman and used in the mantra Om Pranshave Namah

Plavan प्लवन

Being associated with Lord Hanuman’s several epithets, the name denotes power and used in the mantra ॐ प्लवङ्गमाय नमः।

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Baby Girl Names Starting with P

Palaksh पलक्ष

Girls may be fascinated towards the vibrant colors like Pink, Red and Yellow but have thought of the color white which denotes peace and simplicity? Palaksh means White color.

Panini पाणिनी

It’s a hugely celebrated name in Sanskrit. The name refers to a famous grammarian.

Parasmai परस्मै

The name is a part of the mantra ॐ परस्मै नमः। It refers to Lord Rama, the ideal personality for all the positive traits.

Parna पर्णा

When you want your baby girl to get the wings to freedom, prosperity and strength, the name can be a perfect pick for her. Parna denotes wings or leaf.

Parvisha पर्विषा

The name can be split into Parv+Isha (God) which comes up with a spiritual association.

Plavana प्लावना

Plavan literally means to navigate or float in Sanskrit. The name refers to Lord Hanuman and used in the mantra Om Plavanmay Namah.

Pradhi प्राधी

For all the parents out there wishing for a wise and smart baby girl, the name fits the bill. Pradhi refers to a pre-eminently wise or intelligent personality.

Prahusha प्रहुशा

The name is not just limited to a unique essence but also signifies happiness, cheerfulness or rejoice.

Prakhya प्राख्या

What else can make your child’s future bright in the first place than a name which signifies brightness or splendor? The name is rare, beautiful and meaningful.

Prama प्रमा

Who says a short and traditional name can’t have a huge impact? Prama refers to a foundation or true wisdom/knowledge.

Pranshu प्रांशु

The name is as cute as its impact. Pranshu signifies power or strength.

Pratika प्रातिका

The name can be related to Pratik which means symbol. Pratika refers to Jaswandi or China Rose.

Pravi प्रवि

How can you not pay attention to a name which itself means attentive? Pravi refers to the quality of being attentive or the state of mindfulness.

Pravira प्रवीरा

Pravira is associated with Veer or Veerta which denotes heroism or bravery. The name means a prince or hero.

Prayusha प्रयूषा

The parents wishing for long life and vitality for their little angels, must have a look at this name which denotes purity and increased vitality.

Preksha प्रेक्षा

What if the world waiting for hours to see a single sight of your child when she grows up and become a celebrity? The name gives similar vibes with the meanings like sight, reflection, entertainment or public show/event.

Prutha पृथा

The name has a simple meaning ‘palm of the hand’ but who knows what’s stored in those lines in her palm?

Purvaka पुर्वका

Purva itself means who came prior or before. The name refers to the first one or an ancestor.

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Finding a positive and meaningful baby name may be a walkover but coming across the suitable names beginning with a specific letter or alphabet can be a challenge. Not all the names that sound great and belong to different origins are worth spending your time. Like the tradition, caste and ethnicity; newborns can’t choose their names and hence it’s solely the responsibility of the parents to bestow their children with unique, beautiful and positive names since it will stay with him or her for the lifetime. The above-listed Indian baby names with P can definitely help you narrow down your baby name selection list. Do let us know your suggestions or views on these names or help us expand the list with some more wonderful baby boy and girl names with P.


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      Parnav पर्णव
      Paraj पारज
      Parya पार्य
      Parvish पर्विष
      Parvan पर्वान

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