Splendid Indian Baby Names Starting with ‘I’ / ‘EE’


Rare Baby Boy and Girl Names Starting With Letter I / EE

Now a days, Indian parents are looking for rare and short names for babies. The baby names starting with letter I or EE baby names may not be as common as A, S, M but offer you great name picks. The syllables I come under Mesh Raashi (EE is Vrushabh) and Krithika Nakshatra. The list of hand-picked top I and EE names of baby boys and baby girls can help you find a suitable name for your newborn and adorn his personality.

Selected Meaningful Baby Boy Names from EE/I

EeshanईशानLord Shiva
Eeshavasyaईशावास्य(Laxmi) / Everywhere
IrajइराजFlower / God of Love
IshayइशयLord Ganesh / Strong
IhitइहितHonor / Wished
IkanshइकांषGoddess Durga Ikar + Ansh
IdhayanइधायनJoy of Heart
IravanइरावनSon of Arjun
IkrutईकृतOne Season/ Thoughts

Rare and Pretty Baby Girl Names from EE/I

EeshaniईशानिParvati / Durga
EeshikaईशिकाAn Arrow
Eeshtaइष्टाBeloved / Lakshmi / Desired
IbhaइभाElephant / Brave
IdaइदाGoddess Ida / Praise
Idenyaइदेण्याPraised or Glorified
IraइराEarth / Sarasvati
IreshaइरेशाGod of Water (Iri Isha)
IshaniईशानिParvati / Rich
Ishanyaइशान्याNorth East
IshiइशीDurga/ Commanding
Ishtahiइष्ताहीPleasant / Worshiped /Vishnu
Ibbaniइब्बानिFog / Honey dew
Idhitriइधित्रीOne who Praises
Ikshanaइक्शणाEyes / Aspect
IleshaइलेशाQueen of the earth
Ilvikaइल्विकाProtecting the earth
Ishmitaइश्मीताFriend of God

The birth stars have a special significance on everyone’s life and personality. Also, in Hinduism, these celestial aspects provide an insight of a baby’s behaviour. For most of Indians, raashi and nakshatra are two of the important parts of the naming process for Indian babies. Indian parents often refer an astrologer right after their baby’s birth to find out the Raashi, Nakshatra, ruling planet and other aspects that may control his personality and life. It requires so many things to consider before naming a baby – easy to pronounce, positive meaning, eminence, adorable or not, whether it has a negative meaning in another origin and so many other aspects. The above I and EE Indian baby names are verified and filtered from a selection of names. You can choose a name from the list for which you think you will be confident about while explain its meaning and significance to your baby when he grows up.


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